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 Rokam ~ ♣

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PostSubject: Rokam ~ ♣    Thu Sep 16, 2010 4:50 pm




Name: Rokam (ROE-cam)
Age: 19- perhaps a year or two younger both mentally and physically
Birthday: March 11th, 2690
Gender: Male
Size: Small
Type of Dragon: Card dragon; one of a maximum of four in existence at any one time, Rokam is the club. Heís a bit of a wanderer, and doesnít really know what he wants from life just yet.
Relation to any non-dragons: Rokam used to have a rider, but she passed away fairly recently. He enjoys the company of non-dragons and can often be found in a tavern around a card table, with some meat and occasionally a bowl of drink, but he has few permanent friends.
Likes: Eating, rolling in moss/grass, swimming, running, playing cards, showing off his powers, being with company, Raffietti
Dislikes: Jaden (in a way), anything which bores him, responsibility- especially that of being a card, having visions of the future of others
Description: Most of Rokamís body is white, but he has pale yellow feet and yellow stripes down his sides. The front of his head is also yellow, and along the front of his neck and his belly he has a mid-blue stripe. Along his sides, over the yellow stripes, are clearly defined black club-shaped markings. On the end of his tail is a flat black club shape and he has two horns, each like half of his tail. The black on these extends down over his eyes, again in the shape of a club. Card dragons have a fairly lithe, sinuous build.

In personality, Rokam is a little immature. Reluctant to take on responsibility or discuss serious matters, he is always up for some fun and likes nothing more than a game or some friendly teasing. Heís easy-going and sociable, and always does his best to get on with others; sometimes, however, he struggles to stay polite if he isnít very interested in what someone has to say. Despite his carefree attitude to life, Rokam has just about come to terms with the fact that he has to fulfil his role as a card dragon, and he takes this duty seriously. Not that that stops him from having a bit of fun with his powers at the same time, of course!

While all card dragons have the power to predict and influence fate, their powers all manifest in different ways. In Rokamís case, he usually senses the future as a violent flow of information, hard to navigate and make sense of. He sometimes also has trouble reaching the information at all, while at other times he might be very distracted by it going through his head constantly. Occasionally, usually prompted by contact with a significant object or person or strong magic, Rokam will be hit with a vision. These invariably come true and are not particularly pleasant to experience, the process being a very wearying one.

Rokam is an ?.
Other: To say the least, Rokam has an interesting family. His parents were a magpie dragon and an ebony hunter, who were more than a little surprised when one of their eggs hatched into a card dragon rather than the bizarre crossbreeds which were his nestmates. However, this didnít at all stop him from being a part of the family, and he spent a happy 9 years roaming the Amellian forest with this odd collection of dragons before Jaden arrived, having tracked him down, and insisted that he begin to use his powers properly and spend time in cities, getting to know his important place as one of the four card dragons. Rokam was extremely reluctant to leave his family, but he eventually complied, working with Jaden some of the time and touring around Dragons Cove. He spent plenty of time with non-dragons and soon became much more comfortable around them than Jaden himself. The two card dragons didnít really get on and now spend minimal time together. Rokam still visits his family regularly; his two siblings are both settled in other parts of Dragons Cove, while his parents remain in their old location in the Amelle Forest. His sister now has a family of her own.
Little did he know that he, too, would before long- upon meeting Raffietti in Harglen, he experienced a strong vision of the two of them with offspring, ensuring an awkward situation to follow for him. The two are travelling to the site of his vision now; what will happen next is yet to be seen. (http://dragonscove.darkbb.com/t1032-arty-just-a-case-of-girl-meets-boy-kat)


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Rokam ~ ♣
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