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 [Burning Fires] Origin of Birth [Burning Lies]

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PostSubject: [Burning Fires] Origin of Birth [Burning Lies]   Thu May 15, 2008 6:56 am

((Basically a roleplay to get to know you all better. And also a chance to fix Jager a personality in which I haven't decided yet.))
1. OOC in brackets as above.
2. No god-mod, power-mod... oi why am I listing these things? As lit's we should know these things by now... right?
3. But I am going to make One. Thing. Clear. Minimum lines of 3+ per post! I can't stress that enough!
4. Don't ask... just join away.
5. No 'attention-seeking'. This is one of my pet peeves. If you feel you are being ignored speak up IC wise and offer suggestions on what we can do with your charrie to make you more included. Don't jsut go around tossing a fury, unleashing flames and slaying everybody because you feel excluded.
6. -places tray of cookies- Feel free to grab one Smile

Setting: The fertile tundra forests of Alaska, the trees are beginning to shed their leaves as autumn progresses into the cold, harsh, blizzard-filled counterpart known as winter. The national park is completely untouched by humans save for a few little bits of rubbish left behind. To the East the forest progresses into a thick, muddy swampland and to the north the mountain ranges stand tall and proud. A great river flows from the western corner of the park to the southen, providing water and the annual salmon run.

Plot: A recent study into the behaviour of dragons is that a certain rock mineral (nicknamed Lunamite) when absorbed by the dragons system can increase
a) the fertility of both sexes of dragons,
b) the flame strength and range of a dragon and
c) overall speeds up the growing process even in adults, where dragons can grow to MASSIVE never before seen sizes.

Lunamite is appliable to ALL types of dragons, from land to air to water and even mechanical and volcanic. However, Lunamite is scarce only to the areas where the Aurora Borealis often occurs, and one of those areas is Alaska.
Dragons breeders, tamers, guardians and slayers alike are scouring the area, pulling up the ground or stealing from already exsisting mining sites in an attempt to find some of the fragile, rare bright blue crystal ore.

Play as either a dragon and rider out to find some Lunamite... or one of the natural Wyrm Guardians that have arisen to protect their ancient inheritage. D+R'S NEEDED!


The great forests of the Alaskan state were no doubt beautiful... and uniquely mysterious. It is said that if you listened hard enough, you could hear the trees whisper the secrets of the world and the spirits of the native ones dance and sing under the shade of the massive mothers of nature.

Through the evergreen trees of this fabled land the Guardian stalked, its footprints marching along in the snow covered lands at such a calm monotone it seemed to mimic the pulse of the forest. Step, trudge. Step, trudge. No animal stirred form their daily activities to flee form the Guardian, nor did they regard it as friendly as they partly sidestepped out of the path of the massive metal figure. If normal beasts had more intelligence, they would be wondering why the Guardians were stirred when the forest appeared to be at its most peaceful. But they were naught but beasts as they continued their never-ending grazing.

The Guardian itself was a balanced miracle. Nature and Technology had fused to become one, the metal plates dominating over the black dragons originally planned form. Both the chip and the brain operated the Guardian in perfected harmony. Claws, paws, tail and scale. Completing one lap of the grazersí area, Jager moved on further towards the mining site. If his suspicions about the humansí progress were correct, he would have to perform a bit of obliteration onto the invaders. And he was all too happy to do so.
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PostSubject: Re: [Burning Fires] Origin of Birth [Burning Lies]   Sun May 18, 2008 10:23 am

: Hm...Interesting place indeed... :
A single figure wandered through the forest, pausing every now and then to glance around the area and admire the scenery. Eyes glowing a pale blue, they appeared to have no pupils as the figure continued it's journey, though with the way it was gazing at everything the chance of it being blind was slim.

However, speaking of poor sight, it would be fairly easy to loose your vision if you starred at the figure for too long. Perhaps it was just sunlight reflecting off the snow, but the figure did indeed appear to glow a bright orange. Then again, this would be expected for a sun dragon wouldn't it? Indeed, young Soliera was a sun dragon. Not exactly a common sight, but then again, quite alot of people hadn't seen a dragon before.

Yawning slightly, Soliera suddenly gave a yelp and leaped to the side of the 'path' through the forest. Being a sun dragon, she gave off quite a bit of heat, and as she was standing there for a while the snow had begun to melt into water. Soliera was some-what allergic to cold water, warm water was no problem, but if it wasn't warm it would cause a nasty rash on her scales.

