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 Kol- The chivalrous avian (Avian)

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PostSubject: Kol- The chivalrous avian (Avian)   Wed Feb 24, 2010 11:16 pm

Name: Kol Serenoa
Age: 22
Gender: Male

Type Of Person: One of the more laid back people, kind to all women.

Relation to Any Dragons: Not that he knows of.

Likes/Dislikes: He likes to make women happy and enjoys the simple things in life that happen to come his way. He dislikes Talos.

Description: Kol really does enjoy the company of women and will do anything to make them happy. His manors are top notch and he could care less about what others think of him. (Unless a female thinks he is a big meanie. That is no good.) Kol has a good eye for weapons and knows how to wield a sword. Even though he can fly he would prefer to be on the ground where he can keep his bearings better. This Avian really is a polite man just wanting to kick back and enjoy whatever good things fate will bring him.

Kol has eight other siblings (half or less) that live in a mountainous range in a rather expensive looking home. He has only one full blooded sibling, that being his older sister, Celo. His younger half brother Enitan is very fond of him, and is a spitting image of Kol himself.

The entire clan had a birthmark of sorts on the side of their legs. A faint yin yang symbol of angel and bat wings could be seen if one was looking for it. And they had their pants off.

Hyo, the fifth oldest child was killed after a fight with the one of the Estoens and the loss of control over his magic.

His family has been at war with the Estoen clan for as long as Kol can remember. Talos is his most hated enemy. It would not bother Kol if he never saw that damn hick again .

Other: Pet peeves include seeing a woman in distress and have distaste for whores. (Though he will put on a good face if confronted by one.)

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Kol- The chivalrous avian (Avian)
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