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 Zykolos ~ Elite-in-training

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PostSubject: Zykolos ~ Elite-in-training   Sat May 31, 2014 10:08 pm




Name: Zykolos (zy-ko-loss)
Age: 16
Birthday: March 7th, 2693
Gender: Male
Size: Small
Type of Dragon: Black blade dragon, Elite-in-training
Relation to any non-dragons: Familiar with many of the citizens of Yarrowitz, and most of the officials- though itís only working relationships
Likes: Succeeding, humidity, Yarrowitz, protecting others, fulfilling duty, water
Dislikes: Failing- especially disappointing his patrol leader, dry heat, bickering farmers
Description: Zykolosí body is finely scaled, mostly petrol-blue but with bands of black around his tail and across his wings membranes. He has two pairs of sharp black horns, black spikes extending out from his first wing joints and also a long black blade at the end of his tail, which earns his breed its name. This makes an excellent offensive weapon and so makes him an ideal Elite.

While heís been training for a long time, not all of the qualities Elites are hoped to acquire have yet seeped through to Zykolos. He can sometimes break under pressure, especially when it comes to battle strategy. He has relatively low self-confidence and always worries about letting down or embarrassing his patrol, though he tries hard. He believes heís taken on a great duty to help out and do the right thing and so he will try to, even if he might get too stressed and not perform as well as he should be able to. He has fairly strong morals, but he will usually defer to the opinion of a respected superior, uncomfortable with making decisions on his own.

His powers are fairly weak, him being a black blade dragon, but as they have a water magic type he feels much more comfortable around water. Actually standing in water while fighting will give him slightly more energy and strength, though itís just as much psychosomatic as anything else. If he devotes all his concentration to it, then he can also do some very basic manipulation of water; if he practiced, he could develop this skill, but seeing as it is not terribly useful in combat without extensive training he hasnít devoted much time to it.

Zykolos is an ?.
Other: Zykolos has always led a fairly easy life. His father was an Elite and both his parents thought he should continue in that path, so he was taken to Guardianís Peak almost as soon as he could fly strongly enough to make the long journey without risk. He arrived when he was six; he trained lightly as he continued to grow and mature,†giving him a fighterís build and way of carrying himself. However, the majority of his time was spent in playing with the children of other Elites and he also studied some basic academia such as history of the island and, naturally, how to read, meaning that proper combat training only really started upon his initiation as a Novice. Heís achieved a basic level of competence but he is naturally somewhat clumsy, meaning that he remains some way behind other Elites at his level of experience. He is currently in his second month of training on patrol; he has been assigned to a Yarrowitz based patrol and has spent all of his time there since leaving Guardianís Peak.



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Zykolos ~ Elite-in-training
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