Now she was annoyed, Soliera was a rather proud dragon, and as she had just discarded some of her dignity from being scared of the melting snow, she was now in a grumpy mood. Luckily for the forest, Soliera was quite a young dragon and actually couldn't breathe fire yet so she wouldn't be able to burn anything unless it came into contact with her scales for too long. That and the fact there was snow everywhere.
: Hello? Anybody there? :

Her voice was telepathic, so hopefully it would have been easier to hear over the general noise the forest contained. Snorting slightly, she continued her trek into the forest. Like quite a few dragons, she was searching for the ledgendary Lunamite, hoping it would aid in developing whatever hidden abilities she owned. But now, she was some-what lost, and having heard of a 'Gaurdian' of this place, she was attempting to find him and get him to lead him to the Lunamite.

Soliera was indeed full of herself, as far as she was concerned, she was THE sun dragon, 'Ruler of the Light' to use her self-made title. She certainly believed that the Guardian would be a 'push-over' for her, should she find him...
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PostSubject: Re: [Burning Fires] Origin of Birth [Burning Lies]   Mon May 19, 2008 4:07 am

-Remind me why we're here again.-
Cold wind battered the young cat-boy's face, making him narrow his eyes into tiny chips of sapphire and his crimson jacket billow wildly behind him as his dragon stubbornly sped through the icy air, his body spinning and coiling like a snake's to make up for the loss of wings, apparently unbothered by the frost on his snout an Shenn's stick bag banging against his crimson scales. It was strange, this method of flight, not truly magic, not truly physical either. It made Shenn's mind spin just to think about it.
-Remember what I told you earlier, about my ancestors?- answered the young dragon. -Long ago, my ancestors were the guardians of a precious crystal ore, before the eggs of my kind were taken to be presented to the first Riders. At first, they lingered around this forest, but as time passed, they lived farther and farther from this land. I am the last of my kind to return here.- Reiko's voice was tinged with melancholy regret as he said the last words.
Trying not to think of Reiko's dizzying flight pattern, Shenn looked down into the tundra below, catching a glimpse of glinting metal and a flash of amber scales, both not far off. Despite Reiko's urgency at their finding the Lunamite crystals as soon as possible, he couldn't help a burst of curiosity. Reiko seemed to notice it, because the dragon abruptly changed course and pelted for the cover of the trees.
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PostSubject: Re: [Burning Fires] Origin of Birth [Burning Lies]   Mon May 19, 2008 10:19 am

The guardian had started to drift into one of his more frequent daydreams, his pure anxiety for the future of the hidden stores of Lunamite often caused realistic fantasies of what could possibly happen to his permanent residence of choice.
Trees felled, ground mulched, eggs shattered and guardians slayed. Pillars of smoke, whirrs of machinery and the echoing laughter of those so triumphant.

A slow shake of the mechanical head cleared his mind of such thoughts. No, surely these events would never occur, his ancient ancestors graves would never be disturbed, their lives work never to be absorbed by others. Not while he was around.

A distinctive flash of orange and gold brought the mechanical wyrm to alert, his senses suddenly snapped into activation at the possible threat of an enemy. Inside the mixture of chip and brain lesser known as his Database, the beast calculated.
>Heat detectors: Functional.
>Five Senses: Functional.
>Protector Status: ... In progress.

Sucking in two lungfuls of air, the guardian let out a huge bellow of warning, shaking the bare trees from the trunk up, many reindeer and their related species sprinting in all directions from the awoken dragon.
>Enemy: Telepathic sun dragon. Assumed young and inexperienced. Alliance status unknown, proceeed with hidden caution.

Through the corner of its swivelling eye, the guardian also caught a glimpse of a blood-red eastern.
>Rider? Present.
>Assumed Guardian. Approach with cool.

A deep voice boomed from the still open jaw, a freakish mix of both the understanding of a living creature and the alieness of robotics.
"What is your status, stranger?"

((Sorry I took so long! I had to go out to my dads farm for the weekend without warning Dx Thanks for joining!))
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PostSubject: Re: [Burning Fires] Origin of Birth [Burning Lies]   Tue May 20, 2008 12:17 am

As a loud bellow of an older dragon rang through the trees, Soliera jumped out of suprise and turned to face where the nosie was coming from. She took a defensive pose until it came into her sight, causing her to gaze in wonder at the new arrival. She had certainly not expected a dragon to come that quickly, let alone one made of metal.

: Salutations...It is I, Soliera... :
She was about to add her self-made title, when a flash of crimson scales caught her eye, causing her to quickly switch her attention elsewhere, though soon back to the metal dragon in front of her.
: I come in search of the Gaudian. I...I wish to find a certain type of rock... :

While her body language didn't give away much emotion, to the trained ear, you could tell she was nervous through the tone of her voice.

