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 Jaden ~ ♠

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PostSubject: Jaden ~ ♠    Fri Sep 24, 2010 5:49 pm


Jaden of Yarrowitz


Name: Jaden of Yarrowitz (JAY-duhn)
Age: 41, though he acts as if he has centuries of experience under his belt
Birthday: October 22nd, 2667
Gender: Male
Size: Small
Type of Dragon: Card dragon; one of a maximum of four in existence at any one time, Jaden is the spade. He is a scholar of sorts, and believes he was sent to guide the world on its path.
Relation to any non-dragons: Being a card dragon, Jaden is familiar with many high and important people, as well as lots of librarians and scholars from whom he seeks knowledge.
Likes: Seeking knowledge, researching his powers, well-seasoned and rare steaks, libraries, books, scroll dragons, the smell of paper, using his powers, being deferred to, intelligent people/scholars.
Dislikes: Ignorant people, injuries, dampness, musty air, being underground
Description: Most of Jadenís body is white, but he has pale yellow feet and yellow stripes down his sides. The front of his head is also yellow, and along the front of his neck and his belly he has a mid-blue stripe. Along his sides, over the yellow stripes, are clearly defined black spade-shaped markings. On the end of his tail is a flat black spade shape and he has two horns, each like half of his tail. The black on these extends down over his eyes, again in the shape of a spade. Card dragons have a fairly lithe, sinuous build.
In personality, Jaden could well be described as uptight. Heís extremely formal, and while he is polite to those he respects and is always civil, he can be curt and somewhat condescending towards those he considers lower than himself- which isn't uncommon, as he's pompous and somewhat arrogant about his powers and intellect. Mostly, he will be dismissive of anyone he doesnít feel like talking to, as heís extremely selective with his time.
While all card dragons have the power to predict and influence fate, their powers all manifest in different ways. For Jaden, the future is sort of like a place he can visit in his mind, with many different buildings being different threads of fate and different rooms inside being all the different possibilities. While he can easily choose what he wants to look at and see all the possibilities, itís hard for him to tell which is most likely, and impossible to be certain. He also hears something while using his powers, which helps direct him to what he needs to see; he is unable to pin down just what the sound is.

Jaden is an ?.
Other: Born in Yarrowitz, Jaden spent very little time with his parents. His mother was the heart card, and while he did meet her, she was never around for long enough to teach him much at all about their magic- she was very near the end of her life when he hatched. His father, a mist hound, brought him up- however, Jaden spent much of his time in the Yarrowitz library, having befriended a few of the scroll dragons who worked there. Due to the worshippers of the healing triad, there were fewer dragons in the Yarrowitz areas than some others, and so he wasnít exactly spoiled for choice. It was the time he spent in this library which kindled his love of books. Once Jaden was mature and had fully come into his powers, he began researching them, keen to know more. It wasnít long before he exhausted the knowledge of the Yarrowitz library, helped by the scroll dragons who knew the books so well, and so he made the long journey to Didienneís colossal library. He is now thoroughly integrated with the affairs of Dragons Cove, using his powers to predict and prevent disaster, and while he does travel a little he rarely strays far from the library set into the Shayenne cliffs. He hopes to learn more of the secrets of card dragons by finding records from past cards, an extremely time-consuming project which has so far yielded little in the way of results. Jaden has, however, located Rokam and coerced the younger dragon into spending some time working with him. He suspects the existence of a third card dragon and is keen to find her.


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Jaden ~ ♠
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