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 The Dairy Of The Dead -- Soya & Parade

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PostSubject: Re: The Dairy Of The Dead -- Soya & Parade   Mon Oct 06, 2008 12:12 am

Sorry that I haven't been replying to this one, I've been busy with the non-private ones, I'll continue though. :'D
Meh Sorry. D:


"Ahh, stupid little Reegi." Senzonti's voice echoed through Near's mouth while hissing in a taunt-like tone.
Reegi was not impressed, the large creature scowled and began to paw the ground constantly while smoke flared from its nose.
The spearmint breath fluttered around the air and into Reegi's eyes, they began to burn while red tears formed up in his eyes. Reegi hissed painful and slammed the tip of his head into a tree, breaking it on contact.
Near gave a little yelp as his body was thrown on the back of the peppermint dragon, and then held in the air like a meaningless ragdoll. "Is this really necessary?" Near asked, pouting while slitting his eyes in the smog covered surroundings.
"That should do him." Senzonti's snickering voice floated out of Near's mouth again.
"Oh shut-up!" Near hissed, slamming his fist into his stomach.
Near's voice scrunched up slightly while Senzonti hissed before retreating into his body again, Near sighed and let his body hang over the scaly tail. Near gave a yelp as silver wolves howled behind him, baring their fangs while bounding towards the dragon. He was slightly relieved when Wryana said that they will help them, but then became nervous as Mistridle asked for how long.
"Hmm." Senzonti's voice escaped his lips again, Near's head hung while sighing.
Why did he have to be the one with this beast?
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PostSubject: Re: The Dairy Of The Dead -- Soya & Parade   Mon Oct 06, 2008 6:29 am

Ooc: Daaw, XD No worries

One of the silver wolves snarled, and turned around sharply. The other wolves followed the Dragon, while the lone one waited for the beast. As Wryana hauled up Near, so he sat instead of hung, Mistridle made a sharp turn east, the wolves having trouble keeping up.
"Mist, you're running away from our protection..." Wryana snarled, dashing her tail against the dragons side. Said dragon growled and sped up.
"I do not care, we are getting further away from the demon, we might aswell let all those wolves take him." She croaked, jumping liethly over a fallen tree. The purple girl let out a huff, and secured one arm around the boy.
"Hold on, she won't care much if you fall down... I don't think you've noticed, but she isn't much in for humans." Wryana muttered, using her tail for help too. Once she had that done, the dragon made a swift jump up to a tree, only to pull down again, landing on the ground while running. She came to a sudden halt, as a bright silvery lake came into view. The girl wasn't ready for the sudden stop, and her head hit Near's neck.
"Aah! Damn dragon!" She swore, rubbing her forhead. Mistridle just huffed, and glanced back. There were no signs on the demon, nor the wolves. The dragon inhaled, searching for something.
"Should be here... The path for it." She murmured for herself.
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PostSubject: Re: The Dairy Of The Dead -- Soya & Parade   Thu Oct 09, 2008 8:09 am

Near gave a heavy sigh, glad when he wasn't hanging like a rag doll anymore. His black, mindless orbs blinked heavily under his eyelids.
The white curly hair shone under the light that slowly fluttered its way through the veined, green leafs.
Jeez, did he always have to be the one that seemed to be useless.

'You're not useless!' Chuckled Senzonti in telepathic.
Oh, and how did you figure that out? Near snapped in return.
'You can control me.. Sometimes, that is a bonus. You can control Ice, and light. And got a demon reared up at you!'
YOU got the demon reared up!
'Oh.. So it seems.'

Near gave a heavy sigh while mumbling some words under his breath, his yelp escaped his mouth as the dragon suddenly swerved to the side. Making the remaining wolfs have a hard time to catch up, a snicker was let out Near's cracked lips.
Near suddenly went into a crouched frog-like position, his normal black eyes glinted before turning into yellow eyes with a black slit running through the middle. "You think that it is easy enough to get rid of a demon?" Snickered Senzonti, letting his lips escape Near while giving a evil laughter. A large fang was hanging out of his closed mouth, placed on top of Near's bottom lip, "You foolish things."

