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 Karmen Stein :Volcanic Stone Child:

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PostSubject: Karmen Stein :Volcanic Stone Child:   Karmen Stein :Volcanic Stone Child: Icon_minitimeMon Jun 02, 2014 5:15 pm


Image Here

Karmen Stein :Volcanic Stone Child: Tusd
First glance
Name: Karmen (pronounced KAH-men) Volcana Stein
Nicknames/Alias: N/A
Age: 32
Date of Birth: July 15, 2677
Gender: Female
Race: Homunculus, she was created by a Nighie and thus looks similar to one

Karmen Stein :Volcanic Stone Child: 4g27
Profession: Apothecarist
Birthplace: Xanile
Faction: Defenders of Dragons Cove
Relation To Any Dragons: If they don’t cause her trouble, she won’t cause it for them. Otherwise, it’s always best to keep a safe distance.

Karmen Stein :Volcanic Stone Child: Zby5m
Hair Colour: Dark Chestnut Brown
Eye Colour: Orange
Height: 5’ 5”
Scars/Tattoos: While she doesn’t really care about how many scars she has, she does possess two tattoos and that number is sure to increase. The first is on the left side of her neck in the shape of a dragon claw, and the other covers the majority of her back in the form of a willow tree.

General Appearance: So as to keep in line with the appearance of her creator’s race, Karmen was made with backward curving pointed ears, a rich tan skin tone, and vibrant orange eyes. She stands in the middle ground in terms of height with a slim, soft build ill-suited for combat but perfect for working with delicate herbs and dangerous spices. If ever there was a threshold for how easily recognizable a person can be, Karmen is at the high end with her generally alien appearance and overtly obvious body ink.

Personality: Much like the earth she so dearly clings to, Karmen is quiet and tends to leave things alone if they do not directly concern her. When threatened she does her best to avoid conflict since she knows all too well that she’s not made to withstand much physical damage. On the other side of the token she is also guilty of exhibiting a more verbally sadistic side toward people who make ridiculous demands of her or hassle her. Often times her lack of motivation to get involved with other people’s problems comes off as snobbish or arrogant, but she wouldn’t take the time to correct anyone short-sighted enough to assume such things. She simply doesn’t give two shakes of a rat’s tail what others think of her. Don’t be deceived, she wouldn’t be an apothecary if she didn’t care about other people; she’s just not open with her emotions. This only changes under the circumstance that she’s dealing with her parent race. Amongst a group of Quarterlings she is an open book and freely lets go of the front she presents to those on the outside looking in.

Strengths: Karmen has sharpened her mind and body to deal with the good, the bad, and the ugly of her career in working with poisons and medicines. She has a keen photographic memory, hands steady as a mountain, and crunches numbers like a squirrel does acorns. To her, these are the most important skills she has.

Weaknesses: On the other end of the scale what she’s most embarrassed about is her lack of athletic ability, but, being what she is, she has to live with the lack of athleticism. She is by no means ready to be a politician, or a poet, or anything other than what she is: a scientist. Needless to say this woman doesn’t beat around the bush and has little in the way of tact. Quite frankly that lack of tact means nothing to her and it isn't likely to change.

Likes: She likes anything to do with tattoos except their removal, herb gathering expeditions, and rabbits (live, not dead or fur alone). She’s also very fond of her family’s tribe back up north near Xanile and the festivals they hold. There is one tree, an ancient willow, which holds a very dear place in her heart as that’s where her creator and her creator’s partner brought her to life.

Dislikes: She dislikes a good few things, or claims to at the very least. What she really, truly cannot stand consists of poison experts, bratty children, ignorant medical practicioners, and destructive dragons, just to name a few.

Fears: Strangely, despite having no problems with other animals, the one thing she fears is rodents. Might be that she’s been bitten by them too many times or that they carry so many diseases, but she can’t stand them.

Abilities/Powers: Flora-Telepathy: Due to being essentially composed of magic and organic materials, she has a very close tie to the earth and it’s flora and fauna, but it’s only marginally helpful when identifying plants and such for things like poultices and cures for non-magic related ailments.

Important Possessions: She has held onto a red mortar and pestle that she made in her early years as an apprentice and uses it regularly. Anyone who touches this without her permission is in for the wrath of Hades.

Karmen Stein :Volcanic Stone Child: Nfka
Father: Targen Willowbough
Mother: Erestana Clayrisen
Siblings: None
Other Important Family: Her tribe is her family

History: Seeing as she was initially “created” using magic and various organic material, growing up like a normal child was out of the question for Karmen. Her body didn’t age as she grew older, so in her younger years having such a build was a hindrance and it caused her a good deal of grief. Once her body no longer looked alien for her age the negativity gradually melted away. She was tutored by Erestana, one of her creators, and one or two of her mother’s closer friends in her tribe and learned the ways of her people like any other child. After all her training and getting to the point where it was time for her to settle on a trade, she found that the gods had blessed her with the gift of telepathy, but that it only worked with plants.

With this knowledge firmly nestled in her back pocket, she decided at the age of fifteen that she wanted to be an apothecary. Her defining moment, what made others see her as a woman and not just a child, was after she’d decided on her profession and was given the task of collecting the bark of a rare tree that grew at the base of an active volcano. Upon returning with this bark after several weeks of travel and then another month of finding the tree, on top of avoiding eruptions and wild dragons and other assorted chaos, she was given her first tattoo. Her second tattoo came from stealing a dragon egg when she was twenty. She required the shell of the egg for a special paste to be used for a ritual by the head shamaness in her village. Now that she’s branched off on her own and living somewhat uncomfortably near Jiluria, for the sake of staying in the loop and having ready access to a number of local plants not found up north, the Surahnians have nearly branched out to her doorstep. This has caused her to contemplate moving back further north if only to get back to familiar territory despite that territory including dragons, Kaionarians, and other assorted annoyances that she’d rather not deal with.


Karmen Stein :Volcanic Stone Child: 2ox99
Relationships: N/A (This will change very soon)

If anyone wants to RP, ask away!
Groups, 1 x 1s, Plot: PLEASE

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Karmen Stein :Volcanic Stone Child:
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