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 Deorwynn Reileanne Xerceis (Deos) (Human X Undefined)

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PostSubject: Deorwynn Reileanne Xerceis (Deos) (Human X Undefined)   Deorwynn Reileanne Xerceis (Deos) (Human X Undefined) Icon_minitimeMon Feb 15, 2010 3:12 am

Name: Deorwynn Reileanne Xerceis
Nickname: Deos
Age: 27
Birthday: March 15th, 3682
Gender: Female

Picture: Face Shot

Type Of Person: Seer/Oracle

Relation To Any Dragons: None

Relation To Any Non-Dragons: Vann was her body guard for a short time, then was killed in Racksom and resurrected without her knowledge. Currently, she is traveling with Felren. Before the fall of her house, she knew Falcon and after a slight mishap upon their first encounter, took him under her council and trained him how to be a successful thief and spy worthy of serving her.

Likes: The power of a wealthy status, servants that do not question her will

Dislikes: Loosing aforementioned power, freezing up during a "far-sight" moment, being taken advantage of

Description: She is not exceptionally tall, nor short. She is not built thin and wispy, indeed, she's rather curvy, with large hips and strong arms that know the weight and heft of a blade. Deos has an air of calm connectedness about her that radiates, and it is no mistake if one were to first take her as standoffish. She does not make friends, but acquaintances and servants. She has fine black hair that falls a little past her shoulders with long wavy bangs parted to the right of center on her forehead. More often than not, she wears a headband that keeps her flippant hair out of her steel gray eyes.

Other: She is skilled with a slim blade, but does not have the training or strength to wield anything as large and heavy as a broadsword for any duration of time or with any skill. She knows her way around daggers and poisons, a necessity as a noble of Kaionar and though nobody has ever seen her wield either, a number of her enemies and bed partners have inexplicably turned up dead. Her seer powers are fairly strong relative to the rest of her family. However, she has only ever had three visions of the future. One simply never came true, the second did not come out as expected, and the third was dead on accurate. It's a sketchy business at best, and she keeps future readings to herself, for fear of what sort of reactions her readings will do.

The second and a little more accurate part of her far-sight abilities is to "see" anywhere that something significant is going on, and be able to relate in detail what is happening across the continent. She gets these visions at the same time that they are happening, or shortly after they have happened, and are completely sporadic. She has very little control over what she sees or when she sees it, but can induce a hypnotic-like state of mind and make these visions occur more frequently while in this state.

The last piece of her seer abilities and by far the most reliable and useful of the three is to "soul-search" someone by making physical contact with their person or an item that they have held for a long period of time (i.e. a well-loved amulet or a frequently used sword). In essence, she can "see" past the mask that is on the surface to the true face that hides underneath. Someone with strong camouflage over their true essence would not be found out in a passing observation by her, but with a little working, she would be able to figure it out. This is especially useful when she is confronted by shape-shifters or those who are possessed with other-worldly beings.

Last but not least, her family has traditionally been left-handed in nature, and has formed a particular sword style because of that fact. She too, is left handed, and has learned this particular sword style.

Family Heraldry: Deorwynn Reileanne Xerceis (Deos) (Human X Undefined) Xercies

History: The Xerceis house has a long history in Dragon’s Cove, being one of the foremost goods traders in Kaionar. However, in such a rough and tumble place, not all of their dealings are exactly of legal nature. They run a crime ring with the best proficiency, and have always been good at what they do. They rule their section of the underworld with an iron fist, and have not been afraid to use their wealth and power to get what they wanted, and anyone who stood against them was obliterated immediately.

Somewhere in the ancestral past, one of the forefathers of the House had children with some sort of magical humanoid; elf, faerie, druid, no one really quite knows anymore. The result was half-human children with far-sight and soul-searching abilities that gave them a distinct advantage in the seedy city that they lived in. To keep the accumulating wealth of the family as well as the abilities that their magical blood possessed, the House royals began to marry inward, second and third cousins marrying to each other. This kept their abilities keen, but as the generations continued, it also began to spur on an increasing amount of madness in the in individuals. Soon enough, the occasional attacks on other rival crime families became more frequent and violent. They were earning more power and street credit, but they were attracting a lot of attention as well, and with that came a lot of enemies.

