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 Zartear Straten - Superior Surahnian Ethic (Human)

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PostSubject: Zartear Straten - Superior Surahnian Ethic (Human)   Sun May 04, 2008 7:56 pm

Quick Stuff
Zartear Straten, Male, 28 years old,
Strikingly white skinned, black haired, grey/blue eyed. Ie a typical Surahnian
Often seen wearing all manner of expensive garb, quite literally, fit for a King. Favours bright reds or blues set against black and adorned with lavish amounts of gold and silver.
Extremely selfish, highly ambitious, feels entitled to most things. His emotions baffle and scare him, assumes the worst in others motivations. Is the Leader and King of the Surahnian Rebels, often saves face with a false image of himself. Brother of Ixas.
An excellent public speaker, influential by nature.

Zartear Straten, named in the tradition of his region in Surahnia, usually names were related to luck, wealth or virtues...In this case, Zartear was named as "The man who brings Light” or simply “The Bringer of Light”

28 yrs
Birth Date: 3rd of December, 2681

We’ll see

Occupation & Ambition
Formerly, Zartear was a slayer-for-hire in old Surahnia. His business mostly regarding wild animals that had been influenced by the plague spell, but he was hardly above any business regarding people. This was all before he sought out the amassing groups of Surahnian rebels. Thereupon, he unified them beneath him and positioned himself as their new King, all of this with the aid of supporting groups that made up the fragments of the still-alive Surahnians since the decimation of the peoples due to Lahrukan plague.
He was known most for his extensive use of hefty melee weapons, particularly long swords and occasionally those with magical imbuement (though not of his own doing). Zartear also has a reasonable understanding of ranged weapons, however his arcane knowledge, like many Surahnians, was at best, and still is, only rudimentary.

As a King he now leads the campaign of the New Surahnians, also known as the Surahnian Rebels, into Dragons’ Cove in search of a new homeland and a means of solidifying his status as a ruler of the new people.
Presently his palace is within Racksom, although his eyes look to Didienne for the final area of his residence…as far as a palace within Dragons’ Cove is concerned.

Physical and Mental Description


Zartear as one would expect, is very strongly built up for his extended time as a slayer, and the usual Surahnian maintenance of his physical prowess. He stands at a regular 5’10, with the black hair and milk white skin of all Surahnians. His hair appears thick and although quite ruffled, is kept short and well groomed, tapering down to his neck and framing his face too…It is no longer good form for Surahnians to wear their hair long and straight as men; olden time signifiers of royalty are decidedly “dated” now.
He has always kept a simple black headband around his forehead, though now he foregoes this entirely, as it is not becoming for a King to wear the mark of common slayers.

Often he will wear apparently simple shirts, but then overlay these with magnanimous and long jackets of rich reds, embroidered with gold, silver or both. Typically his trousers are more simple, often hidden by the upper layers that stand out so strongly against them.

On occasion, Zartear will wear parts of the dragon hides of enemies, or furs, around his shoulders. He is quite well known for turning scales, bones or “jewels” of his enemies into actual jewellery.

On hand he typically has a long sword. It is perhaps the least ornamental of his possessions; he takes no chances with petty aesthetic when it comes to the dispatching of his foes.


Zartear is above all, a truly likeable man. He speaks wonderful words to those that need to hear them, will soothe your troubles and invite you into his arms when you are in your hour of need. Any subject of his will tell you of this upstanding man that has hauled them from the darkness of their ordeal before. This is a man that always appears to be in control.
To those that he is safe enough to mistreat (with a purpose to disempower or maintain just enough fear to keep them loyal) he will readily do so. For all his finesse with acting, Zartear will not waste his efforts where they are not needed. If his bad natured is required then there will be no question about it; Zartear will readily do as he sees fit…or takes his whims.

While he has a great hold over many, and is aware of such power he wields…he is also aware that it is never absolute. As such, Zartear is extremely suspicious of others motives, most of all those that are closest to his rank. With time, he has become even more suspicious, and on more than one occasion ordered either the execution or shunning of those that he feels are his “would-be” competitors or detractors.
For now, he keeps the position of his second in command, and successor, to his throne empty…It is far better for any rats to fight it out amongst each other for a rank that will never be appointed than to aim for him.
In spite of, or perhaps in part because of these traits, Zartear has proven himself to be intelligent in several ways, particularly in his foresight and contingency planning, he also has an aptitude for understanding efficiency and how best to deploy those he rules.
Zartear always has his eye on several people of “Interest” and is hence always watching their actions carefully, as if they were all mirror images of himself, and so he lends them no trust.

Another aspect he is never fully in control of, are his emotions. Narrow though they may be, the King certainly has one emotion if apparently no other; anger.
It is something he seldom expresses to the public or his subjects that require solidarity in his leadership, but rather, privately. Or against those that are unable to influence or spread word; that way such unbecoming loss of control is not heard of. Servants often understand more of this than those he commands in his day to day life.

Zartear also often feels exceptionally entitled. Perhaps some will say because of his rank, though he has never felt if he wanted something that he should not try to obtain it, through one means or another. While he will often go for the easiest route with the least negative repercussions, in a moment of his own impetuousness he will also “lunge” for what he wants, because he knows no one will stop him.


Zartear has no wife, though he believes he will have one, if only to ensure greater stability of his position and legacy in New Surahnia; but even an heir is no guarantee, with the succession of Kings being, in a large part, a case of achievement. Yet, he hopes to change such rules for his own “peace” of mind.

When it comes to friends, Zartear has none. He has a deep fear of those about him, that manifests in his ruthless dealings, which are concealed behind a far more likeable image. He is alienated also from his own feelings; to his mind they cannot be explained, even though he does experience them, if in a bizarre and confusing way.
Often, his “loneliness” (though gods forbid he ever call it that) shows when he toys with those that take his fancy for a while, but he quickly becomes frustrated by their deferential tone, or on the contrary, feels slighted by their dislike of him and so he throws them away. If nothing else, Zartear’s identity is fragile.

Those he knows:
Silverwing (Enemy)
Vitreasa (Enemy)
Sandy (Enemy)
Siofra (2nd Bowmaster)
Atoro (Tactician)
Andyr (Swords Master)
Falcon (Acquaintance)
Kvinna (Acquaintance)
Deorwynn (Acquaintance)
Felren (Acquaintance)
Lotharia (Captive)
Selene* (Mistake)

*Non-Canon to plot

Zartear by Zay on Grooveshark


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Zartear Straten - Superior Surahnian Ethic (Human)
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