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 Gidlyiayaron- "A hero's work is never done, you know."

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Gidlyiayaron- "A hero's work is never done, you know." Empty
PostSubject: Gidlyiayaron- "A hero's work is never done, you know."   Gidlyiayaron- "A hero's work is never done, you know." Icon_minitimeSun Oct 25, 2009 1:50 am

~The Basic~

Name: Gidlyiayaron
Nickname (s): Leo (preferred), Red, Crimson, Ron (thinks these are uncreative and stupid), Gidsie, Scarlet (HATES)
Actual Age: 50
Appearance Age: 25 (he ages half the speed of humans)
Gender: Male
Species: Griffon (Northern Cardinal, Red-tailed Hawk, Cougar)
Height (at shoulder): 5' 2"
Wingspan: 15' (wingtip to wingtip)
Picture: #1

~The Not So Basic~

Type Of Person: Bounty Hunter (Slayer)
Relation To Any Dragons: He's known may dragons (and humans) in his time. He counts them all as friends (save for the ones he's had to hunt down), though some are closer than others. He counts Sill-Vitas as one of his closer friends (though Sill doesn't exactly agree...)
Likes: A nice warm day, chatting with with friends around the fire, accomplishing missions
Dislikes: Death, corruption, friends coming into danger, being called Gidsie or Scarlet

Physical Description: Leo is a very muscly creature with talons and claws, and a powerful beak all made for ripping and tearing into enemies. He has large wings, so can soar high above the ground for hours on end if he wants/needs to. He's strong and big enough to carry somebody on his back and get around with relative ease. He has numerous scars all over his body, though they are hard to see through his thick fur and feathers.

Personality: Though he is a bounty hunter, he is not plagued by the typical mistrust and greed that other of his profession belonging to other races are prone to. Since he doesn't need to live in a defined home or pay for meals, he's not too concerned about the money that he receives as part of his job. He's more concerned about writing the wrongs in society, and will track down man or dragon if they've committed an irreparable crime. He doesn't mind hurting those he's after, but having to kill them bugs him. He'll try not to take a job it it involves killing the criminal in question. After a hard day of work, he enjoys nothing better than sitting around with friends and laughing the day's problems away. He's of an understanding character that tries to help if he can and encourage if he can not. In battle, he is a force to be reckoned with and never pulls his punches. If the enemy happens to threaten his friends or the innocent, his reservations about killing could possibly fly out the window in the heat of battle.

~Just Plain Complicated~

History: Leo grew up on a peaceful mountainside with the rest of his clan and was taught how to fly, fight, and was instilled with the morals that he still carries to this day. Once he had left the nest, he traveled around Dragon's Cove for a while, seeing the sights and experiencing life as it came. On of the times that he returned to his home, he found it under attack by a rival clan of Griffons. His clan turned away the enemies, but not without sustaining heavy losses first. One of the deceased was one of Leo's best friends and his mate once he returned to the clan permanently. Cliarairena (Ree) died while Leo watched, completely helpless in the situation. Afterwards he got involved in the bounty hunting business, Ree's death haunting him every step of the way. It took a few years to pull out of his dark and angry state of mind, but eventually evolved to the much lighter tempered Griffon that he is now. He regrets taking so many lives in his anger, and atones for it every time he brings back a wanted criminal alive to be punished as the law saw fit.

Past Relations: Mother-Everinerima; Lost a wing in the battle against the other clan. She sits quietly at the nest, relying solely on her mate to keep her healthy since she can no longer fly. She is a source of strength and calming, and played a major part in keeping Leo from becoming a cold-blooded killer. Father-Restivalaero; Carries a huge scar on his chest from the attack on his clan. He cares after his mate with a delicate touch and strongly encourages his son to keep living out in the world in order to discover himself. Mate-Ree; Though they never actually became mates, Ree and Leo were very close friends. They always practiced their fighting skills with one another, and shared a bond that some mated couples were jealous of. Before Leo headed out into Dragon's Cove on his own, she gave him a Speaking Stone so that they could always stay in touch. He now has both of the Speaking Stones.

Other: The Speaking Stones that Ree gave to him allow two people to communicate telepathically to each other, regardless if they have telepathic powers or how far away they are. Each person must carry a stone and be touching it in order for it to work. The stones glow when they are in use. Leo carries these stones in a bag around his neck and hardly shows anybody what they are. He considers them both a good-luck charm and a memento to Ree.

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Gidlyiayaron- "A hero's work is never done, you know." ArbykfvGidlyiayaron- "A hero's work is never done, you know." Bjl5dc2Gidlyiayaron- "A hero's work is never done, you know." Bejyo3bGidlyiayaron- "A hero's work is never done, you know." A4trxkpGidlyiayaron- "A hero's work is never done, you know." Aerkr98Gidlyiayaron- "A hero's work is never done, you know." Ac7dvgq

Gidlyiayaron- "A hero's work is never done, you know." Bg5be7jGidlyiayaron- "A hero's work is never done, you know." As7bmodGidlyiayaron- "A hero's work is never done, you know." Acftgu3Gidlyiayaron- "A hero's work is never done, you know." A5gm83jGidlyiayaron- "A hero's work is never done, you know." Bcw47hw
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Gidlyiayaron- "A hero's work is never done, you know."
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