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 Maskini Ravenwolf (Werewolf)

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PostSubject: Maskini Ravenwolf (Werewolf)   Sun Apr 03, 2011 10:50 pm

Golden eyes shine in the darkness.
Maskini Ravenwolf
Do they shine for you?
Appears 30 but has been around the block a few more time then that (300 years actual)
Son of Pain
He is in search of the one who will make him whole.

werewolf form.
Wolf form has the same coloration as that in his werewolf.

Are you the one to make his primal blood cool?
Hes a Slayer of sorts.
Win his heart and see.
No dragon to call his own.
Pain his only companion.
Likes a good days work.

Disliked dragons that have to destroy stuff and he has to go kill them.
Just watch out for when the moon calls he must answer.
Description: Military cut hair, hard toned body, and brown eyes. In werewolf form has golden eyes with brown and white fur. He has a brand on his hand in both human and were wolf form, he usually keeps it covered with strips of bandaging around his hand. The brand has some form of power but Maskini does not know how to call it out to use it. But he can feel the power just under his skin. His weapons of choice are:
two swords criss-cross his back hand grips pointed down, also
two saber knives hand grips up on his shoulders.
Other: (back story to follow)

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Maskini Ravenwolf (Werewolf)
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