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 Fumida (Water Demon)

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First glance
Name: Fumida Speculum
Nicknames/Alias: Ida, Speck, Umi
Age: 30
Date of Birth: 21/11/2669
Gender: Female
Race: Water Demon

Profession: Bard/Songweaver
Birthplace: Off the coast of Jiluria
Faction: May drift toward Circus at some point.
Relation To Any Dragons: Tends to avoid dragonkind, but only due to a bad experience when she was small. Regards them with a wary distrust.

Hair Colour: Dark grey
Eye Colour: Hazel
Height: 4'7"
Scars/Tattoos: See reference sheet.
General Appearance: Fumida carries herself with a petite, though toned form. Slim-hipped and small-breasted, she often wears loose, draped clothing to hide her almost rectangular body-type. Her irises stretch horizontally, which is seen as a mutation. While others of her race may spend their time with a mockery of procreation, Fumida generally is seen as undesirably exotic, even for a demon, and thus shunned from such acts. Once, a (now deceased) demon even sought to tattoo a more desirable eye shape upon her neck (as generally, her goat-like eyes would be seen as rather evil), and these are the only tattoos she attempts to actively hide. In addition, her complexion is pale, nearly ashen, but is freckled with lighter skin in some areas such as her temples.
Personality: Generally quiet, Fumida has been the subject of much discrimination due to her appearance and non-traditional uses of her element. She finds it hard to trust anyone, human or no, and would rather rely only upon herself. This isn't to say she would shun the company of others; rather, she acquires a plethora of acquaintances in her travels as a lone bard, but is careful never to let a bond so strong as friendship develop. Fumida is laid-back and an able listener, the perfect sort of person you might feel compelled to divulge your secrets to.
Strengths: Without many strong emotional ties, Fumida drifts through life without much attachment to any one person or place in particular. The loss of a traveling companion wouldn't so much as phase her. She's no stranger to combat and the horrid aftermath of skirmishes, but takes a nearly apathetic stance to things that might otherwise cripple someone. She's survived conflict so far with keen instincts and sleight of hand.
Weaknesses: More than likely from a lack of social interaction, she finds it difficult to understand the subtleties of expression, but is still rather hard to fool. This has an adverse effect upon her making genuine friends, and creating lasting relationships. She also has a dizzying fear of heights and is prone to flashbacks from her childhood if triggered by certain objects, places, or occasionally even phrases/petnames.
Likes: The beach, traveling riverside, crowds/festivals, sweets, fireworks, sunsets, horses, swimming
Dislikes: Wild dragons, clingy people, complete darkness, spicy foods, insects
Fears: Extreme heights, small dragons/snakes/small reptiles
Abilities/Powers: Water manipulation, including:

  • Mist-based illusions (taking advantage of the low visibility within fog/mist to cast shadow-like projections via water density and shade)
  • Minor poisons (by sullying water with contaminated objects, enough to only make one sick for hours to days [non-lethal])
  • Protective water 'shields' (little more than super-condensed bubbles around a target, enough to deflect a weapon a few centimeters in a controlled direction via current)
  • Nourishing 'bubbles' (magic-imbued water used as a last-ditch effort to sustain one upon something; not effective for very long without a tremendous supply of magic, but useful for sating hunger for a day without food)
  • Active camouflage (while submerged in water, Fumida can turn water murky/a much deeper shade to hide her presence, useful for escapes)
  • Minor bending (small ribbons of water, water 'pearl' projectiles)
    NOTE: Fumida can only create mist/fog and subsequent illusions from thin air. Otherwise, the moisture content of the air is too small to create 'bubbles', 'shields' or to 'bend' anything. Additionally, 'shields', 'bubbles' and camouflage work most effectively upon Fumida herself. Otherwise, the target must be within 50m of her. The closer they are, the stronger the spell.

Important Possessions: N/A; Fumida is too easy going to be afraid of loss, though she does show an appreciation for each new possession she comes upon. She would rather pass something on to someone in need than hold onto it for herself. She carries things only necessary to her survival, and all can be easily replaced. A water flask at her hip remains with her at all times.

