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 Sonjmir Bayorith Zoljinov (Male Ice Dragon)

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PostSubject: Sonjmir Bayorith Zoljinov (Male Ice Dragon)   Sonjmir Bayorith Zoljinov (Male Ice Dragon) Icon_minitimeSun Mar 15, 2015 3:37 am



First glance
Name: Sonjmir Bayorith Zoljiinov
Nicknames/Alias: Bay, Zolji, Song, Frozen Giant
Age: 29
Date of Birth: 04/Feb/2670
Gender: Male
Species: Ice

Profession: N/A
Birthplace: A nest within the northern reaches of the Ice Plains, not far from the shoreline.
Faction: Prefers to not associate with any grouping, but much prefers the company of other dragons to humans. They don't freeze as easy, see.
Relation To Any Non-Dragons: N/A

Eye Colour: Deep sapphire
Size: Large
Scars: None visible
General Appearance: A well-muscled male, with darker wings and highly-reflective scales. Slight coloration deviation in the form of a bright stripe of lighter blue running along his lateral line that becomes visible upon his use of magic (starts just behind his temple, though nestled into a smattering of dark horns, proceeds over his back just above the wing-joint, and continues to taper off over his strong, lethal tail). Two horns and a crest of ice adorn his head. His muzzle is far less delicate than others of his kind, much akin to a strong, well-defined mug in a human. Still, his long, lithe form stays much within the perimeters for his breed, making him a fine breeding specimen... If only they didn't freeze up at his touch.
Personality: Though the northern reaches of his territory had never allowed for much contact with any sort of creature other than the fat seals, small whales and occasional deer upon which he preyed, Song had his good manners beaten into him as a hatchling. His respect for females is of the highest order, and he still has moderately good relations with his mother (which is surprising, as Ice Dragon hatchlings are generally chased from their parent's territory upon maturity and killed should they dare reenter, without any sort of stock placed upon their blood). While he doesn't visit her often enough to try her patience, he always is of mind to bring gifts.
Strengths: Physical and arcane; Though dragons never really have any traditional training, their magical potential comes from the creativity of the clever minds. In this way, Song is a highly intelligent animal with great magical potential and strength to back him up.
Weaknesses: Generally rather slow, Song is not one to race to do anything. He could fly or trek for days upon days with minimal nourishment, but is incapable of sustained bursts of speed.
Likes: Cold climates, head-strong females, arctic sea food, and extended flights with a good wind.
Dislikes: Cruelty toward others, storms, being the center of attention, extended isolation.
Fears: Freezing a female or sending her into hypothermia from his polar tendencies, straying too far from island territory.

  • Ice-scale supplementation

    • Used to bolster already incredible defenses with layers of ice. Can even be used to build a dome 'fortress' of ice during hibernation to prevent any meddling.
    • Passively stays frozen without further magic supply, making this a very cost-effective skill.

  • Frozen Wonderland

    • A rather fancy way to say that the temperature around Song is always quite a bit cooler than it would be otherwise. A very good companion to have if you're venturing too far south in the summer.

  • Death Touch

    • A rather unfortunate side-effect of his skill-set, this skill ties into 'frozen wonderland'. Any prolonged touch with this dragon can cause massive frostbite in any un-scaled beast, and frostbite in even a passing graze. With even the hottest-tempered beast, extended exposure runs the risk of inducing hypothermia.

  • Hibernation

    • When the cold becomes too much for even our frosty fellow, he has the option to hibernate through the most brutal months. In this state, it is much akin to being frozen in time, as muscles remain in peak condition, and the dragon exists solely on the magic of the island, rather than the food in his belly.

  • Liquid Ice

    • The blood of this dragon exists far below freezing, and in part thanks to his magic-based 'anti-freeze', his range of movement is unhindered by the temperature of his blood. In turn, he has the ability to extend this magic to any liquid he touches, though upon withdrawal of contact, it instantly freezes (the exception of which being bodies of water too large or too volatile to freeze in the first place).

  • Passive Anti-freeze:

    • Allows the beast's body to move freely, regardless of the liquid ice in his veins. This also ensures that ice crystals do not stick to his scales and hinder flight or other movements.

Sonjmir Bayorith Zoljinov (Male Ice Dragon) UmUpDRg
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Sonjmir Bayorith Zoljinov (Male Ice Dragon)
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