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 Oceianna: Gentle spirit, cruel master. (Tear)

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PostSubject: Oceianna: Gentle spirit, cruel master. (Tear)   Sun Feb 20, 2011 6:38 pm

Name: Oceianna

Age: 46

Birthday: July 24th, 3663

Gender: Female

Picture: None yet, working on it ^^.

Type Of Dragon: Tear Dragon

Relation To Any Non-Dragon: Bound to Eliza, but currently seperated from her

Likes: Peace, water, tranquility ect. She hates to see others suffering, and uses the magic she possesses to help those in need of her aid, especially ones that Eliza has brought harm to.

Dislikes: Eliza, plain and simple. She used her healing magic to give the young woman back what life she could, which lead, along with a number of other variables, to her becoming a sylph. Now she regrets it heavily, but daren’t let Eliza know the level of hatred she has for her, since she has become far too strong for her to challenge. She is essentially her slave, and hates that fact. She also cannot stand war, but is forced to endure them by Eliza.

Description:  Oceianna lives in the same pool that Eliza, her rider, drowned herself in, and her gentle presence was easily captured and enslaved by the stronger will of the young sylph. Now she strives to escape the sylph, but her attachment to the pool that is now the home to both of them stops her running.

Other: If she could get away from her master, Oceianna would be quite a socialable creature - she loves meeting others, and would probably enjoy almost any company. However, as it is, she is /very/ timid - the threat of being kicked is always there.

She has recently fled Eliza's side, however, and (although she knows the sylph will be furious and looking for her) has managed to join up with the dragons of ME. The violence and bloodshed goes against every moral fibre in her body, but it's worth it for the guaranteed safety from Eliza. She didn't tell the clubtail sisters that she had a rider, and doesn't intend to. She considers those ties as close to cut as is possible.

Size: Small, but in the upper limits of that group so she can easily carry Eliza

Her font colour will be cyan when she is with Eliza, or aquamarine when she is alone.

My luffy characters:

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Oceianna: Gentle spirit, cruel master. (Tear)
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