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 Jackdaww {Skills don't always mean Success} (Human x Avian)

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Jackdaww {Skills don't always mean Success} (Human x Avian) Empty
PostSubject: Jackdaww {Skills don't always mean Success} (Human x Avian)   Jackdaww {Skills don't always mean Success} (Human x Avian) Icon_minitimeSun Nov 14, 2010 11:39 am

Name: Jackdaww Carnett
Age: 27
Birthday: September 27th, 3682
Gender: Male
Type Of Person: Rider plus very talented swordsman.
Species: Human (strictly speaking half avian, half human, meaning he is lighter than an average man, but he has not got wings to go with his light bones).
Relation To Any Dragons:  He rides Measle, the lightning storm dragon, in later role-plays, but before Measle is strong enough, he just accompanies him.
Jackdaww absolutely loves sword craft, as he was raised around it. He carries a rapier with him at all times with a beautifully decorated handle, but he doesn’t seem to realize how useless it is in combat. He loves that sword as it was a gift from his father, whom he has never seen since. He also loves Measle, who he often considers ‘his’ dragon. A foolish mistake indeed, but not one that Measle has ever taken offense to.
On the other hand, Jackdaww is very touchy. He gets irritated easily, and tends to lash out in anger. He also seems to hate accomplished swordsmen, such as knights who have completed their training and made something of themselves, although he does also have a level of respect for them. He dislikes the way that Measle treats him like a child, but wouldn’t be without him for a moment. He dislikes the hustle and bustle of towns and cities, but does enjoy human company once in a while. Finally, he hates storms, and gets quite frightened by them. He especially dislikes them when Measle leaves him to fly in the rain.
Description: Jackdaww is quite tall and thin, reaching a height of 6’2”, and has messy, ruffled hair that is a deep blackish brown, much like the feathers of his namesake. His eyes are a deep bluish green, and he has a tiny scar that runs from the corner of his right eye to the base of his ear. He wears tattered clothes and usually has a small pack slung over his shoulder with all of his belongings inside it. His sword and a small dagger are slotted into his belt, and he wears fingerless, mail-backed gloves on each hand. He has a leather cap in place of a helmet, but he hardly ever wears it, and a small chain mail shirt 'borrowed' from the royal guards' armoury.
Other: Jackdaww used to train with the royal guards to one day become one, and therefore has excellent swords-skills, and being brought up around knights has given him a wirey, strong physique. He was going strong to earn a place in the king's court, until a strange stone plummeted from the sky to land before him. From that stone, a creature hatched: Measle. Ever since, Measle whispered things into his ear until he was determined that he had to leave. He ran away from the other knights, keeping hardly anything with him, and became somewhat of a hermit. He sleeps in to woods in shelters flung together in a few minutes, and every now and then arrives in civilization to find some others that would understand why he has a young dragon with him. He is very socially awkward, as he grew up in the King's court with his father. The only memory he has of his mother is a vague memory of long, dark hair flecked with greenish silver and something about huge birds, but it doesn't make any sense to him.
Picture of Jackdaww: (will add later)
Picture of his sword:
Jackdaww {Skills don't always mean Success} (Human x Avian) Jackda10

Jackdaww's sword has a carved message from his father, but all it says is: 'To my son, I'm sorry I had to leave you, but I had no choice. There was much about my life I neglected to tell you, and I am not proud of that. I'm gone, never coming back. Please don't come after me, and Happy Birthday.'

Make sure if you are helping with it that you don't just blurt the whole thing please, just sentences would be ideal. I want it to be a struggle for him to discover the whole inscription. Thanks ^^))

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Jackdaww {Skills don't always mean Success} (Human x Avian)
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