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 Armeno Narandal -The Groin Kicker- (Elf)

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PostSubject: Armeno Narandal -The Groin Kicker- (Elf)   Tue Oct 05, 2010 6:18 pm

Name: Armeno Narandal (are-MAY-no NAH-ran-dal)

Age: 86- if human, though, probably in his mid twenties

Birthday: 19th September, 2622

Gender: Male

Type of person: Warrior- leader, when allowed

Relation to any dragons: Tabri- Tabri and Static have similar powers, which Tabri didn't much like her for. After Tabri crushed his left arm and gave him and Static severe burns, plus destroying a building and many of their possessions, all in a bid to kill Static, he hates her. In fact, they fought again after that, nearly killing each other. However, he’s unpredjudiced about other dragons.

Likes: Static/Kassandra, justice, being able to protect people he cares about, having control over situations, training, beaches and caves.

Dislikes: Candyfloss, being unable to protect people he cares about, losing fights,  injustice, dictators, Tabri.

Description: Physically, Armeno does look like a warrior. He has a lot of scars- one on his chest from Tabri's burn, and on his left arm from it being crushed. On his right arm, a deep sword cut. His back is clear of scarring- it was burnt entirely off, but then healed by a mage. Overall though, he's still very scarred. He has black hair, not very carefully kept- it's different lengths, sort of shaggy, and the longest strands reach his chin. His eyes are grey- slightly silvery, fairly dark, and he's 6'2. His clothes generally cover most of his skin, but he does sometimes train with lighter clothing and spends all of his time outdoors, so his face and torso are somewhat tanned. If he isn't expecting any fighting, he'll generally wear a white shirt with somewhat poofy sleeves and dark brown leather armour on top, covering the main part of his torso but not his arms. He wears leather bracers on his forearms, up to his elbows, and plain black trousers with a belt. Almost invariably he wears a cloak- usually black and fairly light with no hood but in colder weather sometimes dark brown, heavier, and hooded- and carries his sword and a dagger on his belt. When he knows a battle is coming, he might opt for some chainmail or extra leather armour as well. He tends to choose lighter armour which is easier to move in over heavy protection. Unfortunately for him, he never does seem to get enough forewarning anyway.

His sword is quite long and thin, with magical reinforcements woven in so it doesn't actually snap in half. Of course, it's still susceptible to edges chipping, melting, and all of that. The blade itself is silvery, with black leather wrapped around the grip and a clear crystal set into the pommel. The scabbard is made of the same metal as the blade of the sword, black leather wrapped along most of its length but a strip at the top and the tip both left plain. At the top a symbol is engraved; it's a sort of mark of quality, though only really known amongst elves. As it came from his academy, it also shows the owner of the sword to be a highly trained  He also carries a bow, which is just dark brown wood, nothing really special- he can use it competently, but he trained as a swordsman.

His horse is a black Arab called Veloxpes, generally referred to as Velox, quite nervy and generally not looked on as a good warhorse. Armeno never leaves him behind, so if he's in an RP the chances are Velox is nearby.

He also has a small level of magic; only basic things, and they take quite a lot out of him. He uses his powers for healing mostly, which leaves him exhausted.

Armeno is an ISTJ.

Other: He was born in an elvish community, on the islands to the east of DC, and grew up there. He began to train as a warrior at the age of twenty- it was rigorous training and there were lots of traditions and customs, many of which would be considered nothing less than bizarre by the average citizen of Dragons Cove. When his training was complete, he was given his blade, the reinforcement magic woven into it by one of the greater magicians in the community, and he left the community and began to travel, finding work where he could fighting for causes he believed in. Whenever possible, he took a position with a level of leadership. He left the whole area of Dragons Cove a few times, but always returned fairly promptly. Throughout his travels, he has visited his home a few times; however, he rarely leaves Dragons Cove for long periods of time, as he likes the magic and dragons there.
He and Static/Kassandra have a complicated relationship- they were together for a while, but arguments and some incompatibility meant that it ended in Armeno leaving DC again until the time of the main plot, when he joined up with the DDC, not knowing anything much about what had happened. He and Static met in Racksom and shouted at each other after he helped her and she then attacked Talos- it was concluded with Static asking Armeno to meet her in a month if he could forgive her. Nothing has yet come of this, as that time hasn't yet been reached. This RP covers them meeting, as well as some time after that.

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Armeno Narandal -The Groin Kicker- (Elf)
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