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 Tabri:. -Completely unhinged

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Tabri:. -Completely unhinged Empty
PostSubject: Tabri:. -Completely unhinged   Tabri:. -Completely unhinged Icon_minitimeFri Feb 25, 2011 11:09 pm

Tabri:. -Completely unhinged Lightn12

.:Breathe the pressure:.

Tabri. Thatís my name, no substitutes. Or Iíll rip your head off. :]
Iíve been on this wasteland for 21 years, having been born on 30th August 3688.

.:Come play my game, Iíll test ya:.

Iím female. If you canít see that, youíre blind.
And Iím a Lightning Storm. Another obvious fact.
This writing crap you humans have got going on is crazy. If I had to though, I would use dark orchid paint.

.:Psychosomatic addict, insane:.

Donít even think of coming near me.
I belong to a group called Maledictus Eice. Two-legs donít belong in Dragonís Cove, and should be destroyed.

.:Come play my game:.

My wings are 14ft. Thatís as big as theyíre getting.
I can fly. Itís pretty useful- you should try it.
Iím medium sized. Now enough of the questions. Iím bored of you.

Strength: ***
Defense: **
Speed: ***
Endurance: **
Agility: ****
Arcane: ****

.:Inhale, inhale, youíre the victim:.

Me? Canít you see? Tabri could be perceived as quite the beautiful dragon, if only she took care of herself. Her scales are mostly black, apart from on her belly and underneck, where they are a dark purple. The insides of her wings are streaked with more purple, like the lightning she so loves to be around. A long run of sharp spikes weaves its way all the way down her back, and the end of her tail has a large spiked cross on it- Something you would not want to get in the way of. Her claws are very sharp, one of the only things she really looks after- the rest of her is rather poorly maintained, Tabri not caring at all about appearance- she would much rather be out destroying things and making puny humans run for their worthless lives.

Bugger off, does that answer your question? Tabriís heart is as dark as her scales, living to kill. Her thoughts arenít exactly coherent, so sometimes she makes horrible decisions that can cause her a hindrance. She doesnít connect one event to another though, generally living in the moment, which makes killing all the sweeter. Everything comes down to the kill- its what she plans her day around. When it comes to mixing with other dragons, she can be quite sly and manipulative, twisting them in knots with her quick subject changes and blatant cynicism of pretty much everything.

Can stick around:

  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Chaos
  • Being cynical
  • Destroying things
  • Shiny jewels
  • Treasure


  • Humans. Or anything non-dragon
  • People who donít get her cynicism
  • Elves, especially Armeno Narandal
  • Swimming
  • Static
  • Fish
  • Arrows

.:Exhale, exhale, exhale:.

You even want to know about history? From day one, Tabriís never had a good relationship with humans. Whatever happened, it sent her over the edge- she lives by the rule ďsee a human, kill it fastĒ.

On one of her raids over Racksom (before it was destroyed by Zartear and the S.R), she ran into Armeno Narandal and Static, which resulted in a rather sticky battle- Armeno definitely came off the worst, Tabri shattering his left arm when he tried to attack her (granted, she had tried to kill Static, on the grounds that their powers were too alike) and burning half his side too, but she didnít escape without a few arrows to her chest and cheek. Her paw also got pretty sliced open. Ciqala removed the arrowheads, but she wasnít a happy bunny about that either, flying off into the night before he hurt her anymore if he decided to try and fix her wounded paw tooÖ

The end... Tabri met her fate at the hands of Zartear Straten, the king of the SR. He made sure she died like a dog, scorning her attempt for mercy and instead torturing her until she succumbed to the pain of being flayed alive, her scales torn from her body to be used as a royal coat. She did not die with honour, her blood coating the floor of one of the chambers of the Surselea and her head finally severed from her body even after she was dead. But some might say she died courageously, having spoken none of the secrets of Maledictus Eice to the warrior king.
A shame she did not have secrets to tell, she might have been spared a little agony.
Read it here: Dragons and Beasts

Cause of death: Flaying torture by Zartear
Family tree and connections: Family unknown, although probably small and unambitious. Tabri was somewhat of an anomaly. In her lifetime she met Kassandra Lemaire, Armeno Narandal, Maledicus Eice, Zartear Straten and unnamed lackeys that dragged her into the Surselea. She killed Ahrora, a lash dragon, in Plurith.


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Tabri:. -Completely unhinged
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