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 A Good Night's Rest [Umi, Rilos, ?]

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A Good Night's Rest [Umi, Rilos, ?] Empty
PostSubject: A Good Night's Rest [Umi, Rilos, ?]   A Good Night's Rest [Umi, Rilos, ?] Icon_minitimeFri Sep 26, 2014 8:33 pm


The Inn:

Calaina had been perhaps the most pleasant city to visit by far, but unfortunately, it was not a place for arts to especially flourish. While no stranger to wandering about and more often than not sleeping on the streets, Fumida found herself quickly unnerved by the number of strangers who would offer her shelter for the night. Surprisingly, their intentions seemed incredibly pure and honorable (for the most part; there was bound to be a few bad apples in the shadows of even such an honorable community), but it didn't sit very well at all with her conscience to consistently accept such generous offers. Since her arrival, Umi had upgraded her clothing and travel gear, piece by piece, multiple times over thanks to generous strangers who pitied the strange-looking girl and her obvious lack of worldly possessions.

Somehow, upon her departure, Umi was better outfitted then when she stumbled into the city, but it was with a sense of guilt that she carried the fine woven fabric upon her shoulders and the new and sturdy canvas bag upon her back. While she hadn't been lucky enough to procure a horse (her departure was quiet, and while she thanked her hosts, she didn't indicate her destination), the food in her belly and the new, sturdy shoes upon her feet carried her toward Harglen with the swiftness of good health. She followed the rivers for as long as possible on her journey, and interacted with few individuals for the first week of her trip. Harglen was just a pit stop to restock on supplies and possibly seek passage to Yarrowitz, or Didienne, where her skills would perhaps earn her enough to live.

From what she knew of the land, she would chance upon an inn before night fell, and Umi decided that she would chance the main road for the promise of a pillow beneath her head that evening. She would be thankful for a warm bath and laundered clothes, too. The few silver pieces she had left clanked in her pocket as she walked, a promise that she would dine and sleep well for at least one more night. It truly seemed that the world ran on money, but even that thought couldn't remove the spring from her step.

A Good Night's Rest [Umi, Rilos, ?] UmUpDRg
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A Good Night's Rest [Umi, Rilos, ?] Empty
PostSubject: Re: A Good Night's Rest [Umi, Rilos, ?]   A Good Night's Rest [Umi, Rilos, ?] Icon_minitimeFri Sep 26, 2014 10:38 pm

For a large dragon like Rilos, it just wasn't practical to stay in any settlement, let alone one like Harglen. The streets were thin and winding, and although the square was big enough for him to rest in, he liked to be nocturnal- and Harglen couldn't have a huge sleeping dragon taking up its main square all day every day until sundown. It was either turn diurnal, or find somewhere else to sleep.

When he was constantly pestered with newfound fame- unwanted, of course, he was a simple soul- the second option was the immediate course of action. It was the immediate course of action anyway, when he certainly didn't want to put anyone else out of their way on his watch. Outside was much cooler anyway, the grass comfortable on his battered scales, and everything was so much more pleasant... it was quiet, the stars could be seen, there were no children leaping all over his tail constantly. The perks of life.

It was dusky now, and Rilos was starting to feel more awake after dozing away the day in a shady spot not too far from Harglen- maybe a couple of miles or so, enough to get enough peace from all the hundreds of humans that lived so close to one another in Harglen. It was strange, really, but Rilos was a dragon accustomed to peace and his own company alone.
Stretching long like a cat and padding out from his sleeping 'nook' hidden down a slight incline from the main road, he surveyed the spot he had chosen before it got dark; a pleasant enough spot really, one he was surprised- pleased- that no humans had taken for their own. Perhaps it was the inn not far away, lights glowing against the pinky sunset, that put people off, although it wasn't too busy. He hesitated on the road when there was a silhouette not far away though, caught between backing up into the spot he had just occupied or leaping into the sky- or the third choice of course, meeting with this stranger on the road.


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A Good Night's Rest [Umi, Rilos, ?]
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