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 Akira-----Just a cute little rider ^^ (Human)

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PostSubject: Akira-----Just a cute little rider ^^ (Human)   Mon Jul 07, 2008 7:40 pm

Name: Akira
Age: 15
date of birth: January 13th, 2694 (She thinks)
Gender: female
Type Of Person: rider
Relation To Any Dragons:Mizu
Likes/Dislikes: She hates being underestimated for her small and fragile appearance Likes dragons, Freedom, alchemy, swords, and fire.
Description: She is short for her age and has chestnut brown hair that falls to her shoulders. She has an athletic and lean build. She is a rambunctious "wild child" that is desperate to please. Having spent a majority of her life in a rough and tough environment. She has a sense of morals but her morals are more twisted and flexible than most. She would be willing to enslave a few friends to kill a slaver. Though she is desperate to please this does not mean she goes about things in a way that the person she is trying to please would approve of. She also lacks respect for authority though she does respect strength.
History:Akira has a vague memory of her parents but from what she remembers they weren't good people. Hopped up on drugs and steeped on poverty. She figured they died from drugs or something equally pathetic.
Akira grew up on the streets as part of the underground criminal environment. She started as a thief stealing food to survive, then as an underground arena fighter earning money for herself. She has always been identified by her small female stature and she hates it. In defiance she rebelled from her image by facing the biggest guys she could fighting well beyond what most would think was reasonable.
This backfired when she was about ten, costing her her left arm. Luckily at this point in her life she met one of the first people to show her true kindness. This mysterious old man took her into his home he managed to create a metal replacement imbued with some sort of arcane element to cause it to move at her will. She doesn't completely understand it herself but she spent a few years with him as company. It was her first true parental type relationship and he is part of the reason she has any sense of right and wrong at all.
Other: owns a sword and a bow though she almost never carries the bow. She is short for her age and sees the world in shades of grey.

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Akira-----Just a cute little rider ^^ (Human)
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