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 The Orphanage

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PostSubject: The Orphanage   Sun Oct 05, 2008 2:47 pm

The Orphanage

These dragons have lost their good homes with their old member; but perhaps they will find a new home with a kind visitor of the Orphanage? Or perhaps, you wish to discard your dragon… a shame. It will cost you 1,800 gold to do this though.

Dragons in the orphanage cost 2,000 gold to buy permanently; they are just the same as any other dragon, and can be played in any thread. Slot costs if they apply will be added. Or, a dragon can be bought for 1,000 gold as a ‘deathmarked’ or DM dragon.

+ (DM) dragons can only be entered into a single thread anywhere in the forum.
+ This must be their first and last thread they are played in.
+ If you decide you want to keep them, an extra 2,000 gold + full egg cost for the breed must be spent to make them permanent additions to your dragon list.
+ Upon death, a DM dragon will not recoup any gold, unlike normal dragons.
+ If you make DM dragon a permanent one, on death like any other dragon, you will be recouped 50% of the egg cost for the breed.

+ If a new user hatches a dragon that has the exact same breed and gender as a dragon in the orphanage, the dragon will be removed from the orphanage, rather than a new one being created.
+ You can only buy one orphan a month!
+ The purpose of (DM) dragons is to provide a means of casually roleplaying a dragon breed for minimal cost.

Name: None
Dragon Breed: Ice Dragon
Gender: Female
Flying Ability: Yes
Sprite Creator: Zay

Name: None
Breed: Tear Dragon
Gender: Female
Flying Ability: Yes
Sprite Creator: Zay

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The Orphanage
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