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 Romek Hale - Merchant Apprentice and Adventurer (Human)

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Romek Hale - Merchant Apprentice and Adventurer (Human) Empty
PostSubject: Romek Hale - Merchant Apprentice and Adventurer (Human)   Romek Hale - Merchant Apprentice and Adventurer (Human) Icon_minitimeSat May 11, 2019 5:52 pm

Romek Hale
Merchant Apprentice and Adventurer


- travelling all over
- originally from a settlement near Tarz

Romek’s brown hair is so fair, it practically looks blonde. It is closely shaved, barely more than a hint of fluff on the top of his head to assure people he actually does have hair. His eyes are light brown and full of wanderlust. There is usually also at least one hole or rip somewhere in his clothing, which is why his master suggested he start saving up for a spell that will keep his clothes from tearing. Alas, those are expensive, so for now he has a fancy vest he throws over whatever he is wearing at the time when he has to mind the master’s cart (so he can appear at least partially like a serious businessman).

Romek is of lanky build though people keep telling him he’ll grow into his size sooner or later. In the meantime, he has given up hope on that front however. He doesn’t think he’ll ever grow any more fat or muscle to fill out his tall frame.

The Character:
Romek’s mother died in childbirth, bringing the sixth child into the family. His father had his hands full, working as many hours as possible to feed them all and leaving the eldest daughter in charge of the younger children. There was no other family in the village and Romek’s aunt had made it clear she didn’t want anything to do with the Hale brats – she had always disapproved of her sister’s choice for a husband and had therefore cut ties fairly on in their marriage.

As soon as Romek hit twelve and proved himself to have a somewhat golden tongue, when he put his mind to it – which wasn’t very often – his father gave him into an apprenticeship – or he tried to but nobody wanted to take on the responsibility of such a young boy.

Master Kit hadn’t been in the market for an apprentice, but for some reason he accepted Romek for the job, despite his obvious youth and the evident nonsense in his head. Over the years, Master Kit realised that he had not only done a good deed in helping the father at the time, but he had in all actuality received a good apprentice in return. Of course, Romek did a lot of silly things while he was growing up, but that was to be expected of a young man, especially one who wanted to become an adventurer.

As it was, the two of them travelled a fair amount, from village to village, selling wares of all kinds and while this wasn’t the kind of adventure Romek was looking for, it did take him to places he never would have seen had he stayed in the village for a blacksmith or fishmonger apprenticeship. He got to see the island in all its glory and that was more than his siblings could ever hope to do.

In the meantime, he was a little older and a little more responsible in his job, and really quite good at procuring items that people didn’t necessarily want to part with but which he knew someone else could most definitely use. He still wanted to go on adventures outside of the trade but he was growing to accept it may never happen. There was no money to be earned when out on adventure and money was something he quickly came to realise was something he needed in order to provide for himself – not to mention get those spells to keep his clothes from ripping up all the time. More than once, he tried his hand at sewing but he downright sucked at it. Whenever he tried to mend his trousers, they looked even worse. At least nobody saw the mess he made of the holes in his socks.

And yet, there was this nagging somewhere deep inside his conscience that kept whispering to him that there should be more to his life than this...

The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.
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Romek Hale - Merchant Apprentice and Adventurer (Human)
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