: Are you a metal dragon? I though you were all gone?... :
She suddenly stated, taking one last glance up at the sky where she thought she had seen another dragon, before shifting to the left slightly to avoid melting more of the snow.
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PostSubject: Re: [Burning Fires] Origin of Birth [Burning Lies]   Tue May 20, 2008 1:20 pm

The casual coolness of the stranger almost threw the Cyborg off his guard, the sun dragoness' calm reply and advanced language only made the Metal more cautious and guarded than before. She sounded like she ahd something to hide, even if not she was visibly nervous. Sensing the need for organism to organism interaction, the still-living side of the wyrm showing through.
"No, as I appear before you. I am not illusion nor created of some not-of-this-dimension material. Therefore, it can only be concluded, that I exsist and we are not all gone. Even if I may be the last."

The huge male raised itself onto its hindlegs, towering over the sun dragon. Up high, the scent of the glimpse of crimson reigned supreme over all other senses.
>Eastern Lung confirmed. Rider confirmed. Guardian Status confirmed. Personal Status: Ally.

The females definate statement make it chuckle, an odd combination of a deep laugh and the whirring of mechanics.
"So. You seek for Lunamite?"
The mention of the elusive ores name was pronounced with a proud, unhidden admiration and respect for the element itself.
"I suppose you just wandered in here without any know-how on where it could possibly be?... it's what all these others have seemed to have done. The guardians? Little are known about them. I suspect they are sitll slumbering, if alive at all."

The cyborg did not share telepathic powers, but its linkage with the hiding Lung as guardians gave it a slight connection.
The image of a confused citrus orange wyrm, the two massive sentinels blocking the invaders path. In time. In time. For now, find out all we can.

He did not want to give away his role as the warrior of the forests so quickly.
"My name is Jager. Might I enquire as to yours?"
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PostSubject: Re: [Burning Fires] Origin of Birth [Burning Lies]   Wed May 21, 2008 9:53 pm

: I believe there is an error in your...programming? :
Replied the sun dragon, having of heard the phrase used by others when robotic dragons were wrong, but had no idea what it meant.
: As I said before, I am Soliera the Sun Dragon.... :

Shifting uncomfortably, Soliera pondered over what he had said for a while, not wanting to make an even bigger blow on her dignity with a reply.
: Well, if I knew where it was...wouldn't I have seen fit to just barge through here, destroying the forest along the way? But yes, I definantly need help locate Lumanite. :

Soliera then turned to face the sky briefly, making sure she could still see the metal dragon out of the corner of her eye as she did incase he decided she was a threat.
"You didn't see a red dragon flying about did you? I think it had a Rider... :
She seemed to have a gift of trailing off and then changing the subject.
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PostSubject: Re: [Burning Fires] Origin of Birth [Burning Lies]   Sun May 25, 2008 6:34 am

Shenn yelped in barely suppresed surprise as Jager came into view, jumping as he heard its booming, alien voice. A golden eye flashed at him from his dragon's furry head, then Reiko threw back his head and uttered a loud, sharp laugh, alarming the Rider even more.
"Do you want the whole forest to find out where we are? Reiko, you don't even know if those two dragons are hostile or not!" Shenn nearly choked on his own voice, so very rarely used in the past decade. He stopped short, hesitated, and with an apalled expression he started to study himself carefully, very carefully, as if his own body had been made anew without his knowing. Even his dragon stared at him with incredulity in his eyes.
-The cyborg, that dragon right there,- Reiko pointed with the tip of his brush-like tail,-used to be our race's fellow guardian. Long before you were born.- With that, he poked Shenn's chest with a large, ebony claw. -He is our ally, even if I have never seen him before in this life. He recognizes us.- added the dragon, with a hint of amusement.
-So,- Shenn paused, hesitantly turning around the words in his mind as if they were no longer his to command,-whatever happens, this dragon is on our side?-
-Nay. He will most probably help us, but I cannot guarantee his allegiance in anything else besides the safety of the Lunamite ores.-
-Now come. I sense a disturbance that needs to be dealt with.- And the dragon's sinuous body dissapeared into cover of the trees, headed so close to the metal beast that Shenn hesitated to follow. Tha tips of his ears twitched indignantly, for the Chinese lung had never kept any secrets from him before. He tried pressing deeper into his dragon's mind, but got only a huge, impassable barrier intsead. Hesitantly, tail jerking nervously, he crouched and followed suit.
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PostSubject: Re: [Burning Fires] Origin of Birth [Burning Lies]   

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[Burning Fires] Origin of Birth [Burning Lies]
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