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 Celo - the uncaring avian (Avian)

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Celo - the uncaring avian (Avian) Empty
PostSubject: Celo - the uncaring avian (Avian)   Celo - the uncaring avian (Avian) Icon_minitimeFri Nov 12, 2010 6:29 pm

Name: Celo

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Relation to dragons: Too much of a bother to care.

Dislikes/Likes: Celo loves her quiet time, and the peace of mind of knowing things are going her way. She likes mild weather, good tasting food, and a good book here or there. She dislikes things that well...bother her. Overly simple statement, yes, but its true. If someone is acting stupid or immoral, Celo will have no problem finally opening her mouth and telling them otherwise.

Personality: Celo is a rather bland person. She doesn't talk much and doesn't care to anyway. She wouldn't be considered reserved, just apathetic. It's hard to keep her attention and even harder to make her care about something. She will be loyal to her family and loved ones but will never really talk about it. Musy feely talks are better left to her other sister; Ren.

Others: Celo has nine other siblings most of them being boys. Her only full blooded brother is Kol, the rest are related by half or less blood. Kol and Celo's mother committed suicide soon after Kol was born and their father was slaughtered by Yorin, Talos' father. Its a long story that Celo would rather not divulge. (Though you are welcome to read about it in 'Birds of a feather" : D )
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Celo - the uncaring avian (Avian)
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