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 Veces - The White Death

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PostSubject: Veces - The White Death   Thu May 06, 2010 6:49 pm

Name: Veces

Age: 25

Gender: Male


Type Of Person: Mercenary



None yet


None yet


Rhyming (Kinda sucks for him)

Bio: Veces was born a healthy, bouncing baby to a family of fishers, in a small town on the coast of DC. And, luckily, he was even visited by a fairy during the night!

Or, rather unlucky, as the case may be.

While young Veces lay peacefully, a fairy flew into his room through an open window. In a fit of harmless malevolence, she used her powers to bleach his skin and hair, and give him a speech impediment unlike any ever seen before. He learned to speak late, and when he finally did everything wound up rhyming. But his parents didn't mind, he's just being a cute kid, and they let him do as he wished, figuring his whiteness to be albinoism. But years came and went, Veces grew older and aller, yet he continued to speak in rhymes. Embarassed about his condition, both he and his parents decided that the vocal life of a fisherman wouldn';t be best for him. So instead, they gave him over to a group of miners when he was fifteen, who would mine for whatever precious minerals they were asked to. He worked with them eventlessly for two years, at which point they were given an odd request; A group of benefactors wanted various odd stones to be mined from the island of Charkaros, which was at this point uncharted territory for the miners. But, the pay was good, so they all hopped the nearest ship and set sail for Charkaros, where Veces would make one of the most important discoveries of his life...

Immediatly, the miners knew they would have a tough time ahead of them. Everything on the island either blocked or repelled magic, so they had to abandon their usual methods of mining and get down and dirty in the hard stone. Veces, being young and full of energy, was able to dig for much longer and much faster than the others. And onr night, while the others were asleep, he came across a chunk of an odd crystal buried a few meters into the ground. It was a sizeable chunk, but no more than that, longer than it was wide and light enough for him to carry on his own. He showed it to the head digger, but the odd crystal was not on their list of requirments, so Veces was allowed to keep it for himself.

Veces stayed with the miners for a year longer after his discovery, but as time passed he grew more and more enthralled by the stone. His simple testings showed that it would absorb small amounts of magic from the area around it, which he saw at once to be incredibly useful if used right. For a short while he considered what to do with it, and almost at once the answer came to him: The Knirunkni! They had done multiple contracts with them, and he knew many of them were adept blacksmiths. It could be made into a weapon! Their next meeting with the goblin emmisary, Veces asked the goblin if anything could be done with the crystal. THe gobin hemmed and hawwed, and finaly decided that, yes, something could be made from it. Taking Veces from the miners, Kagan led the boy to the goblin's homeland, where he spent weeks working with the goblin, perfecting the weapon until it was done. The crystal itself was too short to be the blade of a sword, and knives would leave too much of it wasted. And axe was also out of the question, and Veces viewed hammers and clubs to be too brutish. So instead they made it into a splendid scythe, the blade made of the crystal and the hilt of reinforced wood. Veces donned a white cloak to hide his body, and with the scythe in hand left, in search of a cure for his impediment.

Description: Veses, thanks to his appearance, is constantly reffered to by bypassers as a 'White Reaper.' He is extremely tall, almost reaching seven feet tall. Thus, he is always looking down on people. This, along with his white robe of which he is constantly wearing the hood over his head, gives the illusion of the hood being filled only with darkness. His features are very fair, pale skin and white hair. Pale grey eyes stare at everything without any emotion, but become filled with it whenever something happens. His robe reaches all the way to the floor, creating the effect of him floating instead of walking. His weapon is a long, crystal scythe, completing the 'Reaper' appearance.

Other: Veses has been cursed from birth to speak only in rhymes, so the things he says might not always be accurate. This often scares most people, as the hyming make him sound menacing in a way.

Veces by Echo on Grooveshark
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Veces - The White Death
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