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 Ixas ~ The Moral Compass (Human)

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Ixas ~  The Moral Compass (Human) Empty
PostSubject: Ixas ~ The Moral Compass (Human)   Ixas ~  The Moral Compass (Human) Icon_minitimeTue Jan 11, 2011 4:08 pm

Fast Facts:
Ixas Straten, 26 years old, Male
Black haired, Sharply White Skinned, Surahnian
Unprestigious hunter, wanderer
Wears dark brown simple clothes & mostly practical things, quite lean-bodied, has great stamina and marksmanship, is also very nimble, minimal skill in other combat disciplines.
Unflappable, can be invasive when protective, strongly moral, guided entirely by his religion, a man of necessity.

Name: Ixas Straten (has some origin in ancient Surahnian language to life-force)
Age: 25
Birthdate: 18th of May, 3684
Gender: Male
Picture: Meh
Type Of Person: Hunter of all creatures that can be taken down with a bow, Ixas hunts for money. Unlike his brother, Ixas has a deep respect for all his quarry; Zartear may not be a sadistic killer but he can still show a brute nature and stop at nothing for a Kill; Ixas however always aims for a clean "pure" death.

He learnt his skill as a hunter, just like his two older brothers, when he was very young when tracking and killing Lahrukin beasts for food when the curse of Lahrukin was on the land. (And still is, to an extent)
However, comparing Ixas side by side with his brothers, he was always the stealthiest and fastest of them all with a strangely acute attunement to his surroundings.
Zartear may have been strongest and most persistent, showing a perverse skill for mastering fighting and tracking but Ixas knew he could always chase any escaping quarry and shoot it down deftly with a bow.

Because Ixas above all, knows it isn't the killing of a hunt or the wealth at the end, it's how you treat it- any wrongdoing on an animal's three Enicks would come back to hurt you later.
Also, Ixas does not hunt humanoid creatures- to do so would almost certainly stain his Ghost Enick irreversibly.

Relation to Dragons:

In the past he has had dragon mounts for when travelling long distances, but mostly dragons only pose as the role of his prey. Ixas however, does not kill dragons out of fear, spite or "In passing", he hunts them for money, rather only when he needs to, however great riches are not something that matter to him. Much of his life is spent away from villages, towns and cities- in the forest or wilderness land.

When learning about his prey-creatures Ixas developed a fascination with them too, dragons included; as such he has a collection of small items from the main breeds that he carries with him, when hunting though it has to be set aside- the objects inside can make quite a noise.
Since Ixas can't read or write, he studies these as his source of information- from the jaw shapes of large cats (which designs have the most power?) to clay casts of tracks (how fast is it? Are it's feet for climbing, running or swimming?) In that way, he tries to scope out a foreign dragon/animal's capabilities before he has to face one.

The likes:

Ixas values consistency in others as well as a strong sense of morality, there's nothing Ixas loves more than a warm fire, good food and a healthy presence of nature with him. This has lead people to often refer to him as "primitive" and "very eccentric" but to Ixas it comes naturally- he was raised in a place that was in effect de-civilized to a primitive state of affairs, so if that's the way others see him now then so be it, because he canít change.
To that end Ixas is quite a loner, keeping himself to himself and continuing on moving from place to place, making the money he needs and enjoying his affinity with his surroundings, that isnít to say he doesnít get lonely, he can be very generous and welcoming to strangers, since he sees very few people.

The Dislikes:

He has a dislike of hunters and slayers that kill humanoid races; Ixas Is almost certain in his mind that they know itís wrong but harm those half-like their race anyway, a terrible, terrible crime against the Greatest Enicks; he hasnít met a non-humanoid race that hunted people, and hasnít ever contemplated how heíd feel about this.

He also frowns upon people that willfully ignore morals, or hurt their own minds and bodies. Not least because it seems like very backwards thinking, but he can only imagine how much they are ruining their chances of a good death.

Zeke (Travelling Partner)
Zack (Acqaintance)


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Ixas ~ The Moral Compass (Human)
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