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 Leuan Cei Ellis (Avian) GIZZARDS ARE MY LIFE

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PostSubject: Leuan Cei Ellis (Avian) GIZZARDS ARE MY LIFE   Leuan Cei Ellis (Avian) GIZZARDS ARE MY LIFE Icon_minitimeWed Jan 05, 2011 8:41 pm

Name: Leuan Cei Ellis (loo-an kay el-iss)
Age: 19
Birthday: 14th February, 2690
Gender: Male
Type of person: Hunter
Relation to any dragons: None
Likes: Admiring himself, showing off (especially to women), seducing women, flying, compliments
Dislikes: Anything which could damage his wings or appearance, people who insult him, horseradish
Description: Leuan is an avian, and so his appearance shows the common traits of his race. He's 6'1, with an unusually large wingspan of 18 feet. His wings are black, but on the tips they're a metallic green. He has large and strong chest muscles from flying, more so than some avians because he carries heavy loads after hunting. He's fairly lean and well muscled all over, but not unusually so. His hair, which is mid/dark brown, pretty much reaches his chin, and he has brown eyes. He's tanned from flying around under the sun all day. Claiming that it restricts his wing movement, Leuan hardly ever wears a shirt, but he usually has black trousers on. He will sometimes wear shoes and sometimes go barefoot, but when he does wear shoes he's likely to have ankle-high boots.

Leuan is an ESFP.
Other: As may be obvious, Leuan is something of a man whore. He has several illegitimate children who he has never met, and many, many discarded women in his past. He's quite sure that he's the best-looking thing to walk the planet. His ego is unhealthily large. While he may seem to be made of nothing but vanity, he can in fact be a nice person at times. He hunts to earn his living, chasing rare and hard-to-catch birds in the air and selling their feathers and meat. Leuan's a native of Shayenne. His childhood was uneventful, but he now has no living relatives (apart from his children, but he doesn't know any of them). When people use a nickname for him, they'll call him Leu- however, there are few people he's close enough to to use a nickname for him.
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Leuan Cei Ellis (Avian) GIZZARDS ARE MY LIFE
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