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 Sill-Vitas:{ The Runner

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PostSubject: Sill-Vitas:{ The Runner   Sill-Vitas:{ The Runner Icon_minitimeWed Mar 30, 2011 8:13 pm

Sill-Vitas:{ The Runner MShadeRunner
People, can you hear me?

Call me Sill-Vitas or nothing at all. I'm 20, and smarter than you.

Here's a message that I'm sending Now

A rider? PLEGH!! I feel sorry for the Poor Fools that got themselves tied down to a biped rider! I don't need any squishy two-leg slowing dow my Style!
I do know Suji though. She's a good friend. We go Way Back!

I've got the Answer to All your Problems

Can't you tell by my colors? I'm Male, of course!
Of course, if you couldn't figure that much out, then you probably don't realize that I'm a Shade Runner, either.
I talk in White
I was born on September 23rd in 3,689
I don't know much Ice magic. I'm not very good at it, but that's alright. I'm still Faster than you!

And Tonight I'll be Singing it Loud

I'm a Medium sized dragon!
I run Incredibly Fast! The fastest dragons in All of DC are Shade Runners!
Seeing in the Dark is No Problem either
I can Navigate even without my Eyes

Just Surrender yourself to the Rhythm

You won't find a more handsome dragon. Sill-Vitas is typical of his breed with a black body and icy-blue eyes that are very tiny and forward-set. There are hardened scales that run from his snout to the the base of his tail where the black and white-tipped plates split into three and stop. He has white patches around his eyes and stripes on his tails, which are also tipped with white fur. The backs of his ears are striped with white mid-way through with a large white dot on the back of each. His forelegs have a stripe near the shoulders and one around the writs, though there are two on his forearm. His hind legs have more of the plate scales on his knees, and the striping pattern is different. There are two 'V' shapes with squiggled ends on his upper thighs and then a ring of white around the ankles. All of his claws are long and ivory, non-retractable. The horns of the Shade Runners have become soft and extremely flexible, filled with nerves that are sensitive to small electric currents in all beings, as well as changes in the flow of air. Because of this, even if Sill were to close his eyes and loose his keen ability to smell, he could navigate around perfectly fine without bumping into walls (though he might stub his toes on small objects). He has very good hearing as well, those huge ears able to rotate 180 degrees to each side and move independently of one another.

With your Hands up in the Sky

What? My personality? I'm a gem, of course. Sill-Vitas is a right little terror if you wake him up at the wrong time, or happen to be around while he is waking up. He isn't the type to call level headed, but he does have a pretty constant attitude thatís easy to predict once you get to know him. Heís almost completely nocturnal, and any bright sunlight hurts his eyes, which causes him to be in a foul mood. Sill is quick to fight and is proud of his power and speed, an extremely vain fellow. He enjoys nothing more than taking a long midnight run through the desert, and when heís not prancing around showing himself off, then heís quietly listening to the crickets chirp outside his home. While heís listening to natureís music, Sill seems to have a complete attitude change, and becomes a very mellow and easy to get along with sort of dragon. Also, his large ears make him sensitive to noise, so he isnít fond of dragons or people who go about their day yelling. In fact, he might be prone to challenge said person to a battle, just to get them to shut up. The pads of his feet are very sensitive, and he will outright attack anyone who touches them without permission. His teeth are small, so he mainly uses his claws for battle.

Feel the Energy deep inside your System

Like it!
The Desert (Favorite place to be!)
People or Dragons who praise him
Night Time
The noise Crickets make
Running at Full Speed

Hate it!!
Extremely muddy or swampy areas
Sweet Things
Bright Sunlight
Loud Noises
Having his Feet Touched

And Leave this World Behind

Wha-? My past? For the majority of his life, Sill has lived in the desert, liking the openness that the bare dunes provided, and during the day, he would take shelter in the rocky caves that opened up sometimes after storms blew through the desert. However, he grew a little bored with desert life, and so ventured to nearby human settlements. He became something of a gossip monger, often sneaking in and listening to what people had to say. His boredom when coupled with rumors of things happening in far-away places have gotten him into quite some trouble before, but even with that he still likes an adventure that takes him out of his comfort zone. In the not so distant past, he met a dragon named Suji, a desert chaser. The two got up to some trouble together, but Suji's job as a transport dragon often took her away from the desire that Sill calls home. They meet occasionally, re-sparking their old friendship each time with new stories to tell of distant lands and far-off wonders.

Click Me!
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Sill-Vitas:{ The Runner
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