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 Lyrian~~ Keep Elves in Check

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PostSubject: Lyrian~~ Keep Elves in Check   Sun Feb 07, 2010 4:45 am

Name: Lyrian
Age: 140 human years, 28ish in dragon years
Gender: Female
Picture: Later? If I get creative…
Type Of Dragon: Autumn Dragon
Relation To Any Non-Dragon: Tegan

Lyrian likes crispy autumn days when the air is a bit colder but not too cold. She liked to do tricks in the air and test to see just how much Tegan can hold on. She also enjoys the moon, which is a shared connection between her and her rider. Flying in an open sky, and just exploring Dragon’s Cove to meet others is something else she enjoys.

Lyrian, however, dislikes a few things. She doesn’t like slayers, but would any dragon? She also dislikes closed spaces. She finds it difficult to land properly in them, and doesn’t like the chance of crushing things. This means she isn’t too fond of the forests that Tegan loves so much. She doesn’t have a set side on winning, despite that she finds twoleg competitions amusing.

Description: A golden body with light orange stripes down her tail, and up her body. Two horns on her head and three long... um... thingys on her chin. On her tail, it almost looks like a plant sprouting an orange red and yellow maple leaf. Her wings are split into sections by colors. The ones closest to her body are Red, the next out are orange, and the last and farthest is yellow.
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Lyrian~~ Keep Elves in Check
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