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 Tremors in the Earth....C1, Racksom (4th Board)

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PostSubject: Re: Tremors in the Earth....C1, Racksom (4th Board)   Thu Oct 07, 2010 5:52 pm

((God damnit all, Kol is being ignored at every turn. XD And I think he is pretty useless here, so I am taking him out.))

Kol, frustrated with is lack of being able to be of use, decided that it may be best to leave. He was only getting in the way as it was and that frustrated him beyond belief. The heat of the fire from the town and the rush of what was happening made him uncomfortably warm as he decided on what to do. Wasting no time, he tore his shirt from his body, leaving his toned abs exposed to the night air. A few beads of sweat dripped down his chest as he sighed in relief. It was time to go. He unfolded his wings, and took one more look around at the distruction that the town was enduring and took to the skies. His black form melding into the blanket of starts and midnight sky. He wished the town luck and never looked back.
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PostSubject: Re: Tremors in the Earth....C1, Racksom (4th Board)   Fri Oct 15, 2010 12:27 pm

Kono nodded, "Thank you." He knew it wouldn't be much of a defense against a dragon but he was pretty sure it wasn't dragons that would be attacking. At least not that he wouldn't notice first. He was starting to think it was a dragon he had first heard anyway. He hissed and let a stream off flame erupt form his mouth and lick at the stones warming them until parts of the rock sparkled red hot. With a satisfied snort he looked to see what was happening around him.

The man that he had been talking to earlier had met a woman. She wore a sword on her side and for a brief moment she looked like she was in some kind of trance. She wore a dress that looked impractical and even slightly ridiculous in his eyes so he merely snorted and turned back to the stones to inspect their heat again opening his mouth gauge the heat of the stones with his sensitive tongue.

(no he didn't lick it...though it kind of sounds like it)

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PostSubject: Re: Tremors in the Earth....C1, Racksom (4th Board)   Mon Nov 01, 2010 7:54 pm

Deos looked the man over carefully, attempting to figure out precisely what he meant when he said that they liked her. Her contemplating was not allowed to go on for much longer, though, for the dragon that had been causing all the racket earlier was now appearing to attempt to melt the stones around the door. An interesting tactic, to say the least, and would probably provide no endless amount of trouble to anyone trying to get through it. "Perhaps... you and I should talk. You are a man of the sword, yes? Perhaps we can strike a bargain." She offered Vann her best beguiling smile, and immersed herself back into the depths of the crowd, disappearing among the masses with Vann in tow. There were plans to be laid if she wanted a leg up in life, starting with the infiltration of the sacred Stone Tower.

By morning's first light, the city was akin to an overturned ant hill. News of the invasion and subsequent sacking of Quinsilla had spread over the town like the wildfire that was lurking but a few miles outside the city gates. People were packing their things and fleeing the town with all possible speed. Some who stayed took advantage of the chaotic environment, plundering and looting the freshly vacated homes and shops. Still, others simply had nowhere else to go or claimed that they did not fear this mythical man with his legendary army that was supposedly marching for their gates. The stubborn ones barricaded their windows, sat out on their porches and watched the madness roam free in the streets.

Still others, either out of fear, desperation, or a true sense of loyalty to their city began to cluster together in a group. They were freedom fighters of a sort; a rag-tag bunch of boys and men working together to make people feel like Racksom was being saved from an untimely demise. They threw up barricades constructed of sand bag and bits of discarded wood, dug a long hole that could pass for a trench, and set up nightly watches outside the front gates. Their efforts were laughable, but at least it was an effort, and gave those who remained in the doomed city a tiny shred of hope that perhaps they could make it through a siege while they waited for someone to come and save them from their grim fate. As the days rolled by, they could only nervously wait for hammer of Zartear's army to strike the first blow.

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PostSubject: Re: Tremors in the Earth....C1, Racksom (4th Board)   

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Tremors in the Earth....C1, Racksom (4th Board)
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