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 The Dragon Index - All the dragons of the Forum!

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PostSubject: The Dragon Index - All the dragons of the Forum!   Tue Feb 09, 2010 1:51 pm

This will be an under construction deal. *If I miss out on a Dragon, Please PM Aero!!*however if you are a Mod you can edit this post and change something yourself I'll try my best to go searching around the Member's Egg/Dragon thread, but I might accidentally forget a few here and there. What's more, I'll try my best to put the species by alphabetical order.

Also, this thread will have to be updated every time that there's a new dragon species. So, if someone new comes to the forum and hatches an egg, you should check back here. I'll simply edit the thread to add on the dragons instead of making separate posts for all the species, so it won't show as an update. Thank you for your understanding.

The Stats are on a Star System. Maximum amount of stars is FIVE, most species will have a total of 18 stat stars.
Please note that this is general stats for the species. Like in real life, there are always deviations from the norm in individuals, so some are tweaked.
Some dragon breeds will have different female and male forms, some will only differ in color from male to female and in others there is no noticeable difference.

Summary of description Meanings:
Maximum adult size: Please reference the chart in our 'Dragon Caves" section on the dragon-bio outline. Your dragon can be smaller than the maximum size but not larger.
Strength: The Physical Power a dragon has
Defense: How much of a beating can this dragon take
Speed: The quickness of movement of the dragon, when running
Endurance: The stamina of the dragon
Agility: The reflexes of a dragon & suppleness
Arcane: The magical prowess a dragon has

Magic Type: The main magic type a dragon breed uses. It is possible over the course of a dragons life for this to be changed or others to be learnt, though this is difficult.
The magic types are:
Basic: Fire, water, lightning, wind, earth.
Neutral (pure magic power, no special effects, appears silvery when discharged)
Complex: Toxic, Magma, Ice
Advanced Complex: Blood, Dark, Light
NOTE: All dragons are assumed to have balanced magics unless stated otherwise.

Visit the main Index here!



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The Dragon Index - All the dragons of the Forum!
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