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 Farios----Children, we must RESPECT the High Council (Antler)

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Farios----Children, we must RESPECT the High Council (Antler) Empty
PostSubject: Farios----Children, we must RESPECT the High Council (Antler)   Farios----Children, we must RESPECT the High Council (Antler) Icon_minitimeSun Sep 06, 2009 10:16 am

Farios----Children, we must RESPECT the High Council (Antler) Wingedantlerdragon
Quick Stuff
Name: Farios
Age: 23 years, young adult dragon.
Birthday; 28th February, 3686
Immaculately groomed, proud, Seeking membership on the High Council, Fussy, Cultured, Austere.
Home is in Shayenne cliffs, very often visits the Elites, Royalty and upper class districts of Didienne.
Has streaks of generosity in him, tempered by aloofness.

About Farios

Farios is a proud member of the DDC, he holds much of it in high regard, the less desirable parts he does pay not much attention to, rather, focusing on the strong points. He believes most of the problems are transient and others, only small issues.
He is a treasurer of sorts for the High Council and regularly visits all kinds of districts in Royal and Upper Class Didienne, he also makes monthly visits to the Elites Fortress out at Guardian's Peak. His origins however are in Shayenne, and when he isn't arranging due gold-sums or acquainting himself among the respected folk, he likes to live peacefully in Shayenne's high mountains in his own very particular cave which he will take great pride in telling you all about, how it has the perfect view, is soothingly cool and beautifully arranged within the cliffs and if you fly directly downward, you'll catch a breathtaking view of the golden, enamel and marble palaces of Didienne.

Farios' father has passed on with old age, but his mother still lives peacefully in Shayenne. Though they rarely meet.


Farios has a rather large streak of vanity, which may better be called conscientiousness. He is very fussy about his appearance and always wants to present himself in a dignified, trustworthy way. A dragon that you would see and think of how fine a being he is. It's fair to say he is often quite pristine clean and dislikes it when things ruffle his feathers without a good reason, Farios hates getting his paws dirty. This is true for other things too, Farios would be loathe to think of having to do common work or living like a "wild" dragon.

However, Farios's exacting standards over-reach into many other parts of his life, he is very cultured even for a dragon-of-the-capital and observes all holidays, attends all festivals and makes a point of firmly establishing himself as a cornerstone of many communities, large and small.
This is in part due to his dutiful (and often well disguised) kind hearted nature, but he also aspires to become a member of the High Council, even if it is typically a role filled by those that are not dragons, he doesn't see why one so good and helpful as himself shouldn't be allowed. He has no ulterior motives, Farios desires the position to fix the problems that concern him as and when he finds them.

He can be quite snobbish when dealing with those not quite so blue-blooded as he is used to, he often overlooks them as not being relevant and as such deals with them far more brashly and with complacency. Though he would not turn a blind eye to desperation, but he is not one to openly be so kind to them or bring himself down several levels in public. Farios would prefer to be discreet at a time like that.
Plus, at least with the royal and the rich you can expect a little something in return.

And some other things

The more personable side of Farios is one bound by a strong sense of honour and a level of classiness, Farios is reluctant as such to pick a mate, or partner with a rider; Farios is not the kind to enter contracts with a carefree attitude, or endeavor to do things he believes to be only beneficial in the short term, so his standards are often impeccably high. This makes him on a more friendly or personal level quite a difficult dragon to keep for company.
He is a dreamer in his heart, Farios desires things humans often do albeit with a few modifications; a comfortable yet pleasant looking cave, just the right amount of power, well-found status, peacefulness, ease and a refined dragoness to share his space with.
These dreams are not things he voices directly to others, Farios likes to show others that he is firmly grounded in reality. He thinks calling his plans, "dreams" would be childish and silly; Farios is often very skeptical of the dreaming or overly ambitious.

Size: Medium

"Use things, not people and love people, not things."

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Farios----Children, we must RESPECT the High Council (Antler)
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