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 Lutis Passal- .:In yer pants:. (Human)

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Lutis Passal- .:In yer pants:. (Human) Empty
PostSubject: Lutis Passal- .:In yer pants:. (Human)   Lutis Passal- .:In yer pants:. (Human) Icon_minitimeWed Dec 08, 2010 9:00 pm

Lutis Passal
Lutis Passal- .:In yer pants:. (Human) Lutis_passal_by_acorn23-d6exflh

.:Oh my, feels just like I don’t try:.

Hey there! Name’s Errol Lutis Passal.
But drop the Errol. Not having any of that ‘round here.
I’m 24. My birthday’s 8th December 2684.
An’ I come from the grand shithole of Kaionar.

.:Look so good I might die:.

O’course, I’m a bloke.
Not to mention the best thief around these parts. Yeah, that ain’t me exaggeratin’ any.
You’ll find me investigatin’ light adventures or flirting with the ladies.
I write in Steel Blue.

.:All I know is everybody loves me:.

I have an older half-brother- he’s called Lerim. And he’s bloody annoying.
Me and Dawn have a thing going on. I think…
Ugh, an’ there’s this annoyin’ dragon that keeps following me around, called Hone
Nawh I’m kiddin’, we get along well. A bit like a dragon and rider, except without the riding bit. An’ she doesn’t follow me around everywhere, thankfully!

.:Head down, swaying to my own sound:.

Mostly I chill out ‘round Kaionar, that way.
I like to wander a fair bit ‘though. Can’t be cooped up in one place too long.
Hone likes to come with sometimes; she’s a good mate.
To be fair, most dragon’s I’ve come across are all righ’

.:Don’t need my health:.

’Bout me. Lutis is quite tall, standing at 6’1. He is built lean like a runner, tanned from the desert sun, and not especially outstanding in any of his features. His hair is dark brown, messy and likes to fall out of the small ponytail at his neck. His eyes are also brown. On the scar front, he is relatively clean, the most noticeable a long burn from his left elbow to palm.
Most often, you will find Lutis wearing his long blue coat over his other clothes, which is always stuffed with odds and ends he likes to collect. It is quite battered from long-time use and less than careful nurture. The rest of his clothing is simple; a white shirt, plain trousers and hard-wearing leather boots.

His accent is far from ‘fine’; as a Kaionarian, he speaks more like gutter waste than silver teaspoons.

An’ a bit more… Laid back, happy-go-lucky, spontaneous, cheerful, suggestive, manipulative, arrogant and daring.
Happy-go-lucky: Going with the flow of life, where the wind takes him, Lutis will go. If he’s going to have a slow day, he’s having a slow day. If he’s off on a grand adventure, he’s adventuring!
Suggestive: Lutis is one for playing the ladies. If a pretty girl catches his eye, he’s quite prone to laying all his charm to get what he’d like out of her, and that’s not difficult to work out…
Manipulative: Lutis is all up for doing favours; if you ask something of him, he’ll normally do it without fuss. Although he won’t ask anything in return, watch your step. One favour granted means another returned in its due course, and he has no qualms about calling in his debts owed.
Arrogant: Quite frankly, he thinks he’s the bees’ knees. It’s not difficult to ascertain, with the certain swagger and charm he keeps up effortlessly.
Daring: No adventure is too great, no job too dangerous, no lady out of bounds…

Stuff I keep Lutis keeps a lot of miscellaneous ‘junk’ in his pockets. Apparently the various pieces of string, flints, candle stubs, feathers, and discarded dragonscale will one day come in handy. Amongst his more useful items rank a couple of short daggers (including one kept in his boot), bandages, a musical pipe and a large variety of lockpicks.

Hell yes!

  • Ale <3
  • Adventures
  • Adrenaline
  • Spicy food
  • Kaionar tourney, light entertainment on tap!
  • Bonfires
  • Rooftop parkour

Uh, no

  • Cows
  • Guards
  • Cold weather
  • Sword practise
  • Chalk
  • Inky fingers
  • Housework

.:Got my name and got my wealth:.

Back in the day From the very start, Lutis wasn’t destined for any sort of normal life; stable, quiet, legal. Born to a woman who had few aspirations past hooking up with a handsome man who could give her a good time, and such a man (who did give her a good time) who was also a thief, his roots may have been considered… well, normal, for Kaionar. He didn’t much mind it though, and he got along well enough as he might. His father was a great role model for him in his younger years; an excellent thief, he preferred to work freelance on his own terms, rather than conforming to a guild and all their rules- a choice Lutis later followed himself. Rodos (his father) also taught him to read and write, use the rooftops as roadways through Kaionar and how to woo a free lunch from the market stall sellers with flattering words.
His mother taught him (unintentionally, and through two walls) that his father still knew how to bring her into bliss on a frequent basis.
Then his father was caught in the middle of a gang fight one evening when Lutis was sixteen, and killed in bloody fashion. He didn’t come home that night, leaving the others worried, but not unduly so. Rodos had come home late before. It wasn’t until two days later, when Lutis was checking into one of the underground thieving houses to find some new work that he found out, overhearing a whisper before being told the news himself by a loose-tongued gossiper.

Life had to go on though, and luckily Lutis was fully prepared for the leap into independence. He moved out of his mother’s house a few years later when he had scraped together enough for a place of his own. She was quiet glad to have her house to herself in some ways, when the energetic night-time activities were not her own any more. And there were a lot of night-time activities.
Lutis followed in Rodos’ footsteps, working as a casual thief as felt like it, and doing a little bit of adventuring and exploring on the side. One of the biggest changes in his recent life was when he met Hone[/url]. It was late one night and he was quite drunk, taking on a bet that he could walk to the mountains of the Volcane Belt and back before morning. Hone found him wandering around quite lost and (although he denies it) completely off his face from alcohol intake as the sun rose over the desert that morning, far from both the Volcane Belt and Kaionar. She took him back there after managing to establish that was home, and looked after him until he was quite sober again. The little episode had tickled her so much they had become quite good friends since then.

He met Dawn on the city walls one night, and after a hairy escape from some guard following a misinterpretation of their innocence, found himself meeting up with her the following day after what seemed like a budding friendship; possibly more?
Celölas is another of his dragon acquaintances, met outside a pub (he was less drunk this time). They headed off on an adventure to the warehouse sector of the city they were in, quickly running into trouble as he’s warrant to doing. They found quite the intriguing mystery involving smuggling expensive goods, but before they could get out of the place after deciding it was a bit of a big job for the two of them, they were cornered by an angry Illeana. She got no answers from them, nor the smugglers, and in her rage at being foiled again in the search for her son, set the entire warehouse alight. The pair barely escaped being burnt alive, the warehouse collapsing only moments after they managed to get free. Lutis was buried under rubble and had his arm badly burnt, but Celölas found him and dug him out.
The pub was then in order for a calming drink.

And the rest of my life
The Thief, the Satyr, and the Necklace of Uber-Awesome Power
Looking for trouble but finding a fairytale
Random adventure times

Mates o’mine

Hone (Best friend)
Celölas (Friend)
Dawn (Love interest?)
Illeana (Acquaintance)


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Lutis Passal- .:In yer pants:. (Human)
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