Born into this noble house that built its wealth on chaos and trickery, Deos was raised with certain expectations in mind. She was given the finest education that a female could receive, learning such things like weaving and dancing, poetry and painting, singing and piano. Aside from typical domestic female duties she was also taught history and accounting and given a man's training of swordsmanship and business to better serve whatever husband was lucky enough to be arranged to wed her. At the age of 14 she was wed to her first husband, a man from a different noble house in Kaionar that hoped to make a concrete alliance with the Xercies family and in doing so spare his own business from their flippant bouts of insanity. At the age of 16, however, Deos manifested her powers as a seer. Soon after her abilities were discovered, her husband died of a mysterious illness that couldn't be explained and was quickly buried by more important news such as the latest ball and other such social engagements.

Again she was wed at the age of 17 to a member of her own house, Lloriund Xercies, a distant cousin that showed promising seer capabilities but exhibited terrible bouts of mental and physical health. Wickedly intelligent, Lloriund was fifth in line to take over the Xercies family, but his distant relation to the core of the family prevented him from advancing any further in the ranks. Over the next three years, Lloriund's place in the house advanced by as many places, the others standing between him and the number one spot suddenly finding themselves dead. One expired peacefully in the night, another was found poisoned, his killer a rogue assassin from another Kaionar household that held a grudge, and the third was brutally murdered during a mugging. There were whispered rumors that the conclusive findings for the cause of death were not all that they appeared, but the whispers began to die down when those that wagged their tongues too often suddenly found themselves in comas that they could never wake up from. During the last year of their marriage, however, Lloriund struggled with his failing health and finally succumbed to his genetic illnesses, leaving Deos widowed for a second time.

In her 22nd year, Deos was once again without a husband and so without tangible rank or influence. In a society whose face was run by men, only her powers as a seer kept her afloat within her family, and the whispered nickname of "black widow" struck the necessary fear into enemies and allies both to keep her safe from those seeking vengeance. It was then that Deos met Falcon, and the two created a dastardly pair that nobody could either guess nor fathom and many fell to their combined deviousness.

The current head of the family, Orlias Xercies was married to a shrewd and impressively maniacal woman named Faineth. As the first woman of the Xercies household, Faineth was given certain powers and responsibilities and the position she held forced many to turn a blind eye to her particular brand of madness. It is well known that all of the Xercies are to some extent insane, and Faineth was a perfect example of this. Delicate, polite, and deeply political, the woman could enchant a court of nobles and manipulate them like any good puppeteer. However, she had a penchant for taking strange men to her bed in open defiance of her husband and once was satisfied would let the man leave her under one condition only: he must leave something behind as a token of remembrance. Usually, the token left behind was a body part. An ear, the small finger, a toe. But as her madness grew, Faineth began taking the eyes and lips of her lovers, sometimes even cutting off their manhood if they pleased her well before sending them on their way.

Then, Faineth's youngest son, a boy who had already shown much promise as a seer, was found dead. His eyes had been gouged out and his tongue removed. A manhunt ensued for a month to find the murderer, but none of those executed by the Xercies were the true killer and the second youngest, a daughter, was killed as well. The string of murders continued until Orlias and Faineth had no more offspring save the eldest son, and he too died. It was the very next day when Orlias found the body parts of his children hidden away like treasures in a secret room that Faineth was found in, mad and babbling with a knife in her hand. She was executed for the murder of her children, and then the head of the household was suddenly a widower. Not long after, Deos was wed to Orlias.

The marriage was not to last for very long, however. One night, a rivaling House staged a raid on the Xerceis House compound, and most of the royals were killed in the raid including Deos husband. A fair number managed to escape, but search parties were sent out after them. Deos was critically, but not fatally, wounded in that battle, and bears a scar that runs horizontally across her chest from an encounter with one of the raiders that tried and failed to end her life. At the age of 25 Deos had been widowed three times, had been effectively exiled from the town that she had spent her whole life trying to bring under her heel, and was being hunted like an animal.

Since the raid, she has wandered away from Kaionar for fear of her life, and uses her skills of sight and ability to manipulate people into thinking that she’s some sort of fortuneteller in order to earn the coin to live (which is a novelty to her). She found herself in Racksom on the night that Quinsilla was sacked and stayed in that city, awaiting for the arrival of the conqueror of the vision she had that night. When Zartear's army came to the city, she opened one of the gates, allowing a cavalry charge that ultimately lead to a route of the DDC forces, lead jointly and un-harmoniously by Talos and Atleon. During the battle, she convinced Zartear to give up a handful of his men and Felren, at the time possessed by Kevvile, on a quest to remove the magical parasite from the human-dragon man. They are heading to Kaionar currently.

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Deorwynn Reileanne Xerceis (Deos) (Human X Undefined)
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