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 Felren- Laced with Dragons blood (Human+)

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PostSubject: Felren- Laced with Dragons blood (Human+)   Felren- Laced with Dragons blood (Human+) Icon_minitimeWed Nov 17, 2010 9:09 pm

Name: Felren

Age: Looks 23, real age unknown

Gender: Male

Piccy: http://seroph.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d3c481y

Relation to Dragon: Sorta, kinda, maybe. His dragon blood on his body ties him to /a/ (not /the/) Tribal Battle-blood dragon. The only dragon blood he has is outside is body in the tattoos given to him by a dragon cult. The blood is magically sealed into Felren, he isn't part dragon, he just thinks he is due to the effects of having dragon blood running though his body. It has given him a split personality that is triggered by any sort of emotions.

Dislikes/Likes: It's rather hard to say what Felren actually likes besides being by himself, away from the triggers of the dragon blood within him. He dislikes the cult that marred his body for their own purposes, the dragon blood within him, and people.


Human Felren: Well, he isn't that evil at all, in fact he tries rather hard to stop the dragon blood when it reacts and wants to kill something. Though after so many years the fight in him as died down some, and he only really resists when mass man slaughter is involved. He keeps to himself, always keeping in mind the dragon blood that controls him. While his existence seems kinda bleak, Felren has somehow maintained some of his personality and will soon look for a way to rid himself of his dragon blood or end his life. He was previous gifted with the use of fire in his body, so breathing fire was nothing new to him.

What the effects of the blood are: Kill, war, destruction and mayhem is this guys strong suits. He gets a thrill out of war and is easily bored. He is triggered to action by large amounts of people, war, violence, any feelings really that the host is feeling that might show signs of a chance to destroy stuff. Felren fully believes there is a dragon in his body and he is the host, but it is a hallucination.

Others: Felren stands at around 6'2 and had dark brown hair before the tribal markings were etched into his body. When the effects of the blood first kicked in he killed many of the cult members and his hair was stripped of all pigments of color and he was left with silvery white locks of his former hair. He has well defined muscles that would not have been there without the dragon's blood. His eyes turn from a light lavender color to ruby red as his dragon blood takes over.

Past: Felren was captured by a group of cultists who believed he was the chosen one to accept the tribal markings of their cult. The cult itself revolves around worshiping dragons, particularly the Tribal Battle- blood. When they found one of their beloved dragons near death, they believed to be doing a favor to it by using the parts of the carcass to do cult like things. One of them is etching the markings onto Felren's body out of the blood from their god. It was said that, in doing so, their god would come before them renewed and allow them to follow him. They were sadly mistaken by the end of the ritual, Felren immediately lost consciousness to the dragon blood and he wreaked havoc on the men in the room, slaughtering anyone not fast enough to flee from him. No one is really sure how long ago this was, thus his actual age is unknown.
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Felren- Laced with Dragons blood (Human+)
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