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 Maivaisia Silphy Serenoa

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PostSubject: Maivaisia Silphy Serenoa   Maivaisia Silphy Serenoa Icon_minitimeThu Jan 29, 2009 7:31 pm


Name: Maivaisa Silphy Serenoa (Mai, for short)
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Type: Serpent Charmer [This is an as-of-yet undisplayed power of hers. She can easily make bonds with any sort of serpent, and even dragons, but it is not of the same intensity that a rider/dragon pair would have.]
Race: Avian
Picture: First Pircture,Talos and Mai, Family Tree
Relation To Any Dragons Or People: Arthulur (deceased) was her older brother, and Talos is her older half-brother. Alberic and Raven Silverwood are friends, and she is the wife of Kol Serenoa. She has three children; Ilario and Tristan, who are twin boys, and Roselina.
Likes: Shiny things, her family, flying, food (who doesn't?), her grandmother
Dislikes: Starving (who does?), continual bad weather, anyone physically or verbally attacking her family, twilight and darkness in general.


Eyes: Gold-ish brown with slit pupils
Hair Color/Style: Brown. Waist-length hair that she keeps tied back or braided, and only sometimes lets fall free.
Height: 5' 4"
Wing Color: Brown wings and matching hair that is often kept restrained with a leather tie. Her wings have a light dusting of white feathers near the joints, and her flight feathers are a sort of dusty rose with black tips.
Wing Span: 10' 5"


History: Mai grew up in a relatively safe household with her ten siblings and parents that loved her dearly. She's the third eldest, and as the oldest girl in the family, all of her younger sisters look up to her for guidance when they don't want to talk to mom about girly stuff, as young girls are prone to do. Growing up in a family like this, she became fiercely protective of them, and will stand up against anybody if it means saving her family. She's tough on the inside, but her frail appearance and general mild-mannered temper often conceals the passionate and fiercely loyal soul within.

Even though her life was full of love, it wasn't exactly the safest. The ongoing war between her family and the Serenoa clan has left it's mark on the girl, which has lead to some of her nervousness. Due to her family's weak eyesight that borders on near blindness during the twilight and night hours, she was always a little more wary during that time. The water bombings and other practical jokes played on the Estoen house during those hours of vulnerability has only amped up her fear of the dark to the point where, unless she's with others that she trusts, she'll become paralyzed with fear at the slightest hint of danger, real or imaginary.

Her life is dictated by the nearly constant search for food, seeing as she has an incredibly high metabolism and hardly enough money to ever fully satisfy her raging hunger. That, and her family's seemingly inheritable bad luck when it comes to trying to accumulate any sort of money has forced her to become a sort of jack-of-all-trades. She's done everything from barmaid to letter delivery to sanitation worker in her pursuit of a steady job. So far, nothing has panned out to be permanent.

Very recently, she has been married to Kol Serenoa through a twist of fate that involved a generation's old curse, two deaths and the end to a pointless family war that had gone on for as long as anyone could remember between the Estoen and Serenoa families. The full details can be read

Quick Facts: Mai is skinny as a rail, and possesses so little body fat and overall muscle tone that most regard her slight figure as unhealthy. She tries to not think about it too often, knowing that there's actually very little that she can do about it aside from becoming a petty thief and simply stealing her weight in food. As a result of her malnourishment, she is not only short, but almost completely flat chested, and can pass off as a boy if she hides her waist-length hair and smears some dirt on her face. Her only physical possession that's worth anything is a thin silver ring she always wears. It's a memento of her grandmother entrusted to her to remind her that the bonds of family are eternal. No matter how bad things get, Mai has vowed to never sell this item.

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Maivaisia Silphy Serenoa
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