Reegi gave a snarl, shaking his head while a slit on top of his rotting head, revealing a large and blood shot eye. Tears erupted from his other eyes, Reegi lowered his head while charging across the scarce ground. Dirt and other substances were thrown behind the charging creature, while the talons ripped away the dirt like it was nothing. Wrinkles constantly overlapped his brown, and stubby feet. Reegi suddenly erupted away from the foul, white smog, Reegi gave a foul smelling roar, charging through. The eye that was open upon his rotting head suddenly disappeared, Reegi gave a snicker as a silver furball sat in front of him.
"Get out of my way." He snarled, lowering his head at the wolf.
Reegi gave a intimidating roar, lowering his head again, a large golden horn pierced through its nose as it rocketed towards the wolf.
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PostSubject: Re: The Dairy Of The Dead -- Soya & Parade   Thu Oct 09, 2008 2:21 pm

"Hey, Near... You okay?" Wryana placed a palm on the boys shoulder, gripping it slightly as to keep him on his feets. The dragon only huffed at her show of compassion, and continued to search after something unknown. The girl threw a glare at the dragon, but ignored her.
"Bloodmist, come here and help me already!" Mistridle spat, inquiring the girl to help her. Wryana sighed, and slumped with her shoulders.
"Comin' if you stop calling me that!" She snapped back, straightening up to a standing position. The dragon meerely mumbled unhearable words to herself, wich made Wryana snarl in responce. Then Mistridle glared back at here.
"Hey! I told you to come here and help!" She exclaimed, lashing her tail in irritation. The girl just folded her arms, wings held high.
"Say my name." She stated calmly, raising her head in a proud way. The dragon huffed, and turned back to her work to search. Wryana twitched her eyes, and she smacked the dragons head.
"Stupid!" She hissed, turning around to face Near, smiling.
"Don't worry, she's a 'tard." Wryana winked, but soon realized that it was something wrong with him. She suddenly felt a pang in her head, and she stared into the forest.
"Mist! It broke the spell!" She whirled around, only to see the dragon gone. "Curse you! Darn lizard!" Wryana shrieked, and waved with a fist where the dragon had been.
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PostSubject: Re: The Dairy Of The Dead -- Soya & Parade   Fri Oct 10, 2008 12:39 am

"Oh, So Sorry little girl. You missed Near, he just left." Snickered Senzonti, standing up straight before slouching forwards. Another laughter escaped his lips while staring as the dragon was gone, "Well, that was nice."
His sarcasm didn't add a nice touch to anything, at the moment, the Cat Demon was in control. Near was on the inside, sad and cold, constantly slamming his ice-bound fists into the darkness.
Senzonti gave occasional winces, "A 'tard you say? More like a scaly, green, foul blob." Laughed Senzonti, his voice more deep and fuzzed up than Near's.

Reegi gave a snarl, as he continued to charge forwards, that dumb little silver blob. The golden horn that sat upon his nose glinted as the rotting creature charged to the Wolf, it suddenly forced the horn into the Wolfs flesh and sent it hurtling upwards.
"That should do it." Snorted Reegi.
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PostSubject: Re: The Dairy Of The Dead -- Soya & Parade   Fri Oct 10, 2008 6:18 pm

Wryana gave a nervous smile at the demon, and then darted to the left.
"As much as I agree with you on that, I need to go now, Bye!" She gasped out, and spread her wings. Better run then fight, in her point of view at least.
Aw, damn green blob, that's right. She growled loudly to herself.
I am? Mistridle sent back.
Yeah, you're a 'tard and a scaly, green, foul blob. The girl snickered to herself.
That's very nice... You know what you are? You're a-
Okay that's enough. I get it... She rolled her eyes, and took air, morphing abit so her whole skin was covered in purple scales, her tail grew longer and her ears became a tad bigger. Thought she still looked like a humanoid.
I'm not done, you're a ugly, whiny, paranoid hybrid. Hybrids are worse.
I hate you.
Thought so...

