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 William~~ Night Crawling (Vampire)

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PostSubject: William~~ Night Crawling (Vampire)   William~~ Night Crawling (Vampire) Icon_minitimeThu Feb 11, 2010 1:56 am

Name: William Glaison
Nick Name: Will
Age: ~21
Gender: Male
Type Of Person: Vampire
Relation To Any Dragons: None

Will likes poetry, a lot. If you are lucky enough to run into him on a non-hunting day, you can find him relaying his passion in stanzas. He also likes light, but to his dismay, he canít go into it. Once a knight, he also has a love of chivalry, and despite his race, heís a very kind person, preferring older blood to younger (to preserve life).

Will hates the sun, but not the light it creates. He doesnít like having a strain on his ability to move. He also hates that the sunís light will burn him wherever he touches it, wouldnít everyone though? He also hates people who are not chivalrous and are rude. Heís been known to target them first.

Description: A young man with blonde hair and blue eyes, oh but donít forget the fangs. Will is a pretty boy who wears very simple stuff. His clothes of choice are a light beige shirt and tan pants that he has black boots covering part of his legs. His hair is curly and his eyes are light crystal blue. When he drinks blood though, they get a little tinted red, but then return to their color a few minutes after heís done drinking.

Other: A knight from the medieval era. He woke up one day to be on Dragonís Cove. Being a vampire, he also has a few abilities. Compulsion, Healing, and inhuman senses, speed, agility and strength and some of these abilities.
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William~~ Night Crawling (Vampire)
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