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 Tegan~ The Keeper of Autumn. (Elf) (Reworking)

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PostSubject: Tegan~ The Keeper of Autumn. (Elf) (Reworking)   Mon Mar 23, 2009 12:24 am

Age: 22

Description: Tegan is a very smart girl. She looks at things from all sides before she goes rushing into them. She needs time to figure out what’s happening, and what her own actions will do in response to the situation. She’s known to have a bit of a short temper, but that’s hardly seen as she likes to stay secluded from others. In the chance that she befriends you, she doesn’t like to lead. She’d rather fallow you. When it comes to her dragon, she doesn’t consider herself its master, more like, a student under it. She feels she has much to learn from her flying friend, and any other friends of it. She is an incredibly loyal girl as well.

Basic Information
Name: Tegan Adelaide Gregory
--Nickname: N/a
---Special Title: N/a
Gender: Female
Race: Wood Elf


Character Information
Class: Middle
Birth: April 3rd
Loyalty: DDC
Place of Birth: Amelle Forest, closer to Amelle Falls
Residence: Traveling
Abilities: Dragon Rider. Tegan, as a dragon rider, is able to heal. However, she is limited in only being able to heal her dragon. As a wood elf, the rest of her magic is more nature based. She's able to manipulate the movement of trees, branches, vines, and plant life. Calling nature to her aid. However, she isn't a fan of using her magic so much, so she generally sticks to fighting with her swords.

Character Background

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Tegan~ The Keeper of Autumn. (Elf) (Reworking)
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