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 Kaestrin is a mage :)

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Kaestrin is a mage :) Empty
PostSubject: Kaestrin is a mage :)   Kaestrin is a mage :) Icon_minitimeThu Jul 11, 2019 10:57 am


AGE: 36


5’9, skinny build
Pale skinned
Short, sleek, dark brown hair, cut close to her head
Narrow, pointed facial features
Hazel eyes, fairly greenish

FAMILY: Her mother lives in Didienne; her father passed away some time ago. She doesn’t have any siblings.

Kaestrin is a mage by trade, specialising particularly in blood and toxic magic types. Earth is her preference out of the basic magic types, but she can manage a little of the other basic or complex types if really necessary, except wind, which she really doesn’t get on with. She also can’t manage dark magic whatsoever and thinks it ill-advised to try meddling with light magic, although it appeals to her in some respects. Her style of casting is very disciplined and detail-oriented; she won’t begin any project without a good breakdown of its stages and how she’ll go about each one, although naturally there are always some details which need to be worked out as she goes. She’s found this technique generally serves her well to get the most control and delicacy out of blood magic, while minimising its inherent risks. This is also why she doesn’t get on with dark magic, which needs to be “felt out” a lot more, given it concerns emotion.

She was born in Didienne, one of DC’s larger and more established settlements due to the founding of the nearby library a few years before her birth. Her mother, although never entering into priesthood, had begun work there as a scribe of the dragon language; meanwhile, her father’s family were beginning to specialise in trade as skilled stoneworkers. The library, and the scholars and mages who gathered to add to and learn from its contents, provided enough of an industry to support their family in this way and so Kaestrin never experienced the subsistence farming or small-scale village life which was everyday life for most residents of DC. However, children were still expected to help the family trade, and for a small child, writing and other scribe skills such as simple arithmetic were a lot more feasible than stonework. As such, she often helped her mother, bringing her into contact with all manner of travellers who had come to Didienne for the trade and social meeting place it was rapidly becoming, or for the library itself. This included many mages, some of whom provided snippets of informal training for Kaestrin. This, combined with what she could learn from the early writings of the Didienne library, formed the basis for her knowledge of magical theory and her notions of good research practice.

Now, both her commercial and research interests lie primarily in arcanics, which, being difficult to make but (often) easy to use even for non-magic users, are a valuable trade commodity. She usually works closely with Veceri on her magical research, as their complementary magic types allow them to investigate more areas of magical theory together than apart. Their long-term aim is to produce an arcanic which can filter neutral magic into typed magic, which should be theoretically possible, although has never been achieved to their knowledge.

This means that Kaestrin’s usual lifestyle involves a lot of travel to different areas as they investigate different styles of magic as well as sell their wares to live. By necessity, she has more awareness of DC’s major settlements than many residents of the island, and tries to keep some contacts in any town large enough to have what she considers “proper” mages.

In line with her style of magic, Kaestrin is somewhat cautious by nature. She isn’t hasty to build relationships or trust, or particularly open or friendly in meeting new people. However, it’s important to her that she never comes across as rude, particularly given that blood magic users are often regarded with suspicion or outright hostility in some regions; as such, she will always observe any necessary social conventions to stay polite. She also values networking highly, particularly with other magic users, and so will do her best to make acquaintances where possible. She’s very inquisitive and driven to learn, but tends to do so in a fairly disciplined way. Similarly, she doesn’t like to make decisions without having all her facts straight, and tries to stay objective and rational even in stressful or emotional situations.

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Kaestrin is a mage :)
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