Where are you anyways!?
Nyah... nowhere?
Wryana growled, and glanced behind her, seeing the demon standing down there. The hybrid snarled, baring fangs.
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PostSubject: Re: The Dairy Of The Dead -- Soya & Parade   Sun Oct 12, 2008 2:10 am

"Now, why are you doing that?" Senzonti gave a puppyish frown with Near's face, "I'm not doing anything to you. I know, I hate dragons, but I only go for DRAGONS, not dragon hybrids. You're safe, for now that is."
Senzonti sighed, hanging Near's head while pouting, pushing his bottom lip in front of the top while suddenly lifting his head and glancing around.
"Where did that dragon go anyway--? Ahh, Hello Reegi."

The intense smell of the rotting corpse flung into their noses, the Porcupine like creature snorted as it appeared through some now blood-stained bushes. "Glad to meet you again, Senzonti. My friends should be coming soon."

"Soon? Oh why, why can't it just be the three or four of us?" Senzonti frowned.

"Because, I thought is might be more fun with more people, don't you think?" Snarled Reegi, digging his claws into the ground as his blood-stained, golden horn was perched cleanly upon the rotting creatures it. Reegi was at least 7 times bigger than a normal Reegi, not taller thna the young child that was Near's body although.
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PostSubject: Re: The Dairy Of The Dead -- Soya & Parade   Sun Oct 12, 2008 9:15 am

Wryana snorted at the two demons, but still kept her place in the air. Her tail lashed in irrate.
Mist, I think they wanna kill you.
Oh, you think so?
Seriously, you should really-
"- Come and get some beating, yeah, I know what you mean." Said dragon emerged from one of the trees, looking calmly at the two of the demons. The stench didn't seem to have any greater effect on her, due her own piercing scent of peppermint. Mistridle tilted her head at them, in a innocent way.
"Why hello there..." she purred, "I think I'm lost, care to help meee?"
Stupid! You're just so stupid! Wryana face palmed herself, and growled.
Calm down, I know what I'm doing.
Oh yeah? Signing your gravestone, that's what you're doing.
Do dragons have any gravestones? I've always wondered...
MIST! Focus! What ever way, you're still already binding contract with Death. It was meant to come out as a harsh comment, but it came out more like a worried whine. The dragon sighed in their link, and tilted her head up to look at her.
"Don't worry, you're still too paranoid, Bloodmist." And with that, Mistridle winked at her.
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PostSubject: Re: The Dairy Of The Dead -- Soya & Parade   Sun Oct 12, 2008 11:55 am

"I'll help you find your way into hell." Snarled Reegi, Senzonti cocked the lower half of Near's body to the side while pouting and tightly folding his pale arms.

"Tell me, Reegi, why are you here? How'd you get here, wait, cut that last question, just answer the first one." Stammered Senzonti, giving a frown at his english before slitting his glinting yellow eyes. The black line that was his pupil extended in length as his eyes decreased in size. Senzonti gave a growl towards the Porcupine demon.

Reegi snorted heavily, black smoke fluttered from his pig-like nose, the horn cleanly perched across his face glinting before making a squishing noise and decreasing back into the thick, brown skin of the demon. Its thick, stubby legs slowly began to paw the ground, the earth cleanly peeling away just with the flicker of presence with the talons perched on its legs. Reegi's bloodshot eyes flickered towards the Peppermint dragon, before lowering his head so much that it almost peeled the ground. And giving a snarling roar through its erupted lips. The earth around it shook wildly.

Senzonti gave a sigh, and gave a puppyish frown again, "You like being straight to the point. How boring."

