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 Ciqala (Homunculus)

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PostSubject: Ciqala (Homunculus)   Ciqala (Homunculus) Icon_minitimeSat Nov 20, 2010 2:10 pm



Ciqala (Homunculus) CiqIntolo
Thanks to Aero for the sketch- Ciqala is on the left Wink

Name: Ciqala (Sih-kwah-lah)
Age: 14, but physically adult and unaging
Birthday: 27th June, 2695- however, he doesnít know the exact date and so uses 1st July
Gender: Male
Type of person: Misfit, homunculus
Relation to any dragons: Zack- While unable to find a single other homunculus, Ciqala did meet Zack while on the Everplains. The pair made a narrow escape from Tabri and soon became friends, teaming up as dragon and rider and travelling together intermittently for a while. Besides their size, they had the fact that they were made rather than born in common, and so they got on well.
Likes: Zack, Foen, blackberries, quiet places, smooth surfaces to walk on.
Dislikes: Flight sickness, not knowing other Homunculi, his height, any fairy-related comments, most people, busy places.
Description: Due to being created in miniature, Ciqala is much more spindly than he would be if he were a normal-sized human. However, heís quite strong (for his size!) and so his muscles balance it out somewhat, making his proportions look more normal. His hair is messily cut off fairly short and sticks up all over the place, and is dark blonde/pale brown. He has light brown eyes, and quite tanned skin. His clothes are generally a mess- itís not exactly easy to find them in his size, and so he often has to make do with dollís clothes. Consequently, theyíre usually baggy, ill-fitting, mismatched and downright inappropriate for Ciqala.

Not having led the easiest life, heís slightly bitter. Sarcasm is common for him, and heís a real whinger, but heís not a bad person. Heís usually willing to help others out where he can and, while he doesnít like to admit it, he often hopes that theyíll help him in return. Itís usually dangerous for him to be with humans, as they can hurt him so easily, but despite his avoidance of others he often gets lonely and enjoys company, especially somebody who shares his sense of humour and he can have a laugh with. Heís a little rough-spoken and can be blunt, but he tries to be relatively polite (except for when he's scared, when this goes out the window and he has a tendency to insult his allies in an attempt to disguise his fear)

Ciqala possesses the power to create forcefields (neutral magic), though he doesnít have a great store of energy for it. He can wrap them very closely around even an oddly shaped object-due to practice in holding one against his skin for protection- and change their size and position at will. He is also capable of making them a white/silvery colour, translucent, or of a transparency similar to glass. With some difficulty, he can even control what passes through it, for example allowing air in and out to breathe while keeping it water tight, or creating a more substantial barrier which provides protection against fire. Unfortunately, this is of course limited by his lack of knowledge of physics- and by how fast he tires.

Ciqala is an ?.
Other: While Ciqala has met other homunculi in the house of his creator, to the east of Kaionar on the outskirts of the desert, he didnít know them well- or for long. He was simply the latest in a long line of homunculi created by a man who saw them as a way to make money- a homunculus was most easily made as a replication of an existing human as it was difficult to fabricate a normal appearance from scratch, and it was possible to artifically replicate some of the memories and personality of the human into the homunculus through skillful application of light and dark magic. He had the idea of creating homunculi based on the deceased so that people would pay to have their loved ones "returned" to them. Unfortunately, the sorcerer was unable to keep the homunculi alive for more than a few days, making it impossible to sell them as he wanted to. This was largely due to the fact that creating life-sized homunculi required far more power than the man was capable of using.

Ciqala was his first fully successful attempt, requiring less power as he was made in miniature, and he even succeeded in an extra experiment- adding the capability to use magic to his creation. Ciqala was made for any paying customer and so the sorcerer had no memories or personality to imprint on him, but after a few months teaching the homunculus to speak and the like with enough light and dark magic to let him develop into a fully thinking being, he was confident in his success. He immediately moved on to the next issue of creating life-sized homunculi and with no further need for Ciqala, the sorcerer lost interest in him. Ciqala managed to escape into the streets of Kaionar, giving him an extremely good incentive to learn how to look after himself. Seeing as he wasnít yet totally fluent in Common when his education ended, the homunculus has adopted a rather rough way of speaking. As soon as he could, he got away from Kaionar, not at all fond of the place and its numerous dangers. He has been unable to find anywhere to stay permanently which suits him, and so is still travelling- slowly.


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Ciqala (Homunculus)
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