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 Rilos Shadowlurker:. -Shrinking violet (Spined Shadow)

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PostSubject: Rilos Shadowlurker:. -Shrinking violet (Spined Shadow)   Sun Nov 02, 2008 12:57 pm

- Rilos Shadowlurker –

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.:Sound the bugle now, play it just for me:.

Name: Rilos Shadowlurker
Nicknames/Alias: None
Age: 26
Date of Birth: 14th June 2683
Gender: Male
Species: Spined Shadow

.:As the seasons change, remember how I used to be:.

Profession: None
Birthplace: High mountains, halfway between Shayenne and the Amelle Falls
Faction: Defenders of Dragons’ Cove
Relation To Any Non-Dragons: Kagan Knirunkni (Pseudo-rider)

.:I'm a soldier, wounded so I must give up the fight:.

Eye Colour: Blue in left, milky-cream in right
Size: Large, 16ft in length, 14ft in height
Scars: He has pale blue eyes, the right slightly more misty. He is blind in this eye. This is from the extensive scarring that marks his upper body. A mess of battle scars mark his face especially, his scales cracked where they were very badly burnt by Arasolra. He has more burn scars down his neck; all the scales affected are slightly paler and more fragile as a result. He has difficulty feeling anything on the right side of his face, although can hear well enough still. Across his back, there are long scars from where the sunblaze clawed at him, and a ripped-looking scar on his back left leg where he crashed into a building during their fight. This sometimes makes him limp in bad weather.

General Appearance: Rilos is black all over, with bright green, purple and blue highlights. These occur along his throat and chest, edging his scales there. Along his neck and back he has many sharp spines of different lengths, in great numbers. There are similar spines on the backs of his front and back legs, quite high up. A few scales on his nose are bright, as are the ends of his three tails, one of each colour. His claws and curved horns are both pale. When he shifts to his shadow form, all the light colours of his scales turn to black, and cannot be distinguished from what would be black in his normal form.
Unlike most dragons, his wings are very thin bones, with no membrane inbetween. They have slight highlights of purple and blue, but they are very faint. He can still fly, despite such a fact seeming implausible.

Personality: Pacifist, amicable, shy, courteous, empathetic, insecure, easily disheartened.
Pacifist- Rilos is a terrible fighter, and has no wish to improve any. If things went his way, he would much rather sort any arguments with civil words. Or not even get into arguments in the first place.
Shy- Even before he was scarred by Arasolra, Rilos was a retiring sort of dragon, keeping to his own ways and pottering around as warrant. Now he is terrified of scaring people with his appearance, and goes even more out of his way to avoid such situations.
Courteous- Once you get into a conversation with Rilos, you’ll find he is soft-spoken and polite as could be. For all that though, provoke him enough and he will show a little more spark.
Insecure- Rilos has always had trouble with finding a place for himself in the world, his raison d’etre masked to him. With that, he’s never sure what to do with himself, and whether he liked by those he befriends.
Easily disheartened- Falling into black moods at some times, the slightest thing can be taken the wrong way by Rilos and put him in a much more sombre frame of mind. Thankfully he is quite easily changed to lightheartedness again.

Strengths: Loyal, kind, helpful.
Weaknesses: Shy, easily disheartened, extreme pacifist.
Likes: Fishing, thunderstorms, sleeping in the sun, starry nights.
Dislikes: Fighting, Arasolra, caves, arguments.
Fears: Arasolra, raised tempers, being put in the spotlight for blame.
Abilities/Powers: He can use lightning and dark magic quite proficiently, due to extensive practise. With it, he can discharge lightning from his mouth, and also his front legs and tails (but less effectively). His spines become brighter in colour like lamps during thunderstorms. With his dark magic, he can disguise himself in the dark so that he is nearly invisible, and tends to get a general ‘feeling’ for whether those he meets are ‘good’ or ‘bad’ people, although it isn’t very strong.

Strength: ****
Defense: **
Speed: ****
Endurance: ***
Agility: ****
Arcane: ****

.:Without a light, I fear that I will stumble in the dark:.

Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Other Important Family: None
History: Rilos hatched out of his egg on an abandoned ledge high in the mountains not far from the Amelle Falls. It was a lonely sort of beginning, stuck high up with no other dragons to either take care of him, show him what to do, or even explain what had happened. For the first few months of his life he lived off the raven eggs laid on his shelf (and then, when he got bigger, the ravens themselves), and the trickles of water that ran down the cliff behind him. To all of his knowledge of the world, he thought he was a raven himself, because what was a dragon to one who did not even know there were such things as dragons in the world?

One day when he was larger, and he had eaten so many birds that his ledge was quite empty, he was chasing a big raven across it in the rain when it managed to tempt him all the way to the edge. All of a sudden he lost his balance on the slippery rock and went tumbling off into open air. Screeching and squealing in fear, he snapped open his wings automatically and… and

The sensation was so amazing, he forgot all about his hunger and fear, and not even pausing to bid goodbye to his home for the few short months of his life, set out to explore the world.

It was perhaps a couple of months later that he discovered other dragons (of course, once he had reached the Amelle falls and a clear reflection of himself, he realised that he was anything but a raven), his common voice and was dubbed Rilos, for the strange noises he made that apparently sounded like such a name. He was quite wild and unused to any sort of company, but the kind antler dragons he met up with taught him the ways of the world, how to act and how to speak as properly as he does today. After that, he got quite the taste for exploring, and found himself experiencing as many wonders of the world as he could find! He met Zack not far from Didienne when he was up that way, and the two dragons bonded over Rilos' heritage, something the smaller dragon found quite fascinating. Rilos learnt a lot that day about Spined Shadows in the past, and how his breed was rather exciting, but not who or where his parents might have been.

He developed a taste for cake; something that got him into a bit of trouble with Abraxas. After the two escaped from a shit-demon intent on trying to kill them, and she had stopped playing mischievous tricks on him, the two headed for the desert, thinking that it meant dessert. Quickly their trip escalated into a full adventure, with pixies, hedgecats (small, purple, spiky, overexcited quickly), a shadow elephant called Delano, a rather unhelpful ‘guardian’ of a lake and a knight called Arthur. But finally, after meeting all these strange new acquaintances, they found the dessert desert they were looking for, and feasted with much glee on all the éclairs, icecream, pastries, tarts and trifle they could get their claws on!

He’s also met Silver and Ladon, who he did a bit of shadow-hunting with- something he didn’t expect to find himself doing after taking a cruise over mountain meadows! He had to rescue Ceridwyn from an evil Warlock, who tried to kidnap her for his twisted plans…

After this, he decided to help out the DDC protect Racksom against the SR, who were advancing on the city. Not one for fighting, he tried to stick to scouting for Prince Atleon of Mirrahl, after rescuing the man from Zartear’s grasp with Kagan. But Arasolra decided she was going to try and kill him instead, for her own ‘amusement’. He didn’t come off well, sustaining major injuries in both their aerial and street brawls. Half-blind and in agony from his fresh wounds, he crawled through the streets of Racksom until he came across Kagan again, who fixed him up with some super-strong ‘tobacco’ that took away the pain for a while until he had melted him a brand new set of armour, strong enough to protect against any more attacks that came his direction, and close the lips of the worst gashes he had sustained. After recovering in the streets for a while, they took to the sky together to make a hasty getaway.
Rilos is now in the Everplains, making his second debut with Arasolra.

Other: Rilos owns a full set of tailored metal armour gifted to him by Kagan. It fits to his shape perfectly, melded for him in Racksom during the war there through special goblin magic. With it on, his scars are covered completely, and he is protected against any sort of physical harm to come his way.
It’s quite clunky though, and a lot of the time he leaves it in a safe spot so he doesn’t have to carry it around. The one major advantage it gives him day-to-day is he cannot scare others with the sight of his burned face.
He is also nocturnal, and rarely very active during the day unless pressured.

.:If you lose yourself, your courage soon will follow:.
.:So be strong tonight...:.

Arasolra (Unfortunate acquaintance)
Abraxas (Good friend)
Kagan Knirunkni (Rider)
Atleon of Mirrahl (Acquaintance)
Zack (Friend)
Silver (Friend)
Ladon (Friend)

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Rilos Shadowlurker:. -Shrinking violet (Spined Shadow)
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