"Hell yeah." Snarled Reegi, before turning his attention onto the Cat demon, which caught Senzonti's attention, the cat quickly flicked Near's body in the position of a hissing cat. His back arched around, long claws piercing through Near's fingertips and digging furiously into the ground while Senzonti's threw Near's lips open and let out an intimidating hiss.
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PostSubject: Re: The Dairy Of The Dead -- Soya & Parade   Sun Oct 12, 2008 4:43 pm

"Yeah, you keep on with your little family talk while I'll just go and get my stuff." The dragon calmly walked past the bickering demons, clearly not impressed by their little exchange of hissing and growling. She stopped behind them, raised her head, sniffed, and then turned to pick up something that Wryana had ran past earlier at the day.
"That's... A book?" Wryana exclaimed, glaring dumbly at Mistridle, who just grinned back at her, the book betwean her jaws.
You could say that. She answered.
... You're risking your damn skin for a damn book!?
Please Bloodmist, your language.
Right... You do know that they'll not be distracted all the time.
I've noticed that, yes. The dragon thought of showing off, and jumped over the two demons, strong backless capable of jumping high and long. Once she was over, she just snorted at them and jumped up in a tree, only to jump to another. Wryana regarded her when she dissappeared from betwean the leaves of the trees, and sighed.
"Stupid... " She hissed to herself, looking at Near's body, clearly going to wait for him to take control again. Mistridle was now heading north, and God knew what she was up too. The teen landed a distance from them, holding her nose.
"God that stinks!" She snarled, waving another clawed hand infront of her face. Her tail curled tightly around her leg, and her wings rose.
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PostSubject: Re: The Dairy Of The Dead -- Soya & Parade   Mon Oct 13, 2008 1:35 am

Reegi gave a snarl as the peppermint dragon leaped elegantly over the two bickering demons. Reegi instantly froze before wrenching his mouth open, showing elephant-like tusks and lowering its head until it touched the ground. "You want death, dragon?" Reegi asked stubbornly, his rotting body glinting before letting a more powerful stench out of the paws of its ears.

Senzonti may be a demon, his body restored when taking over Near, but now with human senses, Reegi smelt awful. "Sheez, haven't you heard of a shower? Or even bath?" Senzonti pulled Near's face into a teasing grin. Senzonti snorted towards the dragon, he personally, wanted that book destroyed. So no more of 'his' demons could get through. But he knew Reegi would want the book to bring this world to its knees, and let the rotting demons take care of this clean world and declare it their own.

Reegi gave another snarl, stabbing his talons into the undergrowth, pulling the dirt cleanly off its owner. It's spines quickly rose into attack mode, the Porcupine creature leaped through the blood-stained bush, the leafs stabbing into its face, but it didn't care. All it wanted was the book, Reegi quickly begun to chase the strong scent of the peppermint dragon.

Senzonti glanced towards Wryana, "You wanna play chase?" The fuzzed up voice asked the female. The boy suddenly shivered before arching his back again, the body seemed to be stretching before quickly, it seemed like Near's body was being sucked into nothing. And quickly replaced by a pretty, white, gold, silver and black cat. Its white body striped with black, unlike Reegi, its body had been restored to its normal state.
"Well? Shall we?" The cat asked smoothly, metal strapped to its legs while golden swords pierced out of its back. Its black and white tail waved from side to side in a 'playful' tone, before a purring noise echoed through his lips. Senzonti quickly followed Mist's movements, quickly bending its leg and leaping into the nearby tree and pouncing onto further trees.
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PostSubject: Re: The Dairy Of The Dead -- Soya & Parade   Mon Oct 13, 2008 10:05 am

