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 Intolo ~{Face-eater, in a bad way}~ (Spirit)

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Intolo ~{Face-eater, in a bad way}~ (Spirit) Empty
PostSubject: Intolo ~{Face-eater, in a bad way}~ (Spirit)   Intolo ~{Face-eater, in a bad way}~ (Spirit) Icon_minitimeMon Feb 21, 2011 3:14 pm

Name: Intolo

Race: Spirit of the forest

Age: Unknown (for as long as there's been forests)

Gender: Unknown (but presumed to be male)

None yet~

(pretty much anything that isn't dangerous)
+Sitting on shoulders

-Being pet the wrong way
-Being woken up from a long nap
Appearance: Look in a dictionary, and under the word 'Adorable' is a drawing of Intolo. He's just that cute. Intolo is a nearly wightless ball of brown fur, the fur from the bottom of his belly to the bottom of his mouth being stark white. Two cone-like ears stick up straight from the top of his head, and his eyes are large and white, save for small black iris' that grow dramatically when Intolo becomes excited. He has no feet to speak of, instead having to bounce or shuffle along from place to place instea of walking. And his paws, for there are no arms that seperate them from his body, and usually folded over his front, only barely able to hold onto the smallest of items with the small claws adorning the tips of his 'fingers'. And finally a small tail, the shape of a badgers, thumps the ground while Intolo is in thought or excited. But perhaps one of the oddest things about the little guy is the fact that his teeth are surprisingly large, each molar being at least as big as a large thumb. However, being a spirit and all, it has been said that Intolo may have the ability to bend, stretch, and grow his body in a variety of ways, so you never know what he could look like when he's in a mood...

Personality: In personality, Intolo is much like a puppy, or some other innocent creature. He often hides away in trees, appearing only briefly to small children or kind-hearted souls, but lately he has becom a bit more foreward and will appear to anyone who appears kind. He shows great curiosity in almost everything, even if he has seen the item a million times (for example, he will treat a leaf like it is an amazing gift). But be careful: spook or offend him, and you may get a surprisingly painful bite from his oversized teeth.

Abilities: As a spirit of the forests, Intolo has a variety of natural abilities: As a spirit, though he must take a physical form, Intolo can become as heavy or light as possible and can create holes in his form rendering him nearly unnafected by any and all physical attacks. Also, when he becomes nearly weightless, he can jump far and long away, even to the tops of tall trees. It is thought that Intolo can also modify his body in whatever way he wants. His only other power, which can hardly be called a power at all, is that he leaves a random seed, nut, or acorn wherever he lands.

Other: Intolo can only speak a language called the 'Language of Nature', which is entirely made up of clicks, chirrups, and light barks. But what's most interesting about this language is that any living creature, including plants for some odd reason, can understand it if Intolo allows them to understand it (in other words, you can only understand what Intolo is saying if he allows you: if you aren't allowed you just hear his little noises).
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Intolo ~{Face-eater, in a bad way}~ (Spirit)
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