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 The Peacekeepers Age - 10th Pass AU

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PostSubject: The Peacekeepers Age - 10th Pass AU   Sat Jun 07, 2014 5:59 pm

Enter a New Age of Peace~*~Rules~*~Colors~*~Availability
A short-lived time of peace has ended. War has come to Pern again, heralded by the Red Star and Threadfall. With the Weyr in an uproar due to the wildly unpopular decisions made by the Istan goldrider instated as temporary Weyrwoman, the arrival of her Istan clutchmates fuels rumors of a takeover. Kallia of Gold Imorith has brought in dragonriders from her home-weyr of Ista and rumors of conquest flood Fort and Fort riders, reeling from the declaration of war, are wary of the weyrwomanís move and traditionalist ways.

To make matters worse, a catastrophic Threadfall heaps injury on insult to Fort Weyr, but High Reaches, so bold to have declared war on Fort, has been decimated. Fort Weyr now stands with a heavy decision to make - do they assist the few remaining dragonriders at High Reaches, or do they renounce their title as Peacekeepers and destroy them?

The Peacekeepers Age is being tested.
Where do you stand?


The Peacekeepers Age is an AU, 10th Pass Dragonriders of Pern roleplay with a focus on characters instead of colors. We are loose-canon and accept all players regardless of skill levels.

We offer
No sexuality based impressions
Loose color hierarchy
Friendly staff and members
Member run plots
LGBTQIA-friendly environment, transgender and non-binary characters welcome
Infinite potential for character growth

Current Events
High Reaches has been decimated by Threadfall!
Riders from High Reaches have fled to Fort and Telgar Weyr!
The Golden Ghost has been confirmed as Betweening!
Three wher eggs are due to hatch at Fort Hold!
Fort Weyr has experienced heavy casualties and injuries from Threadfall!

Join us, we're waiting for you.
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The Peacekeepers Age - 10th Pass AU
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