The girl looked rather shocked to see both of the demons transform and take off, and she had no intend to help them.
Miiiiist, they are after yooouuu....
I know, I know. Just calm down.
WHAT!? CALM DOWN!? You know that stinky thing is after you, aswell as the cat... thingy..
Cat? What cat? Confusion.
Jeez, you really are late.
Oh you mean the boy...
OH REALLY!? Wryana hissed at both of the now gone demons, and followed the stench of Reegi.
"STUPID! I'M JUST SO STUPID!" She screamed, kicking a rock. The girl went on all four, and folded her wings, while taking a mayor leap into the air, flying after the stench. She now flied above the cat demon.
"Oi, mousecatcher! Over here!" Then she gathered her own life energy into her fingertips, aimed at the Cat, and fired off a blue-purple lightning. The spell was as fast as it looked like, and could possilbe not me avoided easily.
Damn if it misses, I've been practicing it! She growled, and flew off towards the stinky one.
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PostSubject: Re: The Dairy Of The Dead -- Soya & Parade   Mon Oct 13, 2008 10:24 am

Senzonti twisted his head at the last second, blinking towards Wryana before being struck by the bolt of power. The cat's body swiveled around as the cat let out painful hisses.
Why was she aiming at him? All he wanted to was to destroy the book at the moment, not get the dragon.
Help.. Near's voice echoed inside the large feline creature. The cat shook before collapsing forwards upon the ground, as the floor came closer to its face, the cat hissed, stretching its paws out infront of it to stop it from landing hardly upon the ground. Senzonti winced, shaking his white body before continuing bounding upon the ground towards Mistridle.

Reegi gave a howl of triumph, its rotting body twisted around before glaring towards the scent that was clearly Mistridles. The sticking porcupine was coming closer to the dragon, and the book for that matter..
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PostSubject: Re: The Dairy Of The Dead -- Soya & Parade   Mon Oct 13, 2008 11:04 am

Another blue lightning was aimed at the stinky one, and thise time, the spell was more powerfull then the last one. Wryana flew above Reegi, and gave him a look of disgust.
"HEY! You leave her alone you fatass!" She shrieked, lashing another bolt of energy at him. Mistridle didn't even bothered to turn and see the comotion, she already knew what would happen if she stopped running. The book betwean her jaws lit up, and the dragon frowned, but sped up invardly. She knew that something was going on.
Keep up the good work, Bloodmist.
YOU BE QUIET! I don't get it why I'm helping you...
Maybe because you don't want me dead? Another bolt of energy was aimed at Reegi. And Mistridle did a sharp turn and landed on the ground. The dragon hissed dangerously at the demon chasing her, and she let out a sharp piercing shriek of frustration.
Damn it, Mist.. Don't DO THAT! The girl was holding her scaly ears, a painful face. Mistridle immideately regretted that she had done that, and stopped. Bad move.
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PostSubject: Re: The Dairy Of The Dead -- Soya & Parade   Thu Oct 16, 2008 8:40 am

Senzonti gave a growl of frustration towards the stubborn Wryana, Does she think Demons can get zapped and all that and then die? Why does she think that they have survived for so many thousands of years, without being killed by hunters and all that?
Senzonti’s white and striped fur gave a small ruffle as the male cat allowed his smooth running to quicken towards Reegi and Wryana, trying to stop the insolent demon with as much time as he was given.

Reegi gave a small snort, the lightning shimmered before coming bolting towards the rotting demon. The lightning thrashed against his body, Reegi slightly lost balance for a couple of seconds before charging closer to Mistridle. “Got you now..” Reegi let out another snort, this one sounding quite annoyed, the golden horn perched upon its head returned in a split second. Leaving the dragon as it quickly stopped right in front of the Porcupine, Reegi suddenly thrusted his horn into the outer layer of Mistridle’s peppermint skin.

