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 Sandy ----- Go and try, I dare you. (Human)

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Sandy ----- Go and try, I dare you. (Human) Empty
PostSubject: Sandy ----- Go and try, I dare you. (Human)   Sandy ----- Go and try, I dare you. (Human) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 26, 2008 2:12 pm

Name: Sandy Mardon
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Sandy ----- Go and try, I dare you. (Human) Scv1y1
Type Of Person: Dragon rider
Relation To Any Dragons: The rider of Silverwing.
Likes/Dislikes: Like most people, she likes to have fun, have a laugh, but knows when to be serious. She likes to be around people she knows, but at the same time, absolutely loves it when she gets the chance to be alone and think to herself. Quite often she will just go out for a wonder in a random forest to listen to the birds – it helps take he mind off things.
What Sandy hates more than anything in the world are slayers. For ever since she was a child, she knew her future lay with dragons. And to think that some people can go around and slay them without so much as a flicker on their conscious gets her infuriated. She also dislikes those who go against the peace of the island, those who fight for the wrong thing.
Description: She has long, dark brown, curly hair, which is usually half-tied up in a loose bobble. Her eyes are a very dark brown, and from a distance they look black. Quite the opposite of her personality. She normally wears a plain, blue top with three-quarter length white pants. On her belt, she has a sheath with her sword in. The sword is encrusted with one blue stone on the handle and represents that fact that she is the rider of a Guardian.
Other: She has bubbly personality and on top of this, is quite intelligent. When she was younger, she trained with her father in order to use her sword. He was a knight who worked for the king, and therefore passed as much of his knowledge onto her. Now at the age of twenty-three, she is quite a skilled swordsman. Compared to others, who have had training for many years, she isn’t the best, but she can put up a fight and can defend herself if necessary. A few days for each month, she has to spend visiting each of the five stones about the isle, and checking over other magical objects in order to keep the peace. These responsibilities come from being a rider of a guardian. But she doesn’t mind. Since she is Silverwing's rider, she posesses the power to fire energy balls from her bare hand, and when fighting, the blue stone on her sword glows. It represents the soul of her guardian.
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Sandy ----- Go and try, I dare you. (Human)
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