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 Tatsu~~Raining Red on my Parade

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PostSubject: Tatsu~~Raining Red on my Parade   Sun Feb 07, 2010 5:21 pm

Name: Tatsu
Age: 90 human years, 18ish in dragon years
Gender: Male
Type Of Dragon: Life Blood Dragon
Relation To Any Non-Dragon: None

Tatsu likes to explore and make new friends. He likes to hunt, enjoying the thrill of it, and mostly, he likes blood. Itís an interesting thing, and it never bothers him. He likes to sit around during the day and relax in the sunlight, but at night, he likes to watch the sky. Finding different stars and discovering what they mean. He also loves the color red.

Tatsuís dislikes are rather small. Heís a very easygoing dragon. He hates Slayer for although they cause much blood, they cause pain, and pain is another thing Tatsu hates. He also hates fighting, unless in the name of hunting or playing.

Description: Tatsu has a white lean and muscular body. His ears are long and rabbit like, which gives him very good hearing. They are also tipped blood red along with his muzzle, around his green eyes, and the tuff of hair on his head. On his underbelly, up on his chest and around his neck is another furry patch thatís blood red. On each leg thereís one blood red band on them below his Ďelbow.í His long, furry, white, dog-like tail also has a red stripe going to the base of it, and has red stripes, not attached, that come off the stripe to look like dripping blood. His wings are long and thin, almost torn looking, with the tops blood red. In the membranes are blood droplet looking splotches.
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Tatsu~~Raining Red on my Parade
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