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 Aayilah (Undefined)

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PostSubject: Aayilah (Undefined)   Aayilah (Undefined) Icon_minitimeFri Nov 12, 2010 10:31 pm

Name: Aayilah
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Picture: Aayilah (Undefined) Blood_Splatter_by_yumedust
Thanks to yumedust for her amazing picture!
Type Of Person: Drifter
Relation To Any Dragons: None yet.
Likes/Dislikes: She has a strange liking for blood- not to drink or anything, she just likes it. She doesn't enjoy inflicting pain on others or anything, though. She really doesn't like anyone who makes threats or similar- she is fairly timid. She enjoys the company of most.
Description: She has fairly round black eyes, and pale sort of grey skin. He ears are very pointed, like an elf, and black on the tips. She has two small horns which stick out of her hair, which is very pale blonde and comes down to her chin in the longest parts, very layered. She is relatively small, though not miniscule. Her nails are fairly long and black. And she doesn't usually have ripped and tattered clothes or blood all over her. She will normally wear a black cloak on top of a top like the one in the picture-minus the cross on the neck fastening-and a pair of tight black trousers. She has a few black markings, like tattoos but just the colour of her skin- two stripes near the neck on each shoulder, and ovals with a short line coming off and two dots in the centre on the top of each arm. On her feet-all over the sole-she has an intricate waved pattern. She doesn't know it, but this is like a fingerprint to her kind. Her skin is perfectly smooth all over- there are no creases in the skin, or fingerprints or anything like that.
Other: Her kind mostly live in other places, very far away. She isn't exactly anything- she has no magic or increased capabilities except her hearing, but she can sometimes do odd things. She is extremely clever, but fairly young- it is apparent that she doesn't have huge experience of the world.

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Aayilah (Undefined)
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