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 Zariel Neheq -What do you mean the ink won't dry?- [Dhampir]

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Zariel Neheq -What do you mean the ink won't dry?- [Dhampir] Empty
PostSubject: Zariel Neheq -What do you mean the ink won't dry?- [Dhampir]   Zariel Neheq -What do you mean the ink won't dry?- [Dhampir] Icon_minitimeThu Jul 11, 2019 3:33 am


[*img]Image Here[*/img]

First glance
Name: Zariel Neheq (last name is pronounced Nehesh and means scaleless)
Nicknames/Alias: Zari
Age: 50
Gender: Female
Race: Dhampir

Profession: Merchant (manufacturing and sales of ink)
Birthplace: Small port town south of Jiluria
Faction: Kaionar City State
Relation To Any Dragons: Each one is an individual and thusly only to be trusted on a one by one basis. Fluids like blood, saliva, and venom all have interesting properties when used in inks.

Hair Colour: Red
Eye Colour: Pink
Height: 5’ 8”
Scars/Tattoos: Hands are covered in spots and discoloration from years of mixing inks and mottled with scars from using various tools from grinders to graters and presses to prepare ingredients. Living in Kaionar also just means bumps and cuts and bruises, regardless of status.
General Appearance: She doesn’t match what one would call a “typical” description of her breed. Her hair is bright ruby red and usually pulled back into a bun for the sake of convenience while her eyes are a light almost powder pink with a silver ring around the pupil that makes her appear as if her eyes are beginning to cloud from cataracts. Her skin is healthy despite living in the desert most of her adult life, but it has an eerie glow to it that no cosmetic product can accurately match. Her musculature is curious for a woman, with decently broad shoulders and well-toned arms and legs as well as abs worthy of a soldier. Her face is aesthetically pleasing in the sense that it’s evenly proportioned, but her features are somewhat severe and reminiscent of...perhaps something predatory like a wolf, or maybe a bat? Her height however gives her an imposing presence that most mischief makers prefer to leave alone.
Personality: With an unnatural and unsettlingly pretty face comes an equally unsettling character. Her strength of will is like twisted iron: unbending. Her thirst to exploit every opportunity that comes her way: unquenchable. Her temper: slow-burning but thoroughly vengeful. She has no need of dominating those around her with force, when simple words and standing her ground will suffice more times than not. She has little desire to marry because that means being less than equal to someone else, and where she lives that is not an option she is willing to consider. A lover now and then? Perfectly acceptable. Anything more permanent is sheer folly.
Strengths: Navigation, chemistry, the art of conversation (albeit usually for the purpose of arguing)
Weaknesses: Prolonged and direct sun exposure, large quantities of fresh blood
Likes: The sea, soft music, occasional companionship (but would really like one good friend she can trust)
Dislikes: Cats, well-done meat, unannounced guests
Fears: Drowning
Abilities/Powers: Heightened senses and enhanced strength: the problems are that her eyes are very sensitive to light which means going from a dark room to sunlight takes quite a toll on her eyes, her excess strength makes her prone to accidentally destroying things if she isn’t careful, the smell of blood torments her rather frequently, and she hears quite a lot of conversations that she’d rather never know about. Her skin is sensitive to burning as well which is very unpleasant if she forgets her cloak or hat when she goes outside.
Important Possessions: None

Father: El’Draz
Mother: Lysa
Siblings: None
Other Important Family: None as of yet
History: Her early childhood was exciting and full of laughter. Living in a port town alive with traders and fishermen provided ample distraction for young Zariel while her parents worked on the business they’d built of selling parchment. Her father being the vampiric half of her heritage meant that she saw little of him during the daylight hours, but as she grew old enough to stay up past sunset she grew to love spending time with her father and always had questions about his trade. Her mother was the advisor in her life, giving her guidance and stability while her father taught her useful skills and lessons that she’d keep with her well into adulthood. Her teen years were, unsurprisingly, the years where her father had to intervene more frequently to keep his wayward daughter out of trouble. She was vivacious and outspoken and far too interested in the visiting merchants from other cities on the island for her parents’ liking. It was in her late twenties, several years after she left home to make her fortune in Kaionar, that her mother passed away from age. She returned to her hometown for the funeral only to find she wasn’t nearly as welcome now that she’d been away for so long.

In fact it was made rather clear to her and to her father that neither of them were welcome to stay any longer. Within six months, she moved her father to the city of Kaionar and away from what she thought would have been his death if he’d stayed a day longer. Her father left her to her own devices however, and even though the two were close, neither of them had time for many years to visit one another. It took about ten years to finally have some time to sit and have an actual conversation together, but it was always clear that her father welcomed getting to see her again. He had more advice for her as well: that if she was going to make her living in that city she’d have to embrace some of her harsher qualities to do so. She’d have to learn how to use deception, intimidation, and most importantly grow used to using others for her own gain. It went against almost everything her mother had taught her growing up, but the reality was that the teachings of her mother were no longer of use to her. After a long talk with her father she had to come to terms with parting from the path her mother had set her on and aligning herself with her father. Kindness was only to be given to a select few people; those closest to her. Allowing someone to get close to her for any length of time was unwise, as loyalty was a commodity much like gold or silver and typically had its price.

Since that visit with her father almost twenty years prior, she’s made more time to go visit with him and keep him updated on the success of her business. He asks now and then if she ever thinks he’s not someone to be trusted, and she always responds in the same manner, “If I can’t trust you, it isn’t your scruples that cause the distrust. The distrust would lie with the nature of your existence. You have as of yet failed to make me mistrust your scruples, and I hope that doesn’t change.” Recent years have been fairly kind to her, not just in the respect of her appearance, which hardly changes from year to year, but also in respect of the success of her ink business. Specialty inks are becoming more prestigious, which sends her off on more extended ventures to find rarer and more exotic things to mix.

Other: Anything else

Relationships: She has a close bond with her father, El’Draz.

If anyone wants to RP, ask away!
Groups, 1 x 1s, Plot: PLEASE

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Zariel Neheq -What do you mean the ink won't dry?- [Dhampir]
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