As soon as it this happened, Senzonti took his chance, the cat let its mouth open and let out a shattering screech. This splitting noise caused Reegi to look at Senzonti as the cat flew towards him at breakneck speed. His golden swords were pointing away from Reegi, but he didn’t need them pointing towards his foe. The cat literally threw his body towards the rotting Porcupine, they both collided suddenly, the sound of slashing and biting sudden broke through the noise of movement. Senzonti gave another snarl before retracting its back legs and pounding them against Reegi’s stomach, the Porcupine Demon gave a howl of pain and collapsing as it flew towards a tree. Senzonti took this chance, suddenly retracting its back legs again and pouncing harder and faster to the demon, before lunging on top of him and sinking his large fangs into the demon’s shoulder. Reegi let a out a shriek of pain, before aiming his golden horn towards Senzonti’s stomach and slamming it in.
Senzonti gave a small moan before pounding off Reegi, using Reegi as a trampoline. Reegi gave a snarl towards Senzonti before limping his way to his feet, Senzonti struggled to get up but soon accomplished his task. The two glared at each other with stern glares, the Cat raised his lips in fury, showing his fangs and screeching. The two soon begun to circle each other, before they both lunged at each other, both of their back legs cracked at the speed as the area was surrounded by the sound of cracking and tearing of flesh and bones as they both collided again at full speed. Senzonti used Reegi again and pouncing towards Mistridle and Wryana.
“What are you waiting for?!” Senzonti snarled through bare teeth, giving a sudden hiss, before giving a split second to look back at the two, “Get away with that book! We don’t want more--”
“Oh, but my pretty little pussy, but my friends are very close now.” Reegi snickered while lifting his bleeding body from the ground.
Senzonti gave another growling snarl, before snapping his teeth furiously towards the limping Porcupine demon.
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PostSubject: Re: The Dairy Of The Dead -- Soya & Parade   Thu Oct 16, 2008 9:15 am

The dragon let out a grunt in reply to the cat, and pushed Wryana forward with her nose.
"Move!" She hissed trough the book in her jaws, her midsection getting darker in shade from where the demons horn had made impact. The girl shook her head, as if to wake up.
You can't kill the demons, idiot!
I didn't wanted to kill them, stupid... just... distract them...
By that puny little spell!?
You're hurt. The voice sounded concerned.
Forget about that! Move on! And with that, Mistridle took a leap up in one of the trees, the book in a hard grasp betwean her fangs. Wryana snarled at the dragons stubbornes, and jumped up in the air.
Would be better if I took the book.

Why not!? You don't trust me?
I trust you enough, but this book needs to be somewhere else at the moment. Mistridle gave out a groan of pain, when she landed on one of the trees.
Stop, I could heal you-
We don't have time, just.. Go! Mistridle lunged for the next tree, and kept on jumping to the next. She didn't bother to look back to see if the demons were following her, she wouldn't do the same mistake again, and forced herself to jump faster.
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PostSubject: Re: The Dairy Of The Dead -- Soya & Parade   Fri Oct 17, 2008 9:57 am

Senzonti gave another roaring hiss, his long fangs bared as the cat bounced forwards and backwards while letting shrieks of annoyance. Senzonti would rather team up with a dragon, then have all his 'friends' wandering around.
Wryana, Mistridle.. Near rasped as his body was on the inside of Senzonti, he attempted his best to reach out telepathically before turning up the volume, Wryana, Mistridle!
Senzonti allowed his flickering tail to show his anger, his striped body ruffled around in the slight breeze that filled the cool area. The mild weather soon increased as Reegi tore his head from pain and threw his head upwards and shrieked towards the now growling cat.
Reegi gave a small smirk through clenched teeth.
"Oh.. My friends are really close.." The Porcupine snickered as saliva ran from the side of his mouth.
Senzonti's mouth almost dropped, so did Near's.
MIST! WRYANA! THE BOOK IS ABOUT TO RELEASE MORE DEMONS! Near shouted on the inside to Wryana and Mistridle.
The book in the pure dragons clutches shimmered before letting an intimidating light shudder through its presence.
Oh crap..
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PostSubject: Re: The Dairy Of The Dead -- Soya & Parade   

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The Dairy Of The Dead -- Soya & Parade
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