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 Arasolra --:> How Beautiful is your Pain?

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Arasolra --:> How Beautiful is your Pain? Empty
PostSubject: Arasolra --:> How Beautiful is your Pain?   Arasolra --:> How Beautiful is your Pain? Icon_minitimeWed Mar 30, 2011 4:42 pm

Arasolra --:> How Beautiful is your Pain? Sunbla10

<:--She'll make you take your Clothes Off--:>

Hello, I am Arasolra, a young thing of only 25.

<:--And go Dancing in the Rain--:>

Tame Me? Hah! I think I'd like to see you try. Do you prefer your meat 'well-done' or 'charbroiled'?

<:--She'll make you Live her Crazy Life--:>

I'm a glorious Female
An illustrious Sunblaze, the embodiment of Light!
My color is Indian Red~
I was born on July 19th in 3684
I use Light and Neutral magic.

<:--But she'll take away your Pain--:>

I am a Large dragon, and yes, I will Eat You if you look Tasty.
I enjoy my Fun, but I won't Die for my Pleasure.

<:--Like a Bullet to your Brain--:>

In a word? Gorgeous... Arasolra's main colors are crimson and gold. Her entire body is covered in scales that are veined with translucent channels. When she's frightened, startled, angry, of especially happy, these channels light up, and she can exude a lot of light from her scales in brief flashes this way. The channels in her scales are especially concentrated around her knees and shoulders, and these are almost always lit at least dimly. The underside of her neck has bright golden scales that span the length of her throat where they fan out into thick bone-like diamond-shaped projections on the front of her chest. Another fan of these hard scales are on her back, originating between her shoulders and can fan up or lay flat. The front ridges of her wings and finger bones are specked with gold coloring, and each wing membrane has a gold "eye". The end of her tail splits as she ages. Currently as a younger dragon, she only has three splits in her tail.

In another word? Vicious... Arasolra does things she likes, when she likes, and how she likes. The world is for her enjoyment, and honestly, who is going to be brave enough to tell her differently? With an incredibly powerful blast of light only a thought away, anything that upsets her is usually gone within a few seconds, obliterated by the intense beams of light that gave the Sun Blaze dragons their name. She often destroys things for no apparent reason at all, watching destruction follow with glee. When she hunts, she likes to play with her food, extending the chase for as long as it interests her with a combination of physical ability and mental games. The same goes in battle; she likes to talk, taunt, and generally either make her opponents frustrated, angry, or despair when they realize what they’ve pitted themselves against. When an opponent makes her get “serious”, her self-serving personality drops, and suddenly one will be faced with the full rage that is Arasolra in all of her glory. Very rarely does she ever get angry, though, often deciding that frustrating things aren’t worth her time, and will flit off to do other things.

<:--Upside Inside Out--:>

I do:
Magic Blasting
Things that have Been Destoryed (by her, especially)
Fun or Entertaining People or Objects
Something or Someone that will have Fun with her

Slayers (they're funny when they're being incinerated)

I don't:
Serious Situations
Getting Frustrated

<:--Livin' la Vida Loca--:>

You want to know more...? Arasolra left the nest early, eager to set out and explore things on her own. She was a natural hunter, even without the ability to use her magic at a young age. As a juvenile, she took great pleasure in exercising her dominance over the lesser creatures of the world, occasionally taking to killing prey just for the sake of the chase rather than if she was actually hungry or not. By the time that she could use her light beams and had developed her mental magic, she was already a rather deadly hunter, and adding her destructive magical tendencies to that skill set made her a dangerous opponent indeed. Since then she's learned how to use her magic properly in combination with her pre-existing physical skills and makes deadly use of her talents on a regular basis, usually with malicious thoughts in mind. There's a rumor that attributes her viciousness to being raised by a Tribal Battle Blood, but these are unconfirmed rumors.

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Arasolra --:> How Beautiful is your Pain?
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