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 Guardian Dragons

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PostSubject: Guardian Dragons   Sat Nov 27, 2010 4:46 pm

Whatís The Deal With Guardians?

If youíre reading this, Iím guessing you are one of the other three who have a Guardian Dragon. These five dragons are somewhat different to the other beasts out there. So now I am going to explain exactly what your dragon can do and what you can expect from it.


So what can your GD do? Well, there are a few things you must stick to in order to make it fair for everyone else. Your guardian can breathe fire like any other dragon, only the flames come out the colour of its scales. For example, a red guardian would breathe red flames.
They also have the power to send blasts of energy, or fire balls. Again, the same colour as them. The power of them can vary, depending on how much damage you want to do. Plus, please remember they arenít invincible, so donít expect them to go round blowing people out of the sky like nothing can stop them. It uses energy for pities sake, expect them to be tired after a while.
Every once in a blue moon they can heal each other, but not themselves. Say one is injured, another can come along and heal it. But this doesnít mean you can just go and beat it up, because the likelihood of it is, your guardian is on its own. For they are rarely seen together. Look after your guardian, please. c:
When they are within a certain distance of each other, they have a mind-link, where they can communicate with each other. For this to happen, they have to be in visual sight. But no, they canít read minds.


Yes, your guardian can have a rider. But bear in mind, it is quite an important job, so we donít want some lazy-ass, thirteen-year-old elf boy. (I have nothing against elves or boys for that matter). Please be logical, I know you can be, otherwise you wouldnít have one. :3 Ė Moreover, the rider then possesses one power from the guardian. It can be anything you like within reason. †For example, my rider can send blasts of energy/energy balls. Just something simple like that, we donít want any time-stopping teleporters about. It would just make things complicated.
On another note, if you want to kill your guardian off in a roleplay, let us know beforehand. Tell all of the three admins, not just one.

So, I hope this clears things up, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate in asking me. (: If not, I look forward to reading about your dragon. ^^;

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Guardian Dragons
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