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 Miramel~~ Weird or Were? (Werecat)

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Miramel~~ Weird or Were? (Werecat) Empty
PostSubject: Miramel~~ Weird or Were? (Werecat)   Miramel~~ Weird or Were? (Werecat) Icon_minitimeMon Jan 11, 2010 1:59 am

Name: Miramel (Mira) Deghatar
Age: Looks 16 really is much older (May 7)
Gender: Female
Type of Person: Riddler and Werecat
Relation To Any Dragons: None

Miramel is rather found of Dragons and birds. She tends to shy away from humans, or watch them from a distance. She likes to sleep in the sun, and climb up to high places and sit and watch how the world goes about. Traveling to new places is something she enjoys, but also staying in areas for long periods of time suits her. She likes fruit once in awhile, but only in human form, otherwise she absolutely loves eating meat, so long as it’s deer or elk, and others of the sorts.

She doesn’t much have options on slayers, but will mostly get annoyed if they bother her with their ‘tasks’. She hates not having freedom to go where she pleases, and the people that stare at her when she passes. Although never truly bothered by it, she has displeasure when she has to talk to someone who disbelieves her, or ignores her riddles. She also has a hatred for being hunted or attacked for no reason.

In human form, Miramel looks like a normal human. Her hair is a bit longer than normal, and of a dark as night shade of black. Her teeth are sharp as that of an animal, and her eyes are cats’ eyes of course. Her skin is much paler than a normal humans’, and her nails are pointed like claws. Her cats’ eyes color is an emerald green, bright and full of intelligence. Her black hair in contrast to her pale skin makes her a target for easy looks, so she stays in the shadows mostly. And only when she is alone will she lay in the sun. For travel clothes, she wears a black shirt with fishnet sleeves that hook around her middle figures. She also wears a black skirt and fishnet stockings, and black boots. A green and black scarf is also wrapped around her neck.

In her werecat form, she comes in two sizes. Her small house cat size, and her big wolf size. When she travels, she is normally in her wolf size, which makes it easier to travel faster. When she chooses to stay in one area, she moves around in the house cat size. Her coat color is the pitch black of her hair, with white ears, feet, and a marking on her tail. Her eyes stay the emerald green, and retain their intelligent look. Two sharp fangs hang over the bottom of her mouth, and when she smiles; her teeth are all as sharp.

Along her travels, Miramel has tamed many creatures, but only kept one with her through all the travels she’s made. This creature is a young falcon named Grafe. He is a Prairie Falcon, and only a fledgling. He also is the only one she really ever constantly talks to. When in human form he stays on her arm, but when in her werecat form, he’ll sit on her back, or if she’s house cat size, he’ll land near her. Sharing her love of travel, and speed, the two have bonded closely, and with his scouting skills, and her menacing appearance, the two make an excellent team.

Human: Miramel~~ Weird or Were? (Werecat) After_the_rain

Werecat (small): Miramel~~ Weird or Were? (Werecat) Werecat

(Just invert the colors for the both of them, and change the eye color...)

Werecat (big): Miramel~~ Weird or Were? (Werecat) WerecatBig

Eyes: Miramel~~ Weird or Were? (Werecat) Werecat

Grafe: Miramel~~ Weird or Were? (Werecat) PrairieFalconAH2
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Miramel~~ Weird or Were? (Werecat)
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