Father: N/A
Mother: N/A
Siblings: N/A
Other Important Family: N/A, currently.
History: Fumida began life in a rather lonely fashion. Like others of her kind, she came to be in a flurry of magic, rather than passion, and it didn't allow for her to have many companions. For a while, she simply floated out at sea within a silvery pearl of protective magic - excess from her birth, one could say. Within it, she slowly matured, though not without some hindrance; the sea life was attracted to the glow nestled within a dead reef, and it was more than once that one of the larger animals attempted to ingest the protective sphere. It grew to a point where the continuous trauma jostled the young demon within to the point that it stunted her growth while she was still very much vulnerable. When she finally emerged from her shell, her complexion was ashen and mottled due to the weakened magic of her protective shell, and her irises had stretched into an entirely different formation than her kin, while her body was frail and weak.

Without a food/energy source now, she drifted aimlessly, pulled ashore by the currents. At the time, another water demon, much past his prime and nearing the end of his life, had been drawn toward the small creature. A couple months prior, he had been struck by the sudden urge to relocate from his cozy lakeside cottage further inland to a humble abode not far from the busy merchant bay of Jiluria. The demon, named Evoreth, happened upon the tiny Fumida when she had washed up on shore, half-drowned and severely malnourished. He didn't take very kindly to the appearance of a new water demon (as such an event generally spoke of the end of the senior demon's life), and in later years swore that he should have left her there to die, but at the time took her in if not to keep her a secret from the other demons, should they happen to chance upon the tiny girl in their travels.

Evoreth loathed Fumida as she grew, mutated and weak. He took to starving her some weeks, ignoring her for others. Occasionally, he would force her out of the house to live on the streets for a few days, just to remind her how brutal the world was outside of even his horrendous care. She doesn't remember her childhood well nowadays, thanks in part to numerous blows to the head and convenient memory loss, but one event was burned into her mind. It occurred upon her tenth birthday. Evoreth had grown mad with his delusions, somehow becoming enraged that his successor would be so imperfect. He took it upon himself to tattoo 'pretty demon eyes' upon her neck with fishbone needles and ink. Her feeble attempts at crying and thrashing about to avoid the sting didn't get her far. As mad as he was, Evoreth's hand was steady, and in his insanity, he was patient. It took him weeks to get everything just perfect, pricking her pale skin again and again, and picking away the scabs that formed when they got in his way. She could never forget the crazy glint in his gaze as he laboured over her, heedless of her pleading.

Evoreth died soon after the completion of her tattoos in his sleep, as if he could finally rest with his task complete (a fate far too good for the cruel man, honestly), and Fumida secretly relished in the joy of dragging his body out of the cottage and tossing him over the cliffs to watch the Sea have her way with him against the jagged shoreline below. Having done the majority of the chores around the house for most of her life, she found herself rather self-sufficient. She knew which stalls to go to for food in town, which wharfs to avoid, and she was generally able to find the right sorts of people to be around. For a time, she found herself accepted by the merchant's children, and formed close bonds with several of them. For the first time in her short life, Fumida was happy. She had all of the old demon's gold to spend, and could live comfortably, she was convinced, until she became of working age.

Unfortunately, her 'close friends' turned against Fumida at the urging of some of the older children. As a rite of passage, a boy dear to Fumida's heart and some of the other children were tasked with robbing her (she carried most of her gold with her in a hidden pouch to avoid making the trip back to the horrid house very often) and leaving her bloody and broken. After all, she wasn't human, they said. Instead of perhaps concocting a plan to make things seem real enough, the merchant children did things the simple way; they did as they were told.

Fumida began wandering after this with the remainder of Evoreth's gold, honing her talents of a bard as she relied more and more upon her instincts to keep her out of trouble. While she was friendly enough to those she met, she never stayed long enough in one place to develop any sort of bond with those she met. Relationships simply weren't worth the trouble. Whenever she felt tempted, whether by a particularly caring boy, or a lovely concerned woman, she tattooed another mark upon her body, allowing the pain to bring back the reasons for her solitude.

Other: While in the care of Evoreth, there were plenty of horrors he had her endure. Her fear of snakes/small dragons comes from these, as well as other things.

Relationships: None living thus far; Fumida tends to leave before even so much as a friendship can develop.

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Fumida (Water Demon)
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