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PostSubject: DragonsCove Graveyard   DragonsCove Graveyard Icon_minitimeWed Sep 10, 2008 4:39 pm

To register a death basically use the form you used to make the character, but edit into past tense and describe what went on in their lives. But there are some additional pointers....

Family Tree and connections: Who they were born to, when, and what children/hatchlings they did/did not have and what role they had in any kind of family, also included here is closest friends and greatest enemies

Cause of Death: Go down in a blaze of glory? Or died peacefully in their sleep? Whatever the cause note it down here, very graphic detail however is not necessary.
Dragon Form:

Age: (Remember all dragons on Dragons Cove live about the same length as a medieval human would, -averaging 60, oddities are fine though-
HOWEVER the lifestage your dragon is in could greatly vary due to the unpredictable magic in dragons; it's possible to take 1 year since hatching to grow to adulthood, or perhaps 40, 50..)
Picture: Put the sprites here, and maybe your own artistic picture of them/or a pic for them by another user.
Family Tree and Connections:
Cause of Death:
Type Of Dragon: Their dragon species and any specific roles this dragon may play.
Relation To Any Non-Dragon: (For example, if you had a rider post them here!)
Size: See pic below, no longer working on metres, but set sizes. You may define a dragon smaller than what your dragon's breed allows but no bigger than it's maximum size. See the dragon index for details.

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