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 Akar--Masked Ranger (Human)

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PostSubject: Akar--Masked Ranger (Human)   Akar--Masked Ranger (Human) Icon_minitimeSat Nov 13, 2010 12:30 am

Basic Information
Name: Akar Ganlit
--Nickname: Mask
---Special Title: n/a
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Race: Human
Personality: Akar will tend to have two different personalities. One, is Akar, and the other is Mask. Akar is the word chivalry to his core. He is always the one who will look out for a person in need, and do everything in his power to protect those he cares for and loves. Akar generally doesn't like to be a part of fights, however he has joined the ranks of the DDC to go against the SR. When it does come to fighting, he generally takes over the personality of Mask, however in the off chance he remains himself, he will generally think things over and try to come up with a logical plan in order to solve his problems. At least he isn't one to have a short fuse, and with a bow and a sword he isn't one to have a very common fighting style.

Mask on the other hand is completely different in most aspects. Unlike Akar, Mask is all for revenge in any way he can achieve it. Mask doesn't care who he has to use or hurt in order to get what he wants and to get to his goals. While he's generally suppressed due to stronger emotions, such as love, Mask tends to have a shorter fuse, and appears in dire situations. While he'll still come up with a logical plan before he makes any actions, Mask has a much more devious mind to himself. The start of Mask came from the 12 year Akar. In order to protect himself from the mindless bloodshed he was doing, and the horrid things that he'd already done, he locked the memories away and pretended to not exist when Mask was around.


Akar is a taller man for his age. With a height of 6í0Ē, and a weight of 165 lbs, heís very average all things considering. Tall and lean, Akar has a muscular build with lightly tanned skin, like heís just been glazed in the sunlight. Akar has longish black hair that appears almost blue with silvery highlights. His bangs tend to hang down a bit, and will sometimes fall into his eyes. His eyes themselves are a light icy grey color, and always seem to have a soft look to them. Generally, Akar has a soft gentle face, however he does have a pretty nasty scar that runs from his left ear to the back of his neck from an old fight a long time ago.

For clothing, Akar will normally have on one of two things. When just bumming around, Akar will usually have a blue vest with white trimming. On his left arm, he has a blue wrapping that covers over yet another scar from his past. Covering his hands as well as part of his arms are blue finger-less gloves with closures around the wrist and the other at the end of the glove, just below his elbow. For pants, Akar has on tan-ish brown colored pants with knee high boots. When itís time for a fight, thereís a bit more added on. Over the vest, Akar will wear a long sleeved brown shirt. A chest plate, and gauntlets as well as a kind of metal skirt, are the other things of armor that the man wears. A belt with his sword and other pouches is worn around his waist, and a cloak with a hood is worn over his head. The cloak will reach just to his ankles. His quiver and bow are strapped over his shoulder, always within easy reach. Finally, there is the half mask that covers his entire face, except his mouth. The second part of the mask is a pulled up bandanna that covers his mouth. The color of the cloak and bandanna are a dark green.

Character Information
Class: Rich
Birth: November 15th
Loyalty: DDC
Place of Birth: Harglen
Residence: Traveling, but Harglen
Abilities: One arrow, with black feathers on it, allows Akar to create a portal that allows him to disappear and reappear in a random place, no matter the distance. However, there are a couple conditions to using this. One thing is, unless he's planning on killing himself, he can only bring one other person with him. Two, if only he travels through the portal, he is drained of his strength and barely able to walk more than a few steps. If Akar takes someone else with him, he is knocked unconscious for a few hours. Over years of practice he may be able to control this a little better, but the chances of him doing that are very slim, for he doesn't like to use this unless it's a dire situation. The last condition of this ability is the arrow's recharge time. Akar can only do this trick once every two days.

Character Background
History: Akar was born on November 15th, in the town of Harglen. Akar grew up with a pretty rich lifestyle, and a happy family. His mother was a kind and sweet woman, and his father was always working with a smile on his face. His mother was a painter, and a damn good one at that. His father made hunting weapons for those who wanted to catch game in the nearby forests and wooded areas. Everything was peaceful and calm for the first 4 years of Akarís life. Only when his sister Vespira was born did things get a little harder.

Akar had always been close to his parents, but they seemed to be busy with his new baby sister. Still, Akar didnít mind, he had friends he could play with. Canice was a boy who was Akarís age, who had a sister that he said was adopted. She was a year younger than the two of them, and they lived in Tarz. However, Akarís father would often venture to Tarz, and bring the young Akar with him. The three kids would get into all kinds of trouble. All in the name of fun.

When Vespira turned 3, she would join in the games. Tsuna wasnít always so happy to have the girly girl on her team, but Canice and Akar would often take turns with Vespira. Everything was peaceful as the children grew up. Vespira would help her mother paint and do house work. Akar on the other hand went with his father and learned to make weapons as well as hunt. He was skilled in both; however he excelled at the bow and arrows even a young age. Everything seemed peaceful until the night of his fatherís death.

It was a dark and stormy night when Akarís father had to take a trip into Tarz. He never came back, and the family never found out what happened. From then on, things got worse. Akar withdrew more, and Vespira got quiet. Their mother however, stopped talking altogether. She wouldnít do anything but paint. That went on for a couple months, in which time Akar and Vespira turned 7 and 4. However, things didnít go much better from then on.

It was a quiet afternoon when two men showed up to the house. Akar and Vespira were outside playing, and their mother was painting the two kids on the back porch of the house. When the men showed up they demanded payment for a lost shipment their father was supposed to bring the night he died. Their mother refused, claiming the payment was returned. The men said theyíd be back, and that night, they did return.

Vespira had woken up Akar when sheíd heard noise downstairs. Telling his sister to stay put, Akar ventured down the steps to find his murdered mother. The house was trashed, and when Akar found the two men, he regretted it. Pulling out his fake wooden sword, he tried to avenge his mother and protect his sister. The last thing he remembered was pain at the back of his head, and his sisterís terrified voice yelling his name. Next, he saw them grab her from the house and take her away.

From that day forwards, Akar had ventured out to find his lost sister. Taking his sisterís horse, Sorrahkin, Akar went out into the world as a seven year old. He had to learn to handle himself and grow up fast. Putting away all his emotions, he adapted the persona of mask when heíd found the mask in a shop in Tarz. When Akar turned 12, after living his entire life trying to survive in Tarz with some help from his friends Canice and Tsuna, heíd gotten a lead on his sisterís whereabouts. This lead to a huge fight with a gang in which Akar had done things heíd regret for the rest of his life. It was that fight that was the turning point for him. From then on, he started to travel to all the towns he could, Sorrahkin leading the way, in order to find his sister. It was also from then on when Mask took over.


His Horse Sorrahkin (Actually Vespira's Horse)
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Akar--Masked Ranger (Human)
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