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 Eliza Hawthorne {Fisherman's nightmare} -- Water Sylph

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Eliza Hawthorne {Fisherman's nightmare} -- Water Sylph Empty
PostSubject: Eliza Hawthorne {Fisherman's nightmare} -- Water Sylph   Eliza Hawthorne {Fisherman's nightmare} -- Water Sylph Icon_minitimeTue Feb 15, 2011 7:01 pm

Let me tell you a story
about a girl who became a monster…
Eliza Hawthorne {Fisherman's nightmare} -- Water Sylph Eliza_11
I want to hide the truth, I want to shelter you
Her name was Elizabeth Hawthorne, born on the 7th of May, 2613. By all accounts she was a pretty girl, but vain to a fault. She had immaculate blonde hair that hung at her waist, and the most remarkable emerald green eyes, and a very slight frame in general. She had an unremarkable family life, with both parents living to a ripe old age, and a younger sister who she got along with very well. However, she yearned for adventure. From an early age, she was fascinated with books and fairy-tales, and aged 17 she ran away, moving to Tarz in search of an adventure – like in the books she read. She studied magical lore, and when she was 25, she came across a legend that caught her attention like nothing else. It was the legend of an ancient, long extinct species known as the water sylphs.

But with the beast inside, there’s nowhere we can hide
According to the legend, water sylphs were the reanimated souls of young men and women who died with a certain spell on their lips, by drowning themselves. One interpretation of the charm was written long with the legend, but there were so many versions than none were believed to be accurate. At first Eliza was only curious about the legend, but her fascination grew and grew, until it was a most unhealthy obsession. For the next year she researched the legend, and the spell to math, before finally, on the 13th of June, 2639 (aged 26) she found a deep blue pool just outside Tarz and, whispering what she believed to be the correct spell, drowned herself. It was no the spell that changed her, but rather the pool’s proximity to the Water Stone, but the raw magic did what she had hoped and transformed her.

No matter what we breed, we still are made of greed
Her human body washed away, and the magic of the pool created for her a new form, made from pondweed, water and river mud, and she returned from the water completely changed. Her skin had become a deep shade of aqua; her hair a dirty blonde, but her eyes remained unchanged. Her white teeth were the shape of daggers, and her fingers and toes had elongated and become webbed with a translucent purple film. Along her back were boned ridges, frilled with more purple webbing, and everywhere the barest suggestion of scales under her skin. As the water dripped away from her, her human form returned. This as her future now: in the water she became the Sylph, but on land her human skin hid her true colours.

This is my kingdom come, this is my kingdom come
What Eliza hadn’t realised what the price her new form cost. She would not age, which appealed to her vain streak, but she was fragile – her blood ran clear and thin now, and clotted slowly into a clear gel-like substance. Then there was her temperament. She had been a sweet girl as a human, but no longer. Her compassion had died along with her human self, and she was bitter and cruel. Her love of knowledge remained, but she had a newfound desire for war and suffering. Her baser needs had been awakened as well, and her old personality was gone. She shortened her name to Eliza then, and left her old life behind.

When you feel my heat, look into my eyes
In August, 2663, a dragon named Oceianna came into Eliza’s care. The tear dragon was barely out of her egg, and Eliza’s commanding presence took over the gentle dragon easily, forcing her into Eliza’s power. Eliza was a cruel master to the dragon as they both aged, until Ocei was timid and jumpy about the constant threat of being kicked or attacked for stepping out of line. After over 40 years of servitude, Ocei tried to run away. Eliza caught and punished her, leaving the dragon with several deep scars across her back between her wings. After that, Oceianna crept away to join the dragons of Maledictus Eice. Eliza hasn’t seen the tear dragon since.

It’s where my demons hide, it’s where my demons hide
Her basic character is cruel and unrelenting, but utterly obsessed with knowledge. She will place interesting facts before feeding, and frequents local libraries when she visits a new town before picking off a victim. She cannot eat human food ay longer, but is partial to fine wines and ales. She once enquired about a teaching position in the Academy, where she intended to teach magical theory, but it was decided that she was too unpredictable to be trusted with the safety of students. Her biggest dislike is dragons, as she sees them to have little use beyond working as beasts-of-burden, but also dislikes forested areas where water sources are difficult to locate.

Don’t get too close, it’s dark inside
As a sylph, she has certain powers she did not have as a human. Her two forms both exist at all times, so when she takes a wound, it is possible for her to move it to her other form. She still feels the wound and will suffer the consequence of it when she changes form, but it can be handy when fighting to prevent blood loss. With an external supply of blood magic (from either a healer or from the blood or bodily fluids of a living thing) she can heal herself, but she cannot produce any magic of her own. This is a great annoyance to her because she hoped to have greater magical abilities as a sylph, but her powers are limited to these minor quirks.

It’s where my demons hide, it’s where my demons hide
Eliza Hawthorne {Fisherman's nightmare} -- Water Sylph Eliza_11

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Eliza Hawthorne {Fisherman's nightmare} -